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iWowWe's Video Communications Suite

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  • by Susan Downs
  • March 30, 2015
Video Communication and Marketing Suites are fast becoming the everyday tools used by independent and small businesses around the globe. In a Communication suite, you want your basic video comm tools and iWowWe has those and much more.

VIDEO EMAIL- This basic tool can be found in various communication packages. Personally, I have tried two of these systems. I found that (1) iWowWe doesn't splash their brand all over your templates and being a small business without a huge marketing budget I can brand my business comfortably without having to white label. (2) Having the ability to send up to 1,000 video emails at a time and up to 10,000 a day is pretty phenonminal. There are hundreds of pre-designed templates back there in hundreds of catagories and the ability, of course, to custom design your own. iWowWe's video email gives you lots of options when setting up:linking, schedule/unsceduled, linking, re-direct linking, and much more.
VIDEO CONFERENCING- This is huge business on the internet and iWowWe's conferencer is powerful to say the least. Set up as many virtual meeting rooms as you like, schedule or unschedule, private or public, personal or business use and it carries all of the usual tools you would look for in a conference room:whiteboard, polls, deskshare, doc view (video,.ppt, .pdf,.img, charts, graphs...) and the ability to record your meeting and even linking it to a video email, if someone missed your meeting. Eight cams online and up to 50 in a room. Moderator tools and marketing stats.
BROADCASTER- So, you want to have a larger audience, because you have a larger message to share. This Broadcaster can hold up to 500 attendees with four other place holders just in case you decide to have other experts or business partners online with you during your broadcast. It is clean, and easy to set up and use right away. Again, you can have as many Broadcast channels as you like, name it, point a domain to it if you like, scheduled or unscheduled and a chat room.

I highly recommend this system. As I have said earlier, I have been with two other communications companies and I know their tools well. I also know their comp plans and their interface. This is an inexpensive, user friendly system and very duplicatable. There is so much more to this suite including your very own personal webpage and I'm not talking replicated here (you get one of those too). This company is building on top of its technology everyday and I have watched it grow and get more excited about using every tool in every way I can...every day.
THE COMP PLAN- Easiest financial plan in direct sales and network marketing I have seen to date. At this time, you can start your VC Business for as low as 199.95, that includes your suite of tools and your reseller license. For every package you sell, your direct commission is 100 dollars - customer or business partner. There is a monthly service fee of 19.95, that is waved for the first month. As a business owner you'll receive residuals, cycle pay and performance bonuses.

This company keeps it simple and yet carries a very powerful platform. I recommend anyone at least giving the tools a try. There is definitely a gaurantee on your product.
Mobile, great tool for marketing, budget conscious, user friendly interface and great customer service. Can be used for personal as well as business.
HD for mobile only...but I'm sure that's coming to the rest of the suite soon.

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