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    • March 22, 2011 4:32 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      First I'd like to thank Repspace poster Tony Fisher for bringing this topic up, and I have hijacked it out of utter disbelief so that we can delve a bit thank you Tony, and I hope you don't mind me stealing the topic and ranting about it...

      What a very interesting approach the latest tin foil-crowned MLM whack jobs have taken in their attempt at selling you and I; salt water. That's right, the newest cure for cancer, aids, impotence and snoring is in fact, salt water brought to you by none other than a company called ASEA. No it wasn't going to stop at magic bracelets, oxygen-infused water, holographic stickers and whatever the hell else I can't think of at the moment. Now, someone has undoubtedly found some way or playing with words to make you think that you need to pay 150 bucks on some salt water.

      The ASEA Corporate Headquarters is located at 6440 South Millrock Drive, Suite 100

      Salt Lake City, UT 84121. Yup, SALT lake city, get it? hah! Sorry I couldn't resist it was there and I took it.

      Their Telephone number is 801-973-7499, and their email is So at the very least we know they actually have a corporate office, a working telephone and an email address. Now we have to come to terms with their claims.

      Asea talks about a thing called "Redox Signaling" which I find funny. Why do I find it funny? because at the ASEA site, you can barely find any information on it even on their page that asks; what is "Redox Signaling"? Here take a look at this entire page full of text that says absolutely nothing.


      It says how some people don't believe in it, and also suggests that you go and figure out what it is for yourself... what? Can I be completely out of line even for Repspace and ask WTF? Seriously, who sells a product that contains some new science or technology, offers a page to tell you about that technology, and on that page, offers for you to go Google it? The most compact summary of it I could find was this:

      "ASEA is a non-toxic, perfectly balanced mixture of Redox Signaling molecules, similar to those constantly produced by all living healthy cells. ASEA enhances and activates the native antioxidants needed to protect and detoxify the cells and at the same time supplements the signaling molecules needed to repair or replace damaged cells and restore healthy tissue and immune function."

      More immunoenhancing, age reversing, nutrient infusing antioxidizationificating blehhhhhh...Another product with weird claims using weird things. It's salt water people, that's all. Where it gets pretty interesting is that Asea's online marketing campaign, or possibly a few reps are taking the approach of attacking the FDA, the medical profession, and even get into conspiracies suggesting that real cures for real problems are suppressed, and that the medical establishment here in the west as it is today will attack and ridicule natural cures and alternative medicines. I agree, however as you read some of these rep sites, they are only saying it to include Asea in with the poor, oppressed, persecuted victims like the guy who made a car that runs on water, and another guy that invented free energy. They could both be real, who knows, I'm no one to judge, but ASEA is a scam and anyone with half a brain knows it.

      Please check out this link, it goes further into what I am talking about and may make the picture clearer since I am ranting again and probably won't be making much sense.

      In short, beware the Asea scam....

    • August 19, 2011 8:49 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      Well, perhaps a bit more indepth research and you'll find out the truth about ASEA's product:

      Medical Discoveries, Inc. product MDI-P, electrolyzed saline solution. Claimed to have a "cure" for HIV/AIDS, was a public company (MLSC), sold a TON of stock (and a lot of insider trading), never applied for FDA, had no clinical work in USA; lots of hyped press releases which never amounted to ANYTHING.

      Medical Discoveries, Inc. (MDI) changed it names and focus, first "fuel additive", now "crop growing additive"...what a joke. If you google MDI and ASEA you'll see some of the old MDI people are doing testimonials for ASEA.

    • March 22, 2011 11:10 PM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      I couldn't agree more Rick, I learned my lesson drinking a bit of Monavie; that the desire for business and profits should have nothing to do with food, nutrition or health in any way shape or form. I am not sure to which degree if any, salt water is harmful but this idea is laughable at best. There is always some weird "formula", with some weird name and lots of hype to beef it up and make it look like its really going to do something. I think we have reached a time where we already have the things we need to treat our ailments and no combination of them is going to create some new super cure. The same goes for anti-oxidants, nutrients, proteins and vitamins. You can change the way your body absorbs a substance by producing it in some other way, you can add extra junk to it, change its color or produce it in an exotic country, its still not going to do much more for you than buying the ingredients yourself.

