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    • April 19, 2010 8:18 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      I did more research on CieAura today, trying to locate information on their manufacturer ( HarmonicFM ) and their "Patent Pending" technology.

      The beauty of the Internet is that nothing ever really goes away.

      The "Rest Quiet" holographic patch is described on the CieAura site as:

       "The  Transparent Holographic Discs™ effectively are a computer programmed hologram  which when applied to a person or animal, its believed that it reacts with the person or animals natural bio-magnetic field surrounding the body, causing minute positive disruptions of the bio-field and thereby causing the body to balance its own energies.  "

      Clearly, CieAura and Harmonic FM are claiming the 'holographic chip' is embedded with a program. That's also in their marketing materials.

      Sadly for the CieAura scam, a few years ago, when the Rest Quiet patch was being marketed under the company Lifewave, the website stated that:

      "The RestQuiet patch contains the LifeWave technology. The materials in the patches consist of a patent pending blend of water, stabilized oxygen and amino acids. These materials are then applied to a substrate so as to form a nano-scale organic antenna. "

      No mention of a program. No mention of a hologram. Just some stuff about water and oxygen and amino acids. Sounds very organic. A nice pitch.

      I found the original LifeWave patent. It claimed things like the use of left-handed and right-handed molecules in the manufacture of the patches. According to one scam site, the patent was rejected.

      Now, magically, the Rest Quiet patch is being marketed by CieAura - and instead of using left and right handed molecules or being a patent pending blend of water, stabilized oxygen and amino's a hologram! A hologram 'programmed' with frequencies that interact with the bodies electrical field.

      To me it sounds like it was just a sticker. And it's still just a sticker.  Still manufactured at the same place ( Harmonic FM ).

      If it was anything other than just a sticker, how could it have such distinctly different descriptions about its method of manufacture and method for interacting with the body?


    • June 16, 2010 10:00 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      Ken Rasner was part of the LifeWave management team along with Warren Hanchey who has also started his own SCAM called 8ight.

      Same idea from Warren with a holographic chip and a bracelet much like the Power Balance bracelet which has already been EXPOSED as a SCAM on Australian TV.

      Ken and Warren are claiming essentially the same thing for their SCAM except that Hanchey claims his product doesn't wear out!

      The LifeWave SCAM is still going after 5 years.

      I guess when people finally realize how much they've paid for a placebo they feel too embarrassed to complain to the proper authorities.

      Folks in Australia are much more willing to call a spade a spade and make their complaints to the FTC.

      LifeWave distributors are banned from advertising their product on the internet although some websites are still up and running illegally.

      The LifeWave Patent application was never approved.

      It has been turned down more than once. Still, it only costs $75 to apply!

      If LifeWave really had a breakthrough product, as David (not a doctor or a scientist but does have a 2 year Business diploma from Pace University) they

      would have been granted a Patent for their product.

      LifeWave would have also applied for world wide patents. They did not, and that speaks volumes.

      So, flat footed Ken Rasner will continue this SCAM for as long as he can before moving on and reinventing himself one more time.

      His bio will not mention CieAura when he moves on. It doesn't mention LifeWave by name now.

      Ken's wife, the optometrist, will continue to fund his wacky SCAMS until the money starts to roll in and one of his sons will kindly take pictures of events in

      between the nude photography gigs.

      You couldn't make this stuff up, even if you tried!

    • March 18, 2012 1:24 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      I was researching CieAura and eventully LifeWave, Harmonics FM, etc and found that there are just too many 'fake' reviews of this stuff trying to explain why its not a scam.  Repspace and Watchdog's research was a great resource it trying to untangle it.

      I setup a website/blog just about their scams in hopes that other may be able to more easily find this information and dismiss the claims of the scammers:

      I hope to keep digging as time allows -- I accumulated enough evidence to dissuadethe believers that I knew.

    • July 15, 2011 7:14 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      Alex Arnold, the person who owns and runs CieAura, was found to be held liable for over $16 million dollars by the FTC. 

