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    • August 13, 2015 10:06 AM PDT
    • Privacy Patrol VOIP Scam?

      Has anyone else had a weird experience with Privacy Patrol hijacking your voip line?

      On several occasions I have dialed my home VOIP line ( Time Warner Cable ) via my cell phone. This isn't a matter of misdialing with a pad thumb press. Instead of hearing my phone ring, I get a message:

      "The number you have dialed is disconnected. But Privacy Patrol can help you blah blah blah". The first few times it happened, I just redialed my phone and thought it was some kind of glitch. But as it kept happening, usually just once a day if I dial the home voip line, I started thinking there is something scammy going on.

      Yesterday I was able to replicate this by dialing home several times. One one of the calls, the Privacy Patrol bogus message played instead of hearing my line ring. Rather than hit "1" as it requested, I waited, and somoene on the home line picked up.

      Essentially, Privacy Patrol somehow seems to be replacing the ring tone with their VOIP spam message, even though you are still connecting to your target line. Everything about this just says scam and fraud.

      Not sure how they are making this happen, but I intend to keep digging to find out. Anyone else having any similar experience with Privacy Patrol and a VOIP line?

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