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    • October 28, 2011 4:48 AM PDT
    • BodHD Review

      BodHD Review

      BodHD IncBodHD is a relatively new MLM company founded by Ray and Daran Grimm. When I decided to write this BodHD review, I went online to do some research and an immediate red flag was that the founders' biographical information on the company website says they "co-founded three highly successful multi-million dollar companies in the industry" but doesn't mention these companies by name. You would think they would want to name the "highly successful" network marketing companies they co-founded. If you are interested in becoming a BodHd rep, you may want to do a little research on the co-founders' former companies.  

      Another potential problem I see is that BodHD's products are nutrition-based. Nutritional MLM companies far outweigh those in any other niche and it's a very competitive market. Time will tell whether BodHd's products are better than the products that are already out there.

      The positives: The cost to enroll as a rep for BodHD is reasonable, and the company allows reps to enroll for free and hold their spot in the downline for up to 30 days before becoming active by purchasing a starter pack for as little as $85.00. In order to remain active, reps need to have a monthly autoship order of at least $35.00, which is much less than many other MLM companies' autoship requirements.  

      The comp plan is a pretty straightforward unilevel plan. BodHD reps earn 25% retail profit on their personal sales and can also earn Fast Start Bonuses, Unilevel Commissions and participate in a Global Revenue Sharing Pool.

      BodHd seems like a legitimate company, but it's another nutritional company in a very crowded market. If you're a great salesperson, it could be a good opportunity.

    • October 28, 2011 7:49 AM PDT
    • BodHD Review

      That is a pretty generous review to say the least.

      For me, the history of companies that no longer exist and unnamed companies referenced in the bios as supposed success stories are a huge red flag.

      From the Red Flags When Researching a Business Opportunity:

      Executives with a trail of short lived, closed companies behind them.
      Every story is a success story when you hear them from a rep selling on a new deal. But how successful can the executives of a new company be if this is their third or fourth new mlm company in as many years?

       The Vague Executive Bio
      No company names, or other traceable details about their supposedly stellar careers. Phrases like "Has had fifteen years of success in the Network Marketing Industry" are meaningless without specific facts to back it up. They may have been successful in collecting a salary check and filling the company coffers, but wouldn't you expect them to name the various network marketing companies they've "built from the ground up" if all they've left is a trail of happy, successful reps?

      On a positive note, I disagree about Nutritional Companies. Nutritional companies, companies with a consumable product in particular, tend to be the best surviving opportunity. Replicated websites, holographic discs and magic bracelets, and so on all tend to die off quickly.

      Also, the company does have a physical address listed on their website and they DO answer their phone when they are called. Can't count the times I've contacted the 'support' number only to receive an answering machine that claims all customer service reps are busy, please leave a message and they will call back later ( I call shenanigans ).

      Maybe all the prior unnamed ( but trackable companies via Ray Grimm's executive bios ) were legitimate and were sold off. On the other hand, maybe they all failed and the doors were closed. None of the domains are still active.

      Time will tell if BodHD will just be another tombstone in the Ray Grimm company graveyard.

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