      JT Taylor, Alex's lead distributor in CieAura, was found to be held liable for over $600,000 by the FTC.

      Watch for Federal Indictments from  the Justice Department for a whole litany of alleged crimes, including but not limited to: conspiracy to defraud consumers, mail fraud, violation of interstate banking laws, and maybe a RICO charge to come next. 

      This whole Cieaura business was set up for these guys to funnel money offshore so that move abroad before they get arrested by the FBI. 

    • July 20, 2011 11:57 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      It's so sad to read this. Ken Rasner was such a great person who touched so many lives. He ran the most successful marching band for a full decade at my high school. Granted, his sons were crap then too. But him and his wife were the greatest people. His impact is still felt everyday by many people. I am just appalled that he has turned to scams. I guess we never really know people as well as we think.

    • July 15, 2011 8:58 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      The FTC may move slowly sometimes, but when they move, they gather their facts and move decisively, and the results are harsh and the penalties stick.

      Did Alex Arnold ever pay the 16 million?

      I always wonder when I see repeat deals like this, if the FTC is aware that a prior defendant in an action is running a new business. Particularly one as questionable as the magical CieAura products.

    • July 20, 2011 3:52 PM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      Ken Rasner knows how to run a business and may, indeed, had done well in the past leading a high school marching band. The problem is that he is working with a crew of known con men who will soon be convicted felons.  Ask him why Alex Arnold, JT Taylor, and Del Rogers are involved and running this company.  These people live in the dark shadows and will only be exposed when they go to prison.  Watch for a grand jury investigation which will lead to indictments. 

    • July 15, 2011 1:41 PM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      The FBI and the Justice Department are actually quite smart.  The Federal Court's ruling in favor of the FTC against Burnlounge, Arnold, Taylor and DeBoer ("ATD," aka the "Three Stooges")now sets up a strong case where the Justice Department will be able to charge Arnold, Taylor and DeBoer with conspiracy, mail fraud, violations of interstate banking laws, and RICO violations.  Instead of settling with the FTC earlier and waiting for Judge Wu to decide on the case, the Three Stooges have set themselves up perfectly for an easy prosecutorial conviction. 

      The $16 million+ is only the beginning of Alex Arnold's legal troubles.  He now faces the probability of Federal criminal charges which will not only further bankrupt him (legal fees), but similar to how death is inevitable with terminal cancer, Alex Arnold would be sure to be convicted and have to spend time in prison.

      As he tries to cover his financial tracks with this CieAura scam, it will only make his situation worse.  By trying to hide his involvement, he leaves himself open to forensic accounting experts who will unravel his deceptive financial involvement. 

      Sadly, it was obvious from the get-go that Burnlounge was not a legitimate business opportunity, and once the FTC got wind of it, Arnold and his cronies should have immediately admitted wrong-doing, shut the thing down, paid restitution.  He would have probably had been slapped with a heavy fine and some period of time where he was restricted from engaging in the mlm industry.  Now, it will only be a matter of time before Federal indictments will be coming down. 

      Judge Wu's verdict also puts all mlm companies on notice.  The whole concept of retailing will now have to be clearly defined (which is good) and more companies will now be scrutinized by FTC.

    • July 20, 2011 11:59 PM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      I think its important to keep in mind that we (as people) tend to color someone "good" or "bad" and that's a very simplified label that is impossible to place on anyone, and kind of juvenile to boot. I'm not sure if its a Christian thing, or a religious thing in general, but people are super complex creatures, with highly complex minds. You can be the greatest marching band coordinator in your state, and still be a child molester, or a wife beater, you can be the kindest, most charitable, outgoing and friendly person your neighborhood has ever known and still be a serial killer, or yes, the infamous CEO of a bad company. That's the nature of a good communicator, they are so good at what they do that you are all dumbfounded and can't understand "what made them do it", but what you don't understand is that they were always that way. You can't blame his team, or the people he was working with, blame him. All that really ever changes that leaves us in shock is our own perception of a person.

