Buying Leads Or Web Scrapers: Which Is Better?

  • "Buying Leads Vs Web Scrapers?" If you are Seriously looking for leads but have been Confused about what they are & which one is better? Good News, I just did a New Blog entitled "Web Scrapers or Buying Leads Which is Better?" that addresses this very issue. 

    I discuss each one in detail and tell in my Experienced opinion which one I believe is better.  I say Experiecnced opinion because I'm a Lead Generation Specialist. 

    I have been dealing with Leads and Lead Generation since early 2002. I use to average 100 to 200 Cold calls a day for over 2 1/2 years.  So I learned A LOT about Leads & lead brokers who in many cases live up to their name, Making you "Broker" Seriously!! 

    There's a Proven way to Get Leads on Demand and I will tell you how you can do this Economically even if you have Almost No Money!!

    You can see the article God blessed me to do here:


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    Take care!!

    Because YOU Matter,

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