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Why i Joined Empower Network

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  • by Stuart Grunert
  • March 31, 2013
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Reason #1 For Joining the Empower Network

100% Commissions – If it is your goal to make the most possible money (dumb question I know), then what more can you ask for then to sell a product that pays you 100% of the selling price. This is unheard of in the industry, I mean most affiliate products will pay less than 50%. So for example, if you want to replace your current income and lets say you need $5,000 per month. How many sales of lets say…of a $100 product would you need to make at 50% commissions to earn you $5,000? Well, that would be 100. Ok, then if you were to sell a $100 product and earn 100% Commissions, you would only need to sell 50. Plus, with the built in leverage of passing up certain sales to your sponsor, you will have a team of sales people earning you money as well. In addition, the product is first class, and that is my #2 reason for joining the Empower Network.
Reason #2 For Joining the Empower Network

The Product- For a measly 25 bucks per month you receive your own high authority blog. Notice I mentioned “high authority”, without that you will have a much harder time for people to ever see your content. You may think of starting your own wordpress blog (which I have done and consider it a good idea), but google will not rank your content very high on its search engine. It will take you a much longer time to and much more work to get ranked high. On the flip side, the Empower Network domain is ranked #442 in the world and #155 in the U.S.A. Placing content on it will give you an advantage right out of the gate. This translates to leads for your business in Empower or any other business that you may have. That leads me to my reason number 3.
Reason #3 For Joining the Empower Network

No competition with any other business opportunity or MLM – Because this isn’t a MLM company, you will not have to convince networkers to quit their company and join yours. Plus, everyone needs leads for their primary companies, and there is no better way to get leads then to have a high authority blog to post on daily.
Reason #4 For Joining the Empower Network

Leadership – The 2 co-owners of Empower are David Wood and Dave Sharp. Now, I don’t know about you but I always admire the people that can not just give out a bunch of theory, but actually do what it is that they teach. I mean there are so many gurus online who will sell you a bunch of theory but yet have made all their money on selling that product and not from their own theory. Another example would be a personal trainer…would you rather be trained from someone who is overweight and out of shape or by someone that is fit and healthy? Both Davids are affiliates of their own product and make money from the things that they teach you and I to do…and that is admirable.
Reason #5 for Joining the Empower Network

3rd Party Marketing System – The Empower Network is an extremely powerful affiliate program but at the same time if one doesn’t have the proper marketing system you will not have as much success. It’s the same as having a powerful sports car, on it’s own it will get you where you want to go but if you fill that car with the proper high octane fuel you will get the most out of that car. At the time I write this there are over 100,000 affiliates of the Empower Network. That is a good thing as it shows that the company is strong and the product works. The bad thing is that most of these people are promoting the same capture pages. Don’t get me wrong, these are very highly converting pages but it’s nice to have a system that is fresh and new and one that will help you build your list. It’s also nice to be able to use the same marketing system that one of the top affiliates use. At the time of writing this, 0ur team (Team UOIS) with our leader Michelangelo Lopez is number 1 out of over 100,000 other affiliates in member signups. And it’s not just him that is having success as there are many others on our team that are having success including myself. I have worked with Michelangelo for over one year and can say that I feel very fortunate to have met him and to be on his team.

There you have it, my 5 reasons why I have joined the Empower Network and why I encourage you to join as well. http://nag.earnwithstuart.com to experience the sales funnel that our team uses and find our more why our team is one of the fastest growing teams in Empower Network and work directly with myself and Michelangelo. It’s only 25 bucks to get started.

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