    • July 16, 2011 7:55 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      God almighty Watchdog....

      Let me tell you something sir, if Jessica Fletcher and Columbo had a few too many tequilas and decided to bring it home, you would be the result. How the hell to find these little inconsistencies I have no idea, but I'm pretty damn impressed. Thanks for finding that, its actually quite telling, and there is such an exciting feeling knowing what Alex and Edhuk added. I hope those turds spend the rest of their lives having to pay back every penny their stupid bracelets ripped off of people, even if I do think those people aren't exactly candidates for a Nasa program. Thanks for the update everyone, you made my day lol.

    • July 16, 2011 10:15 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      wow, lol..... who knew? That is pretty damn impressive, I remember the last time he noticed the weird "typo" on the Regenerect website. It stated that it didn't contain any (insert make believe chemical here), but the word was just a similar one to "sildenafil" which is the main ingredient to Viagra lol. So in essence, it was akin to advertising a cake, and promising that it didn't contain any "frothing", therefore it would be safe for diabetics. I don't know if its that I lack the intelligence to notice such things, or that I'm simply too lazy, but either way, Watchdog is the man when it comes to finding this kind of stuff. Oh, and may I add that I too think the outcome of these buttbags having to pay such enormous sums in fines is absolutely delicious and makes me very happy. :D

    • August 5, 2011 2:15 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      For once I'd say we agree 100% Wallace, I have always found it unusual when hearing about some terrible crime perpetrated by what otherwise seemed like a "normal Joe", everyone would be up and arms about how surprising it was that they did it. We're talking about pushing a cheap gimmick in this case which is a different thing altogether than some of the serial killer stuff mentioned above lol. The principal is the same though, and I agree, there really is no longer a criminal archetype for just about any immoral act. People are all different.

      My son went through a phase of taking a very strong interest in alternative medicine, and I proud of the way he went about it because he didn't just buy a bunch of books on crystals, energy and spirituality. He looked to science to learn about the body's magnetic field, and there are some very subtle truths to the fact that science recognizes a basic human magnetic field, but there is no real evidence to suggest modifying in such small ways has any effect, but it also can't be proven that it doesn't.

      These kinds of things have been around for a long time, and products like CieAura exist in that gray area, with freedom from any real legal consequences simply because it maintains that it is not a medicine, not a cure, and promises nothing other than a feeling of wellness. My son took the same stance that I do, and that is that we live in a day and age where we simply don't know enough one way or the other to make any valid claims at all. In this particular case, I call bull$hit, but I won't condemn the concept itself, not yet anyway. The world and our understanding of it changes all the time, and you never know what the future of science will bring.

    • July 17, 2011 2:44 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun


      It won't just be paying millions of dollars in fines that these guys will have to pay.  Judge Wu's ruling gives now gives the Justice Department (read: The FBI) the probable cause to further investigate as well as give the US District Attorney's Office the foundation to go forward with a Grand Jury investigation.  Criminal charges are almost certain to be filed and Directors and Officers insurance will not be enough to pay for attorneys' fees.

      The damage to the overall mlm industry may, indeed, come from the FTC judgement in the form of having to show more retailing of products/services to consumers.

      Alex Arnold, most definitely, will serve prison time in a Federa. Penitentiary.  He would be wise to prepare himself metally to change his name from Mr. Alex Arnold to Ms. Alexis Arnold and to not try to hid his current assets; because, an obstruction of justice charge is just one more sleazy move away from being an indictment.

    • July 17, 2011 10:03 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      I knew most of these CieAura guys when they were pushing long-distance telephony and knew that they were slick.  I just did not know that they would go so far as to sell scam scotch-tape patches.

      Yes, the mastermind and person controlling the whole CieAura Scam is Alex Arnold.  By seeing Paul Rogers now also on the management team, we can easily conclude that Del Rogers is also a big part of this big scam.
      I had heard that the FTC had shut down Alex Arnold's Burnlounge.  I just did not know that he would be so stupid as to not settle with them.
      Yes, he is surely going to spend time in the federal pen.  I would look for his legal defense strategy to try to deflect blame to Del Rogers, who was on the BurnLounge board, is Paul Rogers father and JT Taylor's uncle.  
      A RICO indictment or even a mail fraud indictment would be next to impossible to defend.  With the judge's ruling on the FTC case, it will be a quick conviction or plea.  Either way, I would agree, prison time will be served.
      This whole CieAura scam can easily be tied to Alex Arnold through a grand jury investigation.   
    • August 6, 2011 12:04 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      This, is bar none the funniest thing I have noticed for today. I noticed it before a few months ago but for some reason today it was much funnier. Its simple, its just the CiaAura main page, and they have that mystical color animation representing the uhh, magic effect of their magnetic thingies.

    • July 18, 2011 12:25 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun


      Never ceases to amaze me how in the heck you guys get some of the information you do, but either way I appreciate you sharing it. You mentioned a European launch, and it triggered a question in my head about running a company. Theoretically, could you start a company such as Cieaura (or even a more blatant scam) over seas in some other country, make a profit, withdraw funds, investments etc, and leave the mess there without having ever set foot in the country? I know its kind of a layered question, but if anyone is familiar with the entire process of starting a company, I'm curious about how often it happens, if at all. I realize there are likely some international laws in place, just wondering which ones.

    • August 6, 2011 2:27 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      "A critical requirement for CieAura Chips to be effective is proper hydration - drink water. It is especially important for athletes, in particular, to continually consume water, while wearing the Chip. The only limit to cellular communication is hydration; consequently, by increasing cellular communication in the body by drinking water increases the effect of CieAura Holographic Chips."

      Take out the words CieAura Chips and insert the words "LifeWave Patches".

      Yep, same advice from the company where Ken Rasner was a member of the management team up until he realized that the sociopath David Schmidt was the only one making any real money!

      Check out Warren Hanchey and 8ight. Same thing. Warren also got burned as a LifeWave management team member.

      Schmidt certainly started the ball rolling on a number of scams.

      BTW, anybody ever feel a lot better after drinking water when you were dehydrated?

      Funny that!


    • July 18, 2011 11:57 PM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      Sure, these guys could set up a foreign entity, run monies through this entity and theoretically give themselves an added layer of protection from government scrutiny; however, the recent ruling and judgment by Judge Wu and the FTC is very much a game-changer.  Now, the FBI and the Justice Department will have a clear path to investigate, arrest, prosecute, and most likely, convict (the FBI has the best forensic accountants who investigate this stuff every day). Watch for Alex Arnold, JT Taylor, and Del Rogers to be called before a Grand Jury investigation, lie before the Grand Jury (instead of revealing the true nature of their business dealings (they would rather lie than admit their wrongdoing)), and then be indicted on Federal racketeering charges, mail fraud, conspiracy to defraud consumers, etc..

    • July 19, 2011 12:24 AM PDT
    • CieAura Scam - The Smoking Gun

      Oh yes, international business scams are a science all their own, in fact its kinda funny to have run across this thread because I just read that there are a growing number of international scams coming into the US. There are also countless scams in other countries designed for American tourists, and vice versa. One popular hotspot for international scams is Thai Land, where there are different levels of scams. Some where they will trick you into investing in Pyramid Schemes that are fronted by Caucasians here in the states, and others where they simply focus on getting you to pay a few baht more on the street. The utilize an awesome mlm model in which the price for the investment is extremely low, often referred to as a local price that they have listed in a specific language, until you're charged, at which point the real price is revealed. They time it perfectly so that all the individuals they recruited are charged at one time, often as they are on their way back to Thai Land, where there is virtually no course of action that can be taken to get the loss back, so yall need to be careful out there lol.

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