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    • April 27, 2013 9:42 AM PDT
    • Rippln Compliance FAQ

      With all due respect, the main Rippln FAQ is very well written, even the circular logic and excuses for no info on the product, prices or "rewards" are at least seamlessly worded into the document.


      Not so for the Rippln Compliance FAQ. I have to include a snapshot on this one, because it's almost absurdly funny that no one proofread one of the key elements for avoiding regulatory action by Attorney General offices ( i.e. income claims ):


      In case the image is not readable, it says:


      Q: Can I talk to someone about the amount of money that Ripplrs are likely going to make?

      A: No. Claims about the amount to be made will be tolerated. No one has earned any money and claims about what people are likely to make are misleading and not in the spirit of what Rippln is about.


      Whew. Since claims *will be tolerated* let me offer an income claim - the company is going to make a fortune, fans and coaches, not so much.


      Another prediction: Compliance FAQ writer fired, job posting for Compliance Manager: Editing skills required, English as first language also a plus.

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