ListJumper Review

  • ListJumper Review


    ListJumper is an email marketing system developed by Darren Olander and Matt Koshko.  The premise is similar to older marketing systems on the Internet  like "Traffic Swarm" that required you to view a page on screen for a set period of time in order to earn credits that were then redeemable for having others view your web pages. The ListJumper system adds email to process, in a process called "Safe Lists" because in theory each person has opted in as part of the ListJumper system to receive and view the emails.


    I enrolled for a ListJumper test and followed through the signup process, which was simple. First, I created a disposable Gmail account for use only for the ListJumper Review test. The signup was standard, with a confirmation email received with an embedded link that needed to be clicked to confirm the signup.

    There are many links and options but the ListJumper site walks you through the setup and gives a basic tutorial.

    To use the system, you create an email. You are credited initially with a basic number of email credits ( 130 ).

    You begin at the very bottom of the list. Your email will only be sent to others below you in the list. So right from the begining, even with your email created, you can queue it up but it will not be mailed.


    You earn credits by viewing other members emails that will quickly begin to fill your mailbox.

    Each email subject line is prefaced with "[LJ]" to identify it as being from ListJumper, and each was promptly filtered directly into the spam folder by Gmail.


    After tweaking the spam setting so that the emails would appear in the main inbox folder, I started opening emails. Within each email is the body of the offer, and a link:


    Click the link below to earn advertising credits. You can earn between 15 and 40  credits each time you click the credits link in an email you receive. Each link can only be clicked one time.


    http://  some   link   here .com



    Clicking on the link opens the target page in your browser with a ListJumper countdown ticking at the top. When the coundown ends, you earn a random number of credits up to a maximum of 40 credits.


    It became clear very quickly that it was easy to 'game the system'. I opened dozens of emails, clicked on each link, and the email target page would open in a new browser page. Most of the time, I never even looked at the page. Only once did a captcha style test appear in the upper frame asking me to add two numbers together. Over the course of three days, and hundreds of emails opened, I was able to earn thousands of click credits without actually viewing any of the offers.

    However, to each of the people participating in ListJumper, those 'clicks' were counted in their email marketing statistics.


    Testing the Traffic


    In order to test the effectiveness of the ListJumper email list system, it was obvious we would have to 'Jump' to the top of the list so that our email would go out.

    The fee was $8.95 for one month, a recurring payment each month via PayPal or Payza.



    ListJumper Emails


    Virtually every ListJumper offer is the same - click here, grow your business via free leads, get a bonus if you sign up now.

    I ran a test with a well crafted email, short and to the point, with a free offer simply for filling in the email form and submitting.

    After "Jumping" to the top of the list, I used the initial 130 credits to send my offer email.

    The results from the first mailing were:


    Sent to 130 Members

    No of Clicks: 10

    Click %: 7.69


    For email marketing, a 7.69 % click through rate is excellent.

    Unfortunately, the number of opt-ins was 0.


    Day two, we veiwed enough emails to max out the possible mailing credits at 1200, and resent the email.


    Day 2 Results


    Sent to 1200 Members

    No of Clicks: 123

    Click %: 10.27


    Again, an excellent click through rate.  Opt-in result: 0.


    Day 3 Results


    Sent to 1200 Members

    No of Clicks: 116

    Click %: 9.67


    Opt-in result: 0.


    I guess you are going to have to take my word for it, but this same opt in offer averages a 14% conversion rate when viewed by regular site visitors.

    In other words, for every 100 unique viewers, an average of 14 will complete the form and provide their email address ( and/or phone number ) and become a qualified lead.


    The ListJumper results, day after day, on the same form, were dismal. 0.00 % - and we are comparing Apples to Apples here.


    My assumption is that the system is just too easy to abuse. That members look at offer after offer, only because they are interested in getting mailing credits to then send out their emails to members who are already experiencing marketing blindness from all the similar offers they already viewed.


    After the test, I tried to find a way to cancel the Payza subscription and found that there was no easy way to do so. In order to submit a support request, a different login is required through a different support site, and there were no results in the Knowledgebase for "Cancel" , "Payza", or "Paypal" and "Live Support" was of course offline.


    In order to finally cancel, we needed to log in to Payza and manually cancel the subscription.

    Overall, while this seems to be the evolution of a once-clever concept for generating marketing credits by viewing other offers, and a genuinely top notch presentation layer and back office system, there really seems to be virtually no value to the marketing system or the traffic it generates.

    Even as a paid member, jumping to the top of the list, and maxing out the daily email credits, the results are the same.

    Referrals may earn commissions and additional credits, but if the core product seems to provide minimal results at best, I would have a hard time recommending it as a business opportunity as well.