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    • March 30, 2013 7:22 PM PDT
    • Welcome to ViSi!

      Great to see a ViSi Forum here!


      Here's a Product and Opportunity review of ViSi I'd written to get things started!


      Visi is set to be the next Billion dollar business by leaping into 3 of the biggest markets internationally – Energy, Wellness, and Weight Loss – with their Proprietary blend of high-health products based around the amazing Arctic Cloudberry.

      The Company


      Visi is a new Network Marketing company launched in April of 2012 and is set to dominate 3 of the most massive markets available – Energy, Wellness and Weight-loss. The buzz is they are set to be the next Billion Dollar company, and are currently experiencing record-setting growth, based primarily on the fact their products really work!

      They also promise a simple yet lucrative compensation package designed to reward your efforts now and in the future.

      But how does the reality compare with the hype? Let's review

      The Product – Visi Energy, Visi Wellness and Visi Trimma Weight-loss

      Visi's products are all based on their proprietary forumlation. They claim to be the first and only “...Network Marketing company to harness the power of the rare Scandanavian Arctic Cloudberry and our aim is to fuse this miraculous, nutrient dense, rare berry into mass appeal products and bring its' goodness to the world.”

      The Arctic Cloudberry is one of those amazing fruits with centuries of well known healthful properties that's largely unheard of outside it's area. Growing in the harsh environment of Scandanavia and during the growing seaon given the chanc to ripen under the “Midnight Sun” - where the sun is out 24 hours a day, it's been liked to :

      • improved gastrointestinal health;
      • improved respiratory health
      • immune health
      • powerful anti oxidant
      • and others.

      Visi combines this with other powerful fruits such as the Viking Berry, Bilberry and Brambleberry, as well as the Ligonberry which was noted by Dr. Oz as “The New Superfruit”

      These are combined into Visi's marketing exclusive blend, and infuses each of their products. Visi Energy and Visi Wellness are both individually packaged, powdered and ready for you to add to water. Visi Trimma Weight-loss is in capsule form.

      The products continue to receive rave reviews from people who try them, including an immediate increase in alertness and energy with Visi Energy (no caffeine!), as well as a great-tasting drink in Visi Wellness directly attributable to a sense of clear headiness.

      ViSi Trimma curbs hunger, increases energy, reduces hunger and cravings for salts and sugars!

      Visi Opportunity

      Visi's Compensation Plan is designed to help you get into profit quickly, while enjoying a long-term residual income. This is a binary system, paid on the lesser leg with rollover to the next week! Pay is weekly on wednesdays, through payloution and direct deposit!

      It has three (3) core income sources, with multiple bonuses beyond. They also have the powerful addition of a Refer 3 Get Yours Free – refer 3 personal customers and get your next month's free!

      Compensation also includes:

      • Retail Profits

      • First Order Bonus - when a new associate or retail customer at their initial enrollment purchases product for themselves or to retail or sample, you will earn a 20%-30% commission.

      • Dual Team Commissions – commissions of 5%-20% of the matching volume

      In addition:

      • Express Bonuses – as new distributors join your team, you're paid cash bonuses of $50-$420 depending on your initial enrollment level and Rank achieved.

      • Luxury Car Bonus – Achieve success and receive $600 per month towards any Luxury car! Don't want a car, take $300 in cash every 4 weeks!

      • As your business grows and you continue to achieve ever-higher ranks, you'll receive cash bonuses of $2,500-$1million!


      This is a terrific compensation plan that rewards current efforts as well as building the long-term income we're all looking for.


      In short - There are 5 ways to join Visi. A $35 Leader kit to get started with no product. There are also 2 $299 kits and 2 $1199 kits including product focused on how you want to grow your business!

      I find the plan generous, innovative, and richly rewarding.


      Visi has managed to combine a massive market that's ready-made for distributors, a high-quality product that stands by itself, easy use, easy to share, with a lucrative pay-plan that rewards action on all levels.

      Jon Patrick has become a leader in Network Marketing, building nice incomes, part-time, and believes Visi Wellness is set to be the next Billion dollar company.

      Feel like you 'missed the boat' on other companies but have seen their success in Nutritionals? This is THE Opportunity you may have been looking for!

      If you'd like to find out more about how to change your life(style) with this massive opportunity:

      Jon Patrick

      LifeStyle Consultant, Engineer, Husband, Father, Lover, Author

      Helping Frustrated professionals build substantial incomes with Network Marketing!


      Jon R. Patrick

      Total Life Changes - Nutrition & weight loss products including the "Miracle Tea". Established & debt free with 700% Growth past 2 years and Binary comp plan on steroids! Weekly pay on fast start and residual with $40 order and NO Sign Up Fee! 

      Give Your Life Some TLC!

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