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    • April 10, 2013 11:07 AM PDT
    • More good news for PureLevarage ( beyond idiot Gene Ursua spamming everyone )

      Norton Internet Security is flagging the PureLeverage Ferrari launch page as having a malicious virus. ( at least as of today )


      "Norton blocked an attack by: Web Attach: Malicious Website Accessed 2"


      I've tested several different links, and it seems that any pages that lead to the URL for /launch/ferrari?id=xyz is launching a malicious browswer virus attack.


      I tried to be a nice guy and contact the company, but there's no contact information on the page except a form ( typical these days ). So I pulled up the contact information for Joel Therien on Network Solutions by pulling the domain registration info. Unfortunately, that just leads to Joel's hosting company, and a voice mail message.


      Global Virtual Opportunities      

      6701 Guada Coma Drive      

      Schertz, Texas 78154      

      United States       +1.2106514487


      Anyone else having this issue?


    • April 2, 2013 8:53 AM PDT
    • Linda,

      I saw your other post. Good ol' Gene Ursua. PureLeverage must be proud to have him on the team.


      I looked over the site and I think you are on the mark. PureLeverage does apppear to be another Empower Network style attraction marketing and blogging platform. I reference Empower Network as the industry bar not because I'm a particular fan, but I do respect the way they have captured the market. Their member blogs show up everywhere in search engine results, at least for the time being.

      I looked up a PureLeverage BBB rating and I could not find anything. I verified that they do have a Better Business Bureau accredited business seal on their website, as well as two general gold seals that are absolutely meaningless. ( I am going to start awarding myself Gold Seals of Awesomeness every time I post. Because I have Photoshop and I can ).


      I don't think anyone is fooled by the self-made seals, but the BBB seal of approval is problematic. I tried searching nationwide as well as by state, with or without accreditation selected, with no results.  Usually the accreditation seal links back to the BBB overview page. I think notifying the BBB that a company is using the seal improperly is probably a quick ticket to an F rating.

      I'll give them the benefit of the doubt ( a bit stretch for me ) because their Facebook link doesn't work either, so maybe they are accredited under a parent company name and their site developer got lazy before he posted the site.


      The Founder and CEO of PureLeverage is listed as Joel Therien.  He is also the founder of In an twist from what I usually see when a company like this launches with a founder's bio about previous businesses, Joel Therien's previous business still appears to be live. Most of the time my scam radar goes off when I see things like $100M online club and then find a string of failed companies and efforts to bury complaints in the search results. That doesn't quite seem to be the case here.


      There are many similarities between PureLeverage and the other attraction marketing programs. I don't see anything that really sets it apart. The 100% commission thing has been done and done to death. So it's not a big selling point.


      Ultimately, in my humble opinion, most of these programs are about teaching you how to blog and promote your blog, a noble cause, but the real money is made from recruiting others to do the same. The blog itself can be considered a product, as can the training tools ( I guess ), but I feel this market is reaching a saturation point and the time may come soon when there is some regulatory scrutiny of the marketing methods and if the commissions are for recruitment, or sale of an actual 'product'. That's more difficult to prove when it's all digital. Just ask Zeek Rewards.


      Info I culled from PureLeverage's Terms and Conditions, etc.


      PureLeverage  6701 Guada Coma Drive  Schertz, Texas 78154  USA

      Founder and CEO Joel Therien


      Does the name remind anyone else of a soap brand?



    • April 2, 2013 6:18 AM PDT
    • I'm already getting spammed from this business. Seems like just another Empower Network knockoff. Also claims to be BBB accredited. Any info anyone?