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  • Topic: Lone Star Script Care (Commission+Salary) No fee to be agent!

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    • July 29, 2013 12:19 AM PDT
    • Lone Star Script Care (Commission+Salary) No fee to be agent!

      I just wanted to share a new company with you guys that I've had some great success with. I truly think it's the next big thing. It's a non-profit company that helps people receive their medications for free from the manufacturer. The only qualifications for a potential client are they spend more than $50/month on meds and make less than 60k/year. So there are a lot of potential clients! The company has agents that are Patient Advocates and they help people receive their prescription medications for free. No fee to become an agent. 

      -Not Insurance
      -Not a Discount Card
      -Works with Medicare and other Insurance
      -ANY age eligible

      Enrolling someone is easy. You get paid a commission per enrollment and a salary based on your active enrollments. You yourself can enroll agents and have a production down line.

      If I had to sum up what truly sets this apart from everything else it's the fact that you truly help people and save them money. No gimmicks, no catch, you are their hero and referrals are easy to come by. Another positive is the opportunity here is pretty new so you are getting in on the ground level of something that is sure to be a desired program.

      I think at this point we all know prescription discount cards are a dime a dozen. Time to upgrade and represent a program that can save someone hundreds of dollars per year. People will be excited to talk to you, not avoid you and what you're *selling*.

      Here is a 30 minute overview of the program and the agent position:


      As your upline I'll be happy to share and customize any martketing materials I have made like these:




      To sign up as an agent simply go to and click on Agent Sign Up. The password is USA. Remember there is no fee to be an agent ever and a website and back office is included.

      This post was edited by Jason Wilson at July 29, 2013 12:43 AM PDT

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