To get adequate experience from mmotank

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    With the release of patch 4.25 in FFXIV, Square Enix has also introduced the Forbidden Land of Eureka Anemos. This is a brand new exploration area for gamers who are looking for new grindy content to dive into FF14 Gil, in addition to an additional method to get cool-looking equipment. That said, Eureka can be somewhat daunting for those that are just starting to get to it, so we've put together a couple of pointers that will aid you.

    Don't be afraid to go in solo -- Sure, Eureka is far more fun using a full celebration in FFXIV, and it could also be more effective for leveling up. But in the event you don't have a party with you, you are still able to level fairly quickly by yourself. When solo, always kill enemies that are at your level to maintain your kill series going, and to get adequate experience.

    De-leveling starts at par 11 -- Once you reach level 6, if you just happen to die, you are going to lose a chunk of your expertise, however you won't de-level. This changes after you reach level 11. You'll have to be cautious with all the mobs that you are pulling, or maybe you lose a good deal of progress. However, you won't lose any experience if you're Raised after obtaining KO'd in FFXIV.

    Don't be concerned about this Aetherytes for today -- You'll place two other Aetherytes in your map. However, you can not attune to them until you hit level 9, so just concentrate on completing quests and leveling up till then.

    Do not bother killing labeled mobs -- In Eureka, once another participant or party has claimed an enemy, don't be worried about killing it. The experience gained will be very small, which means you're better off hunting your prey.

    Do hunt NMs, even if they've been tagged -- NMs, on the other hand, provide very excellent experience, and it is always worth your time to go fight them if they've already been promised by another party.

    NMs only spawn after the mobs are killed -- If you're searching NMs in Eureka, make certain that you kill the regular enemies or the big boss will not spawn. Specific mobs can be killed to spawn a specific NM. For instance, murdering Cactuar mobs will spawn the Cactuar NM.

    Start looking for your Fairy -- Whenever you're researching the map, look out for a Fairy that spawns occasionally to get a buff. You can either receive a damage buff that Equipment makes you a bit more strong, or a recovery enthusiast that allows you to survive more. This is especially useful for solo players.

    Hopefully, these tips will allow you to appreciate Eureka a bit more, and make some progress on farming those crystals. Be sure to search for Twinfinite to learn more on FFXIV.