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  • by Tony Williamson
  • September 11, 2014
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Would you get excited if you were the FIRST to discover a "REAL" solution (100% results) to the biggest problem facing North America today? Hint: Just one segment of this market is selling $50 Billion in products that most often lead to bigger problems!

How excited would you get if you were able to be "First In" and found yourself standing shoulder-to-shoulder with one of the giants in our industry? Someone at the very TOP of their game and one of the very TOP Authorities in MLM history. A guy who came out of retirement because of a discovery that compelled him go all-in and return to this industry. A man who is so excited about the fortunes and lives that will be changed forever by this discovery that he invested his own fortune and reputation into not only building a system that will absolutely generate extreme conversion and instant cash flow, but will put everyone who helps him launch his state-of-the-art program on autopilot! And this system could virtually guarantee YOU a solid six-figure (if not seven-figure) income!

Would you keep farting around with ridiculous me-too companies that have never really made you any money (regardless what you keep telling yourself) selling products that are never going to lead the market, especially when you could be in that "Once-In-A-Lifetime" situation that you have always dreamed about and swore you would be watching out for and ready to act on when you recognized it?

When I first looked at Ariix (pronounced R-X), after looking at dozens and dozens of companies during my fifteen year network marketing career, and having personally built more that one organization in the multiple thousands of distributors, I admit I didn't get too excited.

After all, at first glance, Ariix looks like another company that is just promoting nutritionals. And yes, I know they hit over $40M in sales by the end of their second year and had achieved that level of sales again within the first five months of year three. And now many are already predicting they will hit $100 Million in sales by the end of only their third year. And yes, even though I recognize their compensation system is really unique and pays out more than any system I have reviewed, I admit I didn't get excited... at least not until I looked under the hood.

But then, BOOM! Something totally unexpected happened when I discovered what was going on behind the scenes, I literally started freaking out! Btw, not even the rank and file distributors in Ariix know about this!

And as of this writing, I still can't "Tell All"... not just yet. But today I can tell the subscribers to RepSpace that there is something BIG that will be unveiled to the public within the next two months! Maybe even sooner. And my friend this truly is a game changer.

I already know that this will be the legacy business I have been dreaming about for many years. I am definitely having trouble keeping quiet about it.

This may very well be a new "brand" (which I cannot reveal yet) within the Ariix lineup of brands. Many highly respected experts under non-disclosure agreements have already stated that this product has the massive potential to literally create a fundamental transformation (shift) in the wellness industry.

And, I am excited to predict now, right here on RepSpace, that I expect this will also change the network marketing industry itself. You see massive success in any product/field/strategy, etc. always changes the way business is done! And I expect this shift in business strategy to achieve MASSIVE results!

As I am fortunate to be one of the original Team 1 Beta testers (Group of only 24 guys who achieved 100% success) with this program, and now after working behind the scenes with the principles involved with the launch of this program, I will share just a little idea as to why my expectations are so high.

Consider this scenario:

You attract a customer and within days that customer has a complete transformation! They have solved not only their initial problem but now an entire host of other problems or potential problems they were worried about and were certain they would be facing as they got older, have vanished into thin air! BOOM!

#1 You just created a customer for LIFE! And every experienced networker knows that this is the only way to REALLY achieve long term residual income. Period!

Next they can only join your team AFTER they first became a customer AND have gone through an extensive "PERSONAL" experience and training program. By this point, however, their friends and family are literally "begging" them to tell them 'How They Did It, How They Got Those Results?". The transformation is that obvious! BOOM!

#2 Now...100% of YOUR "Customers" turn into YOUR Reps! Your business just grew with a "Built In" list of "Right-Now, Can't Wait To Get Started" new group of customers for your new reps! OMG... Let the magic begin!

OK, I am going to go ahead NOW and predict that I will have "Bragging Rights" for sharing this here on RepSpace for years to come! BOOM! LOL

Now as I mentioned earlier, I can't share more than this yet. Not here. But if you are one of those lucky enough to have even caught this review, and you too can read the tea leaves, private message me here on RepSpace. I promise to share just a little more with you in person. And I will give you advanced notice of my first live webinar date, just ahead of the launch. I am very excited about helping my close friends who want to get ahead of the rush and lock in their future success with our team.

Either way, you will absolutely be seeing more about this soon. I promise to be adding more updates as the news of the live release becomes available.

In the meantime, personally, I can hardly wait to tear back the covers and 'Tell All'! BOOM! ;-)

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