    • May 11, 2011 3:30 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam


      Not a scam my sophomoric friend (RICKDOWNS77).   I studied redox signaling in Pre-med school.  It is ligitamate and yes you have to re-arranged atoms from sodium chloride to create a different molecule.  Our body makes these molecules, but when I was learning about the molecules it was thought impossible to sustain them out of the body.  Hence not salt water because it is sustainable, but I digress i've asked a physiologist that I know from school about this and he was skeptical at first not because of the redox molecule but because it cannot be sustained out of the body.  Well that is what the atomic physicist did.  First for 20 min and then for 18 months.  I asked him to research it further and he agrees that if they have really sustained it is a breakthrough. 

       This is a legitamate product and no it is not salt water in it's current form.  There is plenty of pre asea research in the boston medical journal on redox signaling and Asea is getting more and more publications in medical journals.  Those I know involved in asea and those that subscribe to the science saturday's get all the science they can handle including the actual molecule make up. 

       The problem with a sophisticated  product of science, that is easily understood if you read the science, is that when it is given to the public to sell like this it lends to people like you who don't take the time to actually learn the science and call a great breakthrough salt water.  Again yes it is derived from salt water but when you rearrange the atoms it becomes a different molecule and that is what asea has done.  I have not started to sell it for this reason because I don't want to have to keep explaining the science to people like you who make strong statments based on ignorance,  but I am certainly excited it is out there and that they figured out how to stablize it. 

    • June 23, 2011 7:04 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      Google 'Redox Signaling Molecules' and you will know what you are talking about!!!

    • August 9, 2011 6:04 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam


      ASEA Scam?? Rick indicated that if you had half a brain you would see that ASEA is a scam. Not so fast "ranting" Rick. Do you home work before you pass on your un-researched opinion. Most people are smart enough now to realize that the internet is just a place where anyone can rant their opinion without facts or truths to back them up.

      If you do your research into the new medical science of redox signaling you would have found that this new technology of redox signaling is one of the fastest emerging medical health sciences along with stem cell research.

      For anyone who is really interested in getting the facts and doing their own discovery about ASEA and the science of Redox Signaling I would recommend starting by understanding what the medical doctors are talking about from their own peer reviewed papers at with over 7000 papers on this amazing technology an over 100 new peer reviewed papers each month. After you prove to yourself that this technology is the real deal, I'd recommend spending a few minutes on the ASEA corporate site to get your own opinion on the technology breakthrough behind ASEA at

      After you do your own "ASEA discovery" you will be in a much better place to make your own decision about ASEA rather than just talking someone's opinion who likes to "rant" on the internet slamming companies without any factual basis. 

      ASEA Scam? No it's the real deal.


    • October 3, 2011 3:21 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      In short ASEA is not a scam, your comments are.  Rick Downs you should find someone with a health challenge and  put them on it for 2-3 months.

      If they take your opinion as fact it will be their loss and it will be your responsibility. 


      If you really cared to know the truth.... you would not just blab your opinion, you would test it.   You potentially get in the way of someone that  needs this because they may take the opinion of someone with no experience with this, as a fact. 

      You are 100% wrong.  This stuff you call salt water (which it is not) saved my sons life.  He had toxic levels of mercury & lead since age 6 which caused learning disabilities and -41 Myelination damage.   2 months on 12 oz a day he began thinking clear...4 months he began sweating a brownish grey sweet which was mercury and lead coming out of his pores.  at 5 1/2 months we retested him all mercury and lead out!  We will take him in Nov. to have the Myelin test redone to see how much has improved.  

         I have put this stuff to the test with humans and pets and i am here to say

      Your comments will stop some in need because they may believe you.  How can you speak with such authority and have not even used it or better yet seen a sick person use it.   Shame on you!  

      In short, beware of people speaking with assurance with no experience.  Do not follow the ignorant.  See for yourself!

    • September 12, 2012 4:56 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam



    • March 24, 2011 1:12 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      I have been trying to find more information on this product and I will tell you the reasons why. You see often when something new comes out, especially if it is based on a more simple concept like salt water, it is scoffed at and made fun of, but then some time passes and it is later discovered to be the truth. If this is the case, I would like to spare a company and its product of Darwinian-like criticism if it is not on proper ground. At the same time however, I do know that there is a very high probability that this is in fact a scam based on related products and companies that have introduced strange things, often ending up in the scam pile that we are all much weary of.

