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    • September 27, 2008 9:03 AM PDT
    • Votre Vu - Don't Miss This Amazing Opportunity!!!! Read My Sto


      My name is Kimberly Mount (Votre Vu Independent Consultant #0005580).  I live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, which is located about 20 miles southeast of Nashville.  I am the Team Leader of Team Beautiful, which consists of over 50 wonderful individuals.  I am also the mother of a precious four year old daughter and wife to my supportive husband of seven years.  I discovered the Votre Vu opportunity over the holidays 2007.  At that point in time, I was working 60-70 hours a week in the medical device sales industry.  Although, financially I did extremely well, I sacrificed my life with my husband and child to follow my career.  At times, my daughter would lie on the bath mat in front of my shower at 5 am and cry because she didn't want mommy to leave.  I had two shifts to take care of her, as my husband leaves early also.  In May, in a complete leap of faith, I resigned from my career of approximately a decade and anticipated the launch of this amazing opportunity.  You ask me why would I leave an industry and position that so many would be honored to be a part of?  The $$$$.  There had to be more to life!  I have read that the next millionaires will come from the direct selling industry.  I know that being involved in the launch of a new company has its upside as well.  Why Votre Vu?  Why French Skincare?  I have spent thousands on some of the best skincare products, the majority of them French.  When I heard that this product line was created by an 80-year old family-owned, French company, which had previously only sold to exclusive high-end salons and spas in France and Europe, I knew that this was "special."  When I heard that true artisans formulate and develop these products, I knew they were more "special."  With minimal start up costs, I had found an opportunity of a lifetime.  I have taken the skills that made me so successful in my previous career to build a team and help them to contribute to their dreams.  I am so happy to be a part of something that allows me to be a "Mom."  Please visit my website or contact me at to learn more about this amazing opportunity.  Don't miss it!!!  The products are amazing!!!! The opportunity - too big to get my arms around!  

      Kimberly Mount

      Votre Vu Independent Consultant (#0005580)

      (615) 584-5688

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