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    • March 12, 2011 11:09 PM PST
    • Beachbody Coach

      Become a Beachbody Coach.

      Forget everything you've learned about MLM opportunities and take a look at the future of success. Virtually every area of your life is better when you are healthy, fit, and in shape. How many overweight people do you know that have a healthy, natural confidence with their physical abilities and with the opposite sex? How often have you come across that person you know would shoot off like a rocket if only you could help them overcome their own unhealthy lifestyle? I came across it often until I decided to do something about it and take my natural gift of leadership, athleticism, and confidence and start rallying some people up! I became a Beachbody Coach, and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

      My story started out back in college about 2 years ago during my final year. I had grown lethargic and overweight, depressed, and unhealthy. I should have been excited to be where I was at, but I couldn't enjoy it. My girlfriend had broken up with me recently, I had developed the horrible habit of binge eating to the point where my body was exhausted from constantly digesting food, my teeth began to ache from the amount of candy I was eating everyday, and I began to close up and spend all of my time alone. That is, until I met a friend who introduced me to the Beachbody opportunity, the one that changed my life forever.

      I began purging all the bad substances from my life, no more candy, no more extra helpings of unnecessary calories and fat, and I began the Beachbody program. At the time I wasn't focused on starting a business, in fact I was still doing my best to apply what I was learning to my own life, but as time went on people began noticing me, noticing what I was doing, and I had started being the guy people came to for advice. To my amazement, not many people were asking me how I was doing it, as much as how I was staying motivated. Over the course of 7 months, a total of 24 college students joined Beachbody through me and I began getting checks through my program which I wasn't even paying attention to at the time.

      Next thing I knew, I was 76 pounds lighter, had a new car that was being paid for by my Beachbody income, and of course my then ex girlfriend came back only to find that I met a wonderful girl who I plan on marrying next year. Becoming a Beachbody Coach is super easy! All you do is help members of Team Beachbody learn how to control and maintain their health and fitness via weight loss, healthy eating and exercise, while simultaneously providing direction, and support. The best way to learn the program is to go through it yourself, and when you graduate, you will then be highly motivated to share it with others! You will become a Beachbody product expert, regardless of your experience with fitness or MLM programs. You will have the ability to connect new people that desperately need some guidance and advice with the entire Team Beachbody community. So I say again;

      become a Beachbody Coach.

    • May 16, 2011 1:34 AM PDT
    • Beachbody Coach

      Hi Ankle, I was wondering about a few things I had heard about Beachbody coaching, and hoping you might be able to give me your opinion about it. I have considered Team Beachbody a respectable force in both the fitness and the mlm world, yet lately it seems there has been a bit of static. One recent article I read had stated that an individual had become interested in the program and the moment she contacted Beachbody; was harassed day and night by distributors asking for updates and how long it would be until she officially signed up. At one point they "hinted" as she put it that they would continue to contact her daily in a friendly manner in hopes of "motivating" her to do something "meaningful" with her life. She is actually a veterinarian by the way. I have not heard too many stories like this about Beachbody, although I have heard similar stories coming from other mlms. I was hoping to get your feedback on the issue, and to hear how common it is or if you have ever heard of it happening in your time with Beachbody.

      Another question I have is about Team Beachbody's return policy. In several instances all over the Internet people have been promised refunds that they have not received. They have also received high quantities of product that they haven't ordered, which has been the leading factor in wanting to send back product for refunds. In most of these cases, it has gone on for months, with people being charged 3-4 times the amount for their order, being sent 3-4 times the quantity, and then being stuck trying to return their products to a non responsive customer service department that goes on for a very long period of time. Have you heard of this happening, and if so, does Beachbody have any kind of plan in motion to address the issue?

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