      Is Asea really an immune boosting serum that consists of reactive molecules, that are already present in the human body? Are they really antioxidant enhancers which help your immune system? It depends if you feel that Redox Signaling is legitimate. A friend of mine who is a chemist has his own opinion about this and what he told me is slightly contradictory to the claims made my ASEA. According to my friend, "Reactive molecule" is not an established term in the Biology, Chemistry or Science in general aside from the literal meaning of the word, which is simply generic. Ultimately, if one is going to focus on the term, a reactive molecule would be bad for you since anything chemically reactive in the body is considered toxic. The term "Redox signaling molecules" is not a scientific term either, as "Redox" simply means reduction-oxidation reactions. It seems that ASEA is taking simple word strings and attempting to present them as scientific terms, which they simply are not. You will find on the Internet that many people are bashing the product and breaking it down as simple salt water, and that is because it literally is just that, with the ingredients being sodium chloride and H20. Salt water lacks any health benefits with the exception perhaps of helping with a soar throat.

      My conclusion is simple my Western friends, that like many other products similar to this one, ASEA is another scam that is appealing to a specific market of entrepreneurs that are attracted to natural remedies, and preventative measures in regard to health. It is a booming market with many legitimate products, and an ocean of fakes. I always try very hard to approach all new products and companies with an open mind and an open heart, but this simply falls short. There is also the very noticeable price tag that comes with the product, said to be $150 for a case. Certainly it is true that if there were health benefits to consuming salt water that it would obviously be much cheaper than that, and would be bought in such high quantities that ASEA would likely have been unable to supply the demand, and it would also have been discovered a hundred years ago, yes?

      Namaste my friends.

    • May 11, 2011 4:01 PM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      Water molecule...H2O. Two hydrogen, one oxygen. How exactly are the molecules "rearranged". Is it now oxygen to the left, hydrogen to the right? They do a little square dance with the NaCL molecule? ( NaCL - Sodium Chloride ). Our body makes these molecules? Really? What class in pre-med taught you that? Holodeck Medicine 101?

      By the way Captain Pre-Med, "ligitamate" is not a word. It's "legitimate" Maybe stick with just the common slang abbreviation "legit".

      As in, "My Asea super redox signaling atomic physicist powered salt water is totally legit. It has magic water skillz. Yo. Check it."


    • June 23, 2011 7:26 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      2 TUMBS UP!!!

    • August 9, 2011 9:43 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      DUDE! lol

      Really? Not so fast "ranting" ? "Do you homework" before passing on an "un-researched" question? First of all, go take an English class, then when you're done do a little proof reading of your own material before criticizing anyone else's opinion.  You said that most people are smart enough now to realize that the Internet is just a place where anyone can rant their opinion without "facts" or "truths" to back them up. You're absolutely correct sir, its an interesting parallel to how most people are smart enough now realize that the Internet is just a place where anyone can claim anything without facts or truth to back them up.

      I love to what degree you ASEA cons flooded the Internet with the same series of search term catchers. There are the typical "Is ASEA a scam?" results, then there are the 10 million that all turn up planting "ASEA" and "misunderstood" in the same paragraph. It doesn't matter how much ASEA pays to spread their information and their product across the Internet, its latched on to the whole "redox signaling" concept and promising unrealistic results.

      You can type in, “Redox Signaling Molecules” on Google all you want and you will see hundreds of thousands of references to research, studies, conferences and breakthroughs all over the world, and all lead to little more than some highly generous, and bold statements made by scientists and doctors, and that may be true, but apparently no one in the entire world was able to figure out how to bottle it until ASEA came along, and thankfully, they are going to give the world its miracle cure in the form of an MLM product. Not a medication, not a therapy for the medical community, but an mlm plan.


      You see products like this remind me of religion. The marketing is designed in such a way that the more you stare at it, the more you want to believe, and the advertising is bent in such a way as to completely avoid any real accountability. All kinds of doctors claiming they endorse ASEA, and yet none of them provide links to their practices, or their credentials, they appear on web sites, ASEA web sites, ASEA affiliates, as if an asylum of Kmart flyer underwear models all escaped and put on medical coats before endorsing the product. It seems like ASEA took a concept, that being "redox signaling" and is associating its product with that concept, thereby presenting them as the same. Well I want proof first. I want to hear it from a mainstream source, not some random rep, Joe Shmoe in a doctor's outfit or from the ASEA web site. Give me real proof, and then I'll stop ranting.

      The label says it all, and I don't care what amounts you mix them in, its effing salt water. Maybe if I get the amounts just right on a molecular level, I can start bottling it for free to really deliver better health to the world. Maybe I can send some to Africa where they REALLY deserve a drink of something without toxins or diseases in it. Or should I go the mlm route and slap a fat price on it.

