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    • February 26, 2011 9:36 AM PST
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      ZamZuu Review:

      The ZamZuu website starts out with a video composed of vibrating tempo based music and signs. It explains that this is an online shopping site which provides "the ultimate shopping experience".  They claim the Internet is not going away but is growing stronger as more people turn to it for their shopping instead of getting in their cars and going to the mall. I, 2009, only 3% of retails was online, but the "shift", as the company calls it, is growing. In their view, E-commerce is the future of economic success. ZamZuu is what is known as a product distribution system.

      Many sales gurus agree that marketing is best achieved through word of mouth instead of advertising to the masses. This is where ZamZuu comes into the picture. When polled, people said they shopped online to save time, gas and hassles. ZamZuu provides that opportunity by linking from the retail websites. They claim to have access to 700 stores, online nutraceuticals and other products. The video shows big names such as Wal-Mart or Best Buy, Hertz, etc.  Then the video ends and says to contact a ZamZuu rep today.  However, unless you create a log in, you can't, which opens you up to all sorts of internet spam.

      To find out more without logging in, go You  can view the stores alphabetically by name, or by category such as clothing, automotive, health and beauty, etc.  Beside each store's name is the cash-back percentage you can "earn up to". The site also offers coupons and incentives as well as cash-back for purchasing.  Cash-back checks are processed the last week of each month. The concept behind this is it is more profitable to offer online products than to pay for store fronts, utilities and employees. Yet many of the stores they offer as available through ZamZuu are stores that have branches worldwide and their own online sites.  It is unclear, then as to why going through a ZamZuu link would be so beneficial to these companies that they would offer cash back incentives for doing so.

      ZamZuu claims there is no fee for signing up for an account. You get notices such as birthday and anniversary dates coming up to help you know when to shop. You can develop a list of your favorite stores ( presumably the ones that offer the higher cash back percentages)as a tab. The website states there is no commission for referring people to set up a ZamZuu account since to do so is free. Thus, how a ZamZuu rep. makes money other than shopping online is unclear.

      1901 E. Edwardsville Road
      Wood River, Illinois 62095

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