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  • Topic: Improve your Memory & Cognitive Functions 7.5%, Sell More!

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    • February 24, 2015 11:29 PM PST
    • Improve your Memory & Cognitive Functions 7.5%, Sell More!

      * Free To Register, Only until March 2nd! *

      Starting March 2nd, a new company will be launching a new product line.

      The Allysian Sciences Company Line:

      Allysian Sciences is not just a company, but rather a movement that embodies the principles of empowering others to become better at what they choose to do by starting with the mind. Our mission is to help you quantum leap into your definition of success. B.C. Based and will change your World!

      Allysian Sciences is the only organized movement that completely and effectively integrates the best nutrition and the best training for the brain from its very inception. We are fully committed to making a positive and powerful impact on your life, and giving a chance for you to do the same for others.

      Co-Founded by Rod Jao, and 8x Olympic Medallist Apolo Ohno, Allysian Sciences is guided by a diverse team of individuals who are experts in their own fields. From research and development specialists to world-class athletes, our team finds the very best methods, products, and training to empower others in being better at what they choose to do. 


      Mastermind - <--- Clinically proven to increase memory and Cognitive function by 7.52%

      Engineered by a team of scientific and medical professionals, Mastermind is Allysian's flagship product. It is all-natural, organic, and GMO free nootropic (smart drug) that helps increase memory, focus, and intelligence. The ingredient profile includes over 400 clinical trials and 136 grade-A human studies to support its claims. 


      Sinless Functional Chocolates -

      Sinless Functional Chocolate utilizes specially sourced pure cacao chosen for its high flavonol-rich antioxidant content Current research demonstrates that these plant-based flavonols improve blood flow to the brain and improve memory and cognitive function. These same flavonols were shown to be neuroprotective, which may help in the prevention of cognitive decline and disease. The specially sources cacao used in Sinless may also improve mood and reduce stress.


      Also included is a 28-Day Mind-hack improvement program, brain training games, and Internationally certified Sales/Marketing/NLP training!

      Join NOW:

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