      $150 a case, give me a break.

      Let me tell you something that won't cost you a thing, it will be completely free, and it will be one of the truest things you ever read on the Internet. 10 Years from now, assuming this product is still here, all the people that will have been drinking ASEA water for a decade, will all still die at typical ages. They won't have had younger looking skin, or longer life spans, or the ability to do flips, think clearer and run faster. The only thing that will have changed is that they will be without the money they'd have had if they didn't spend it on your stupid placebo.

      It doesn't matter how many "studies" you read, start using your common sense, and stop following the herd.

    • November 2, 2011 12:00 PM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      You are so right Cindy, Rick should find someone with a health challenge and see what these molecules can do for them.  

      I am an extreme skeptic as well and was even after taking the product and finding wonderful results.  I didn't want to believe it even after seeing what it did in our family, I had to see results outside of our family to really believe it.  That came with a 90 year old gentleman who is afflicted with Alzheimer's.  He had 2 very serious, large lesions of a serious nature on his heels.  I have the photos to document the healing that took place at a rapid pace, even astonishing his physician.  The photos were taken because his caregiver could not believe the healing she was seeing, so she started taking photos after 3 days of using ASEA.  Now mind you, this was taking place with them just spraying the ASEA on his heels twice a day.  These kinds of lesions often don't ever heal in the elderly.   His daughter has thanked me so many times for the gift of ASEA and I am grateful for what it has done in my family.  

      I had nothing but bad feelings about MLM companies when this product was given to me by a friend.  Yes, he gave it to me because i was in such a bad state because of nearly 8 years of dealing with my dear mother and her very volatile Alzheimer's.  It has been intense to say the least.  I was beginning to act like my mother, not being able to get a word out of my mouth even though I knew what I wanted to say, asking the same questions over and over, not being able to read anything over a 5th grade level and have it make sense, and on and on it went.  When I began to take the product, I wasn't paying attention to what it might do, I had no idea, I just took it because my friend asked me to and gave it to me.  

      I began to have focus again, I slept better, dreamed vivid dreams, was wanting to take walks at 8pm instead of being asleep on the couch at 6pm nightly.  I was jumping up off the couch to help the children instead of asking them to do it, had serious gum issues resolve that had plagued me for years, could bound down the stairs first thing in the morning instead of creeping down to work out the kinks, but most of all my emotions stabilized after being so on edge because of non stop stress.  I could go on and on about how ASEA has helped my family, it gave me my husband back for one, that's huge and he was taking it only to prove me wrong once again!!!!  

      Rick, I really do understand the skepticism, I really do.  A challenge.  Buy some ASEA, burn yourself on some really super hot coffee, dry it off and then spray ASEA on it several times.  Now, when the redness turns pink and you don't hurt, you'll realize that the bottle contains more than salt water.  I've seen that happen several times so I challenge you, for your sake and others.

    • February 24, 2012 1:11 AM PST
    • ASEA Scam

      jhubbard26, You say, "There is plenty of pre asea research in the boston medical journal on redox signaling and Asea is getting more and more publications in medical journals."

      So give us the citations.  What are the articles?  Give me specifics.  ASEA talks generally about studies but NEVER EVER gives any specific references to any published scientific studies.  Even their "documentation" is full of nonsense talk.  I'm happy to examine any specific reference in medical jouirnals if you can provide them.  Oh, and by the way, there is no "Boston medical Journal".

      Finally, there is something that occurs on the cellular level redox signalling.  However there is NO evidence drinking this has ANYTHING to do with it or will have any effect on it, and no evidence that this is anything but salt water, and no independent confirmation of anything claimed for this "product".

      So show me the evidence and journal publications that confirm the claims for this product.

    • April 10, 2012 6:51 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      Greate post Cindy.


      I did a little research and it seems that though they start with the base ingredients of salt and water, they process it in a way that changes it.

      Vitamin O comes to mind. This is also a salt water product that has had a frequency run through it, which changes it into a product the produces

      excellent levels of Oxygen in the body. I've seen an oxygmeter measure this in real time and the O2 levels in the blood went to 100% in less than a minute.

      Had a woman with black lung disease able to get off oxygen tank by simply suing Vitamin O daily. I am pretty sure that ASEA is a similar thing. Vitamin O also has remarkable testimonies connected to it. I'm curious as to what the difference is between the two.


