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    • May 21, 2012 2:30 PM PDT
    • There are a number of lawsuits that are currently working through the courts.  I personally represent a number of individuals that were terminated by Ameriplan and are currently suing.  I would appreciate it if anyone with information about the firing would contact me at 210-222-1117 or 

      If anyone has any general questions about what happened with the terminations feel free to contact me.  I am very familiar with the entire situation.

    • October 26, 2011 1:11 AM PDT
    • Ameriplan Terminates Over 900 IBOs

      Early this year, Ameriplan apparently terminated over 900 IBOs in what most claim were terminations without cause.

      According to posts and webpages, over 900 IBOs received termination letters in the wake of Anthony Anderson's $5.5 million dollar verdict in a wrongful termination suit against Ameriplan. Some claim the terminations of IBOs was to allow Ameriplan to retain the commission that would otherwise be paid, to help pay the settlement.

      The logic behind creating over 900 new potential wrongful termination lawsuits to pay one lawsuit for the same cause seems slippery at best. USANA was also hit with a wrongful termination suit for $7 million dollars, so there seems to be a trend in distributors who are terminated taking their cases to court and prevaling.

      According to IBOs who received the termination letters, Ameriplan reserves the right to terminate Independent Business Owners without notice.

      Ameriplan has reportedly appealed the judgement.

      Do any IBO's have a copy of the termination letter they can post here?

      Has there been any additional lawsuits filed for the terminations?