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    • June 27, 2012 2:34 AM PDT
    • WHPT Investor Scam

      I recieved an e-mail today from a woman named "Christina Olgettieri" who is apparently a swimsuit model. This must be my lucky day! She even has an offer for me. "Come on board with WHPT as an investor... and I will send you: daily pictures of me for 30 days (nice picxs) = $50 investment." Wow, what a deal! Even better, if I invest $100, I get her phone number so I can text her too! Golly, I should buy a lottery ticket today. 

      Wait a second, what did I just read? If I invest $50 in this company that I don't know anything about, this swim suit model is going to send me pictures every day for a month? What kind of marketing scheme is that? Who is this directed to, creepy old men, or thirteen year old kids with big allowances? This was just too absurd to let slide. I had to look into it, so I followed a link in the e-mail to the website for "Work At Home Prospect Typhoon" or WHPT.

      The link takes me to a very generic, empty-looking page that features a few too many animated GIF's, with a small paragraph about WHPT. The company specializes in constructing surveys and providing a large amount of feedback to investors trying to start their own business, and promises that "you will receive prospective traffic or your money back." This statement is, of course, followed with an animated GIF of Ricky Gervais dancing and telling me that I am awesome.

      The company also offers a money pool payout system, which is what my new swimsuit model cyber-girlfriend Christina Olgettieri was so seductively persuading me to invest in. Basically, the way the money pool system works is, you make an initial investment, and after 15 days, you earn %20 yield on that investment. For example, if I were to invest $50 like my girlfriend told me to, then after 15 days I will recieve $60. Even better, I can continue to re-invest that money, and eventually have a $12,000 pay out.This company must own money trees, because I'm pretty sure that's free money. Can I purchase the tree instead of investing $10,000? There isn't any "products" page so I will never know.

      One other "service" WHPT provides is called "The Emsolanator." That sounds cool and all, but I'm not sure exactly what it's supposed to mean, considering it's a made up word that isn't even based on any real word that I could find. Anyway, what the Emsolanator does is brings your company to the attention of your leads or leads generated by WHPT. I still don't exactly understand where the word "Emsolanator" comes from but, regardless, it serves a purpose. 

      The web site also features a Q & A section. One of the questions is, "How will I know my information is being sent when using the marketing packages?" The answer is... "The proof is in the pudding." As a general rule of thumb, don't trust any company that says "the proof is in the pudding"... unless they actually sell pudding. The idea that this company will pay out $2,000 to any person who invests $10,000 is ludicrous, and just visiting their web site, full of spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and unprofessionalism completely anchored my thought that WHPT is merely a pyramid scheme. 

      I hope this WHPT review helps everyone who reads it. Now, I'm off to invest $100 so I can start texting my new cyber-babe Christina Olgettieri.  ( Actual photos included from the email ).

    • June 27, 2012 8:40 AM PDT
    • WHPT Investor Scam

      I received the same email. I Googled "Christina Olgettieri" and there is no result. No one with that name. Of course, I'm not surprised, because I think it's highly unlikley a swimsuit model named Christina Olgettieri would resort to sending spam messages asking people to sign up in some WHPT scam. 

      I followed a link back to the web site for Work at Home Prospect Typhoon ( WHPT ) which convinced me that whoever built it just came out of the hot tub time machine from 1982 and never saw the Internet before they found an abandoned Packard Bell PC with a 14.4 baud dial modem and decided to hand-code a website in HTML in Windows 95.

      They didn't get the memo that cheesy backgrounds are so 1995

      That anyone would use Paypal to give these clowns a penny for any of their supposed products even when supposedly pitched by a fictitious bikini model seems absolutely absurd.

      But then again I have a friend who spent a couple of hundred dollars dialing Nigeria after he got an email offering to deposit 15 million in his bank account, so what do I know about the gullibility of the average spam reader.


    • July 23, 2012 9:02 AM PDT
    • WHPT Investor Scam

      I just received another WHPT scam spam email from a girl who must be a close friend of Christina Olgettieri.

      Meet Jenet Francois:

      The WHPT spam claims that Jenet Francois is the WHPT Support / CCN Manager. Not sure what CCN is, and wasn't really interested in clicking the link.

      This has to be one of the lamest email spam campaigns I've ever seen, for one of the cheesiest Empower Network / Training Network ripoffs I've ever seen as well.




    • September 15, 2012 2:04 AM PDT
    • WHPT Investor Scam

      I have been an investor with WHPT for 7 months now and am getting paid my dividends right on time directly to my pay pal account. YES, I was sceptical at first,and YES the website is very generic but I am very pleased. I just opened another account for my sister. The company is legit and the customer support really do get back to you. I you wish to become an investor please just place my name in the referral space as a friend. You can also email me if you have any questions.

      To Your Success,

      J. Isenberg

    • September 19, 2012 4:18 PM PDT
    • WHPT Investor Scam

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