      I am so happy for your success with your child. Good work being a mom


    • August 21, 2012 4:30 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      Cindy is correct. There are entire medical journals devoted to studying redox signalling molecules. ASEA has been tested by completely independent agencies whose business is to test health supplements and their jaws were on the floor when they saw the quantitative beneficial results.

    • September 13, 2012 3:31 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      ...and this is why the people behind ASEA are laughing all the way to the bank.

    • May 17, 2011 9:47 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      You got me on the spelling and it is the Atoms that are manipulated .  Don't take my word for it do some research and yes our body creates these molecules through reduction and oxidation of sodium chloride.  Here are some resources for you so you don't have to take my word for it as I stand corrected with my spelling:

       Here is some other backround.  The atomic physicist behind asea works at the University of Utah in the nano technology and is developing technology to deliver chemo therapy directly to a tumor via nano robots.  He is established and would not risk all of that for a salt water scam with 27 patents.  Again why advocate so strongly against something you are not familiar with, however off my message comes across. 

       Methods in Redox Signaling Dipak (Author), Ph.d. Das (Author)

      Redox Signaling and Regulation in Biology and Medicine by Claus Jacob (Editor), Paul G. Winyard (Editor)

      ARS: Antioxidants and redox, volume 14, number 11 June 1 2011, Wulf Droge

      Redox: Fundamentals, Processes and Applications J. Schüring (Editor), H.D. Schulz (Editor), W.R. Fischer (Editor), J. Böttcher (Editor), W.H.M. Duijnisveld (Editor)


    • August 9, 2011 11:21 PM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      Damn Rick, that was a lively one lol...

      To be completely honest, as downright inflammatory as that may have been, I can't help but agree with you. I really don't have the credentials to say anything about redox signaling, but I have this overwhelming sense that somewhere here, either in the data, or the presentation, or in the overall scheme of things, that this too will come and go, having been debunked somewhere down the line at some point. Though it could be argued that your most incendiary response could be a mutated, ungoverned extreme skepticism, the kind posters like Angel cringe from lol. I happen to have it to, and it could be possible that we are just too mean and cynical to believe in anything that packs this much "promise" by my buddy calls it "hype", and rarely does hype ever reflect reality.

      I don't think it was all that polite to pick on Paul's English though, it could be that English is his secondary language, in which case I am won over by anyone who knows more than one language. Could also have been a couple typos, but if we're going to debate we shouldn't get so mad that we start tearing down character, and believe me I have been guilty of it as well. Just something to think about when tempers start flaring. This is Repspace, and we do have a nice little group of people posting, and we should always welcome new people, no matter how differently we may feel.

      As far as ASEA goes, you know where I stand. I pretty much feel that its like Evolv, only based on a process that science can barely explain to us laymen, let alone mass produce. One thing you said that I found profoundly accurate was what you said about the people taking it after ten years. That was along the lines of prophetic my friend, in my humble opinion. I don't think there will even be an ASEA in 10 years, but you never know. Lesser entities have managed to grow into major corporations.


    • December 2, 2011 8:28 AM PST
    • ASEA Scam


      Got the heavy sales pitch from an ASEA MLM convert today.  He also just sent a follow-up email.

      While I need to do some basic research using valid "peer reviewed" journal articles (if there are any), I am initially highly skeptical of the claims.

      I also see no value in the glowing testimonials from those here with single-digit post counts.  I smell something rotten in that.

      If ASEA was really that good, the word would be out in the medical and athletic performance community...  And majorly supported by double blind (control/treatment) experiments.



    • June 29, 2012 3:42 AM PDT
    • ASEA Scam

      First-time poster. Found this site because I was researching ASEA for my 80+ y/o stepmom.

      I found this article published in an apparently reputable biology journal in April 2012: 

      If I'm reading it correctly, the study showed that ASEA causes your body to take energy from fat cells rather than from muscle cells. However, it doesn't change athletic performance or affect either inflammation, oxidative stress, or immunity.

      So maybe it's a good thing to take on a diet (so your body doesn't break down muscle tissue when it needs to make up for less food intake) but that's about it. (Aside: Is ASEA worth the price for that benefit? Doing resistance exercises accomplishes the same goal.)

      What's interesting is that I found the above article via an ASEA-selling website. They reviewed the study and completely glossed over the negative findings, just focusing on the fact that it causes the body to change energy sources. In fact, I would consider this article to be completely misleading as to what the research concluded. Not a good sign.
      I've encouraged my step-mother to look elsewhere for things to boost her immunity and energy levels.

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