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    • March 10, 2015 8:10 AM PDT

      Now here is the answer to my long research for the perfect business for me.  I research them all, and then choose the best money saving businesses, recessionproof businesses as well, for this economy is getting worse, not better, no matter what BS is on lame stream media.  Most people are cutting back on spending, so as I have learned, if you want a successful home business, you must focus on saving people money, first and foremost.
      OK, so next thing I look for is a product or service that everyone is already using and paying much more for.  WOW, think about this for a moment, you are already using this product or service, and now you can save thousands by switching.  This is called transfer buying, just like with telcom services, mobile service, etc., you are selling the benefits of saving money for same service, yet how many prospects were ready to deal with the unknown of switching service to save a couple bucks a month.  Sound familiar?  
      Simply put, I look for products and services which can be instantly demonstrated to work as promoted.  How many people have been in the nutritional arena or weight loss industry where the products rarely work as promoted, and even at best, may take six months or longer to see any benefits, or as is typical, see no benefits or improvement in health. Not easy to sell anything on a wish and prayer it will work as promoted.  Been there, done that, not easy to see attrition in your organization as products fail to show results expected. Sound familiar?
      The point is this, ask yourself, would you like to have a product or service everyone is already using, everyone is already paying for, everyone is unhappy with prices and service, and would lover to switch to what your are promoting, and then chase you for it as you end a simple one sentence sales pitch?  How many are sick and tired of chasing prospects, going through an average of a hundred leads to get one sale, and then to see all that hard work to get that once sale drop out in less then three months because they either saw no benefit, or if they were induced by the income opportunity, but they never even broke even, so what do they do, quit, simple as that. Sound familiar?
      So in closing out this little trip down memory lane for all who work from home, this is the typical results 97% have seen in the home business industry.  It is not easy to succeed in any home business for most, and this is sad, but I have seen it over and over again in my decades of being in my own businesses. So to review, choose a free recessionproof business opportunity. Choose a business which every single person you encounter is already using what you are promoting. Choose a product or service which saves people thousands and offers better service and performance. Choose an easy to demonstrate product or service which demonstrates instant results. Choose a product or service everyone hates who they are currently using, never mind hate the high costs.  Choose a company which is international with billions of prospects who will all want what you are offering them. Choose a company with a long history of being in business, has the infrastructure in place, but is simply adding this new technology to their existing business portfolio.  Choose a business which is unknown by the masses, be in at the top for maximum potential of success. Choose a company which does not mandate a purchase or any sales quota reguriements. Choose a company which has a retail profit of 30% and a very strong residual back end profit potential also based on saving people money over the long term.  Choose a company with near zero attrition issues. Choose a company with outstanding customer service.  Choose a company in an exclusive niche market which serves billions.
      OK, I think you get the idea, there are many things to look for in any business you are considering to join, but these are the most important in my book, and I have a big book of data to pull from having investigated every single new business to come along over past few decades. I have seen it all, and I have finally found a company that actually meets every one of those key points I look for in a company.  This has never happened before in my experience, so I ask you all, does your company meet or exceed the above ingredients for success?  
      Success to all,   




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