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    • February 14, 2009 6:35 AM PST
    • ShopWurld Management Etc

      Does anyone have any detailed info on the ShopWurld management?

      I looked for a corporate phone number, but the site says that ShopWurld can not provide indivual support - sounds kind of hokey to me.  At the very least there should still be phone number for the executive offices.

      I'm looking for current bios on the executive team for Paul Bardwell and David Silipigno.

      The only info I was able to find on the founders was kind of colorful, but not necessarily positive:

      From the DailyGazette ihn Schenectady, NY:

      Executive Team David Silipigno, co-founder and former president of National Finance Corp. and founder of First Guarantee Mortgage:

      “Silipigno is known for his checkered past, which includes convictions for felony wire fraud and lying under oath in 2003. He was charged after his first company, National Finance Corp. in Halfmoon, closed suddenly in 1999, leaving 300 employees out of a job just before Christmas.

      Silipigno was sentenced to three years of supervised release and fined $100,000, plus he had to make $5.6 million in restitution payments from money his company fraudulently kept from investment banker Bear Stearns & Co.

      He paid the fine and completed his sentence, according to federal court records.

      Silipigno later founded and worked as a consultant for First Guarantee Mortgage in Saratoga Springs, which specialized in bad credit and subprime loans until it dissolved about a year ago.

      Several First Guarantee customers were irked enough to file complaints about the company with the Better Business Bureau.

      The bureau got 53 complaints about the mortgage company in the last three years, mostly for selling practices and service issues, according to a BBB report. Of those complaints, 24 were resolved.

      But while Silipigno has his critics, people who deal with Silipigno in his role as a philanthropist directing the million-dollar David B. Silipigno Foundation revere him.”


    • February 14, 2009 11:55 AM PST
    • ShopWurld Management Etc

      Check out this website, It's what Mr. Silipigno has been working on for the past few years.



      ShopWurld - Don't let it grow without you!



    • March 30, 2009 12:12 PM PDT
    • ShopWurld Management Etc

      Check out National Finance Corporation - it was the company he closed down right before Christmas, without notifying his staff, and was convicted of felony fraud with.  By law he is not able to own a mortgage brokerage or bank but he found a way around it with FGM by being a consultant.  Now he has shopwurld a very sketchy business at best.

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