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    • August 11, 2011 12:12 AM PDT
    • Wallace, hello.

      It seems that you always take a sociological interest in many of such things that I read from you. Maybe you should become a part of such a profession, I bet you would be quite happy! I have seen this company before and I would like to comment about why people become involved in my opinion. I believe that many will bend due to feelings of poverty. You see what I have noticed in the America and Europe is that so many people are at least tuned to the media. Sadly it has replaced education in many ways, but it does still keep one partially aware of the rest of the world, and provides a more lucrative society. I feel that to be unaware socially, is to lack a better sense of authenticity in our brothers and sisters, and leaves some people open to the tricks of the selfish. UNIPAY2U provided an answer for people in societies with no stable bank. A way to keep a fortune in places that do not have such laws and regulation, or stability in places with warring junta, or warlords. It is for you and I to simply use a bank, but what then if the bank lost all record of your savings, and the laws you would count on to intervene here, escorted you out the door there? That is a reality for many people in different places, and a good enough reason to take such interest in new ideas and new ways to maintain such finances.

    • August 10, 2011 11:28 PM PDT
    • You know what makes me crazy (and I'm not trying to knock people for making mistakes), is that I can't imagine not seeing the world of scams that I do. To "attempt" an accurate analogy; I don't have a television, I get news, gaming, the occasional show or movie, weather etc. off the internet. I do sometimes get a dose of television when visiting a friend or relative, and I just don't understand how anyone immersed in all of that advertising, infomercials, and other forms of marketing can look at it all as a whole with such a profoundly trusting outlook. I know that much of society's once financial prowess relied on such things, but most people have to admit an entire portion of it has proven to be false. Wouldn't you think that coming into contact with anything like Unipay2U would have raised enough red flags even for the happy consumer to deem it as a bad idea?

      I'm not saying that everyone should be negative and chronically cynical, but skepticism is turning into a bit of an outlawed practice. People are beginning to look down on skeptics as close-minded, unenlightened people and I don't think its fair, considering it has been the backbone of delivering our species out of the dark ages. Anyway, what I was getting at is that in order for Unipay2U and "companies" like it to function, it needs money, and it made enough of a dent for someone to have paid them. So whom are these mystery people that thought this looked like a good investment? I can tell you right now, I'd never have invested money in something with a shadow product......Just seems strange to me that anyone did.

    • August 10, 2011 2:43 AM PDT
    • Unipay2U Review

      I also spent some time trying to research Unipay2U on the Internet and was unable to find any credible information regarding the membership packages or comp plan, as well. The company website appears to have been taken down. "Official" information on the company, its parent, Best Genius Sdn.Bhd., its reps and compensation plan is virtually non-existent. There are, however, plenty of complaints about Unipay2U not making payments as promised, and it has been sued and/or shut down in several countries.

      You should always be extremely wary of any MLM company that doesn't sell an actual product. Unipay2U's "product", stored gold, is never touched by the customer and is probably nonexistent. Unipay2U's members can purchase and trade stored gold that is supposedly in a vault in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, or the United States. There may or may not be any such gold; there is no way for a potential member to verify this.

      Of course, eventually such a company runs out of money to pay its members (usually when the company's management have extracted every dime they possibly can). In fact, a case was filed against the chairman and managing director of Unipay2U by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Bangladesh for withdrawing investors' money and depositing it into their personal accounts.

      I agree with WallaceL that if countries bordering the third world are shutting a company down, there is something bad going on! Run in the other direction if anyone approaches you to sign up with Unipay2U.

    • August 9, 2011 2:15 AM PDT
    • I just did a review in another forum and thought I would do one here as well, since It seems no matter where you look, any feedback on this company that isn't written by a rep; is definitely negative. Unipay2U has been around for awhile now having been founded in 2007, unfortunately at present, the best comparison one could make would be to that of a sinking ship. Information is scarce, and what you can find is seriously outdated. Unipay2U appears to have been shut down in multiple countries according to the Internet. I visited their web site yesterday and found that several former locations (Mainly Philippines, Bangladesh, and India) have officially given them the boot. If you want to see the overall appearance of the company have a peek at this link.

      UniPay2u International originally began as an international company, launched from Best Genius Sdn.Bhd. (778327-A) 13 A-1, Jalan Solaris, 3, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I can't seem to find any solid information as to whether or not they are still in operation there, but it was the company's original starting point. UniPay2U publicly stated that their goal was to help people achieve superior returns, manage wealth, and financial affairs by utilizing "the most powerful, profitable, private and protected plans and structures" in order to achieve personal and financial goals. Contact information is still present at the web site, although I haven't verified whether or not it is still accurate.

      Although this is the kind of information that can't seem to be verified, Unipay2U presents themselves as a subsidiary for a Malaysian investment firm known as: Best Genius Sdn Bhd Malaysia. There are references to this firm tightly associated with Unipay2U all over the Internet, yet no official site (to the best of my knowledge) anywhere. I have been unable to find a profile, an address, contact information, or any kind of legitimate leads to this parent company. This has lead me to wonder if the company ever actually existed in the first place, or if it was in fact shut down before Unipay2U with nearly all traces removed.

      By now you're probably wondering what in the world this company provides as a product, and the answer is basically "nothing". To clarify, the company sells gold, but it is stored gold, often in other countries. It is gold that you will never see, touch, or even be able to really verify. To be fair, the same could be said about the United States dollar, but that is another topic, and at least we have already established that those credits are worth something, as little as that may be.  Now as if it isn't bad enough that Unipay2U is selling invisible gold, you're also going to pay for the storage, which you also won't be able to see. The company allegedly stores your "gold" in professional bullion vaults which are said to be located in Switzerland, United Kingdom, and The United States. I would imagine that the company provides photos, or maybe a web cam service, but that means a company has the ability to send you any photo they want, or stream any feed.

      Unipay2U also allows you to buy, trade or sell with other members via the company's order board. All of this comes at obvious fees, from buying it, storing, trading it and selling it. You will pay for all of these services, while only seeing the credit on paper. The gold never moves, but only changes ownership.

      As stated in my first version of this review, I am unable to provide any real information regarding the comp plan and the membership packages available, unfortunately all of the information available is outdated, inaccurate or in direct conflict with other sources. The current state of dead Intel is likely because of its International status, functioning differently in different countries. Even for the optimistically generous, I don't think anyone with any common sense would touch this with a 10 foot pole, because if it isn't a complete fraud, then it is managed so poorly that its a hair away from being non-operational.

      As of now, I can't find any credible reports with anything good to say about Unipay2U yet the Internet is flooded with complaints and accusations in various countries, most of whom shut them down. To replicate my closing statement in my former Unipay2U review:

      "When a company is shut down in The United States, you can expect there to be a good reason, when a company is shut down in countries bordering the 3rd world, you better believe there is something bad happening."

      The following numbers are the last known contact numbers to date. I have not tried calling them, but if you have any interest in investigating, give them a try.

      Phone: 0063 62040732

      Fax : 006 03 62040731