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    • May 3, 2010 2:35 PM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      Ever since I was pitched on the EFX Power Balance scam, I've been amazed at how many hokey new products use the EXACT SAME applied kinesiology scam to pitch their product.

      The newest is cPRime, a new magnetic bracelet company founded by Rob DeBoer. DeBoer was formerly associated with BurnLounge, which was whacked by the FTC. At least they were actually selling music. That you could listen to. Versus another bracelet or sticker scam that claims to work wonders for your body and all you need for the proof is a quick test administered by a sheister in on the scam who makes the rubes think they are seeing results.

      The cPrime scam: This is pitched just like the EFX bracelet, same stupid tests done before and after you wear or hold the cPrime bracelet.

      Check out the cPrime scam video. And the "spokes models" - who are not compensated by cPrime.

      Mark ( last name mumble-mumble something ) is a "Personal Trainer and a Fitness Model". Flash to a cover of Men's Health AUSTRALIA that must have been shot years ago, because Mark Mumbles looks like he just spent the last 12 months in the outback getting kicked in the face by a kangaroo.

      Mark goes on to tell us he's not compensated by cPrime, then goes into an amazing dissertation on the inner workings of the human body ( I always go to a former sports model when I need medical advice )

      Mark says "every biochemical event in the human body is proceeded by an exchange of electrons which occurs at the microscopic level" and then how peak performance is based on the coordination of these microscopic events.

      Awesome Mark. Thanks for telling me that electrons are microscopic, and that we are made up of molecules, ergo everything we do is based on those microscopic events. Brilliant. Sounds all brainy. If the cPrime bracelet somehow effects these molecular events why not have someone who knows something about electrons and microscopic events be the spokesperson. Instead australian spokesmodel who posed once for a Men's Health cover before he did a walkabout on his face.

      If you watch the cPrime scam video, you see Marky Kangaroo and another spokesmodel go through the motions of "Applied Kinesiology" to demonstrate the amazing benefits of the cPrime bracelet.

      News Flash: I can shoot a video of myself of myself wearing the LiveStrong bracelet, Levitating. And picking up a car. And turning out the lights by snapping my fingers. Does that make it real? No.

      Applied Kinesiology is the new holy grail of the MLM scam product. All of the new generation of bracelets, stickers, holograms, etc all use these parlour tricks as demonstrations of the products effectiveness. What's amazing is how many people actually fall for the scams. It's a hoax people. Placebo effect. Is the FTC or the FDA ever going to step in a smack these companies?

      Watch the above video, then watch this video of the Amