Do you know CB Surge?

  • You heard of CB Surge? Figured you could use it

    with all the affiliate marketing stuff you do with Clickbank.

    It's free.

    Install it in your FireFox browser and go to the Clickbank

    Marketplace.  You'll be amazed at what you see!  :)

     One cool thing it does it tell you if a product is worth

    promoting with SEO traffic.

     Promoting any product with SEO traffic will always convert

    into more sales when the visitors are searching for the

    "product name keyword". It's no secret... The visitor is

    already in the buying mode! But the problem with this is

    knowing WHICH products are worth spending your time doing

    the SEO work for.

     And we all know there are tons of affiliate marketing

    tools out there... But the problem with these tools are

    they do TOO MANY things and are super-clunky...

     ... and they don't do 1 specific function extremely well.

    The 1 specific function I'm referring to is the simple act

    of showing you how competitive any product-name keyword is.

    (i.e. how difficult OR easy it will be to rank that

    product name keyword in Google)

     Anyway, watch the video at the link below and grab the

    free software!

    Enjoy this one!

    P.S. Watch for the OPTIONAL upgrade offer that

    allows you to get YOUR affiliate links on

    16,000+ Clickbank marketplace products!

     That’s the offer I took because I know it will

    benefit me for years to come.

     The FREE version is worth $47+ on it’s own...




    Solomon M