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    • August 19, 2015 8:46 AM PDT
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      Every once in a while a business opportunity presents itself which is different, very different.  With technology advancing every day, I am amazed at thsi new VSTREAMTV Media Center whick allows you to CUT CABLE and DUMP DISH and SAVE over $1000.00 PER YEAR on average. HOW MUCH CAN YOU SAVE?  


      Simply put, ask anyone you know if they watch TV, Movies or Sports?  99% will say YES. Now ask if they have cable or satellite?  Most will have one or the other given the monopoly of industry.  Then ask if they are happy with service, most will say no, so let them vent.  Next you ask how much are they paying every month?  Most are paying on average over $100.00, not counting premium Movie and Pay Per View Sports events.  Wait for answer, then ask if they would like to cut cable and dump dish and save over a thousand per year?  Wait, everyone will say yes, HOW?


      I have never been involved in an easier passive income business than VSTREAMTV.  Better yet, it is FREE to become a distributor, plus, NO PURCHASE REQUIRED.  So there is ZERO RISK to check it out and register to learn more, and then you too will be convinced as I was that this is the best home business of my lifetime.  When have you ever seen any home based business which can save everyone a thousand dollars or more while also allowing access to 100,000 plus TV shows, 100,000 Movies, plus all Pay Per View Movies and Sports like UFC, MMA, WWE and Boxing which saved me over $400.00 this year alone as I am big UFC fan.  My total years savings will be well over $1,800.00 at this rate given I have never watched more premium and Pay Per View Movies in my lifetime. I can even watch what is in theaters, even before they hit theaters if you don't care about 1080 HD quality. 


      So how much are you paying for your current cable or satellite?  How many people do you know who want to save money while accessing everything they ever wanted to watch or every musical song or concert ever seen.  I can't believe some of the old beatle concerts which are available on our Media Center.  How many people would like to convert their TV's to a computer saving even more money.  How many would like to SKYPE Video Chat with long distance friends and family, yes, our Media System has built in camera and full size wireless keyboard and mouse, plus a microphone in remote for bringing family and friends into your home on big screen TV.  Simply amazing, so curious, then register for FREE today.


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