Updating Your Player at NBA 2k19

  • Updating your player is important when you'd like to succeed on the court in NBA 2k19 with NBA 2K19 MT Coins. This time round, 2K has given players a couple more choices and avenues to explore when it comes to improving your skills, which means you're not only confined to spending VC on increasing your stats and attributes.

    The first, and many traditional, way of upgrading your personality is by spending VC. This in-game currency can be obtained either by buying them with actual cash, or by finishing games. To utilize your VC press the triangle button to bring up your navigation menu, select the gold Attributes option in the middle of this menu, and press up on the d-pad to access your own attributes. From here, use the d-pad to select the attributes that you would like to increase, affirm to devote the VC for your updates.

    Alternatively, you could even use the training facility to rate your badges. In between every game, you'll have an allowance for three drills, which can be utilised to increase your progress for a certain badge and up your OVR rating. You can find badges for different skills like rebounds, viewing, and three-point shots, so choose wisely.

    If you are just looking to up your match within the next match, you can also go to the Gatorade fueling centre to buy some one-time use food items. These will be automatically consumed for your next match, but they can be helpful in giving you an advantage from forbes nba 2k news. However, do note that you require VC to buy these, as well.