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    • April 26, 2011 3:50 AM PDT
    • Beachbody Power 90

      I'm back, and I'm coming at you. Its summer time, and here you all are sitting at your computers. Some of you might be in good shape, having kept up all winter long, but many of you know that you aren't. You're sitting there with chips, or candy, probably soda or even beer in some of the not so good cases. What the heck are you going to do when it comes time to remove your shirt for the beach? Have you thought of that? Yeah I'm talking to you, with the man boobs and hip rolls. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to motivate. You don't have much time now, the season is here, its just a matter of you, your body, your energy, your health, and yes of course, the beach.
      Girls, I'm not letting you off easily either, you're going to be looked at, quite extensively I might add, and if you have been porking off all winter and not paying attention to those hips and thighs, the looks you get may not be the kind you want. So "why are you picking on us?" you might be thinking. Well, that's simple, because I'm in excellent shape, I know how to get in excellent shape, and I care about you, alot. I want you to be happy, to feel great, each and every one of you chubmuffins. There is a straight up, in your face, kick your butt way to get there, and that's the topic of today's post.
      Beachbody power 90

      Remember the name, burn your mind with it, because its going to burn your muffin tops. You want to get in shape, do it military style, because the Beachbody Power 90 program is designed to help all of you reach your fitness goals within 90 days or less, guaranteeing you a weight loss of about 92 pounds, and some of you may have that to lose. This amazing program was designed by Tony Horton, a celebrity trainer and health expert that incorporates "sectional progression", a killer technique that attacks certain areas of the body, utilizing a "Sculpt Circuit" which infuses easy moves for toning, firming and strengthening your entire body in less than 29 minutes.

      In addition, you get "Sweat Cardio", a super fun, and innovative set of Cardio moves, including kickboxing, Pilates, and other fat-destroying movements under just 36 minutes. This leads into "Sculpt Circuit", for sculpting your muscles and lasts only 38 minutes, and finally, if that doesn't kill you, you must face the "Ab Ripper", which is only two 6-minute ab routines. This amazing program also includes a set of accessories specifically designed to help the user on their journey by keeping track of meals, calories, and giving usage instructions. Lets not forget about the power sculpting band, which is implemented into the videos and is easy to use.


    • May 26, 2011 3:25 AM PDT
    • Beachbody Power 90

      lol, leave my hip rolls alone. Maybe I want to be fat, you ever think of that?

      Just kidding.

      I don't know much about how well this company works out financially, but I will be the first to admit that the p90x is pretty impressive looking. I am of the opinion that this is a pretty sugar package all wrapped around the p90x; which is basically going to do all the work. I could be wrong, but I see no need for the accessories, the diet plan, the food charts and the motivational stuff. Just eat right, don't eat too much, and follow the p90x and you'll lose weight. Could probably save alot of money clipping off the extras as well, but I can understand why its all included. You have to keep people in that state of mind. Continuous video covers, articles, how-to guides and pamphlets with beautiful bodies, amped-up music and motivation. Keep them surrounded with the materials in order to keep them hungering for what always seems so far away. Might even be the very thing that makes them stick with it. Anyway, good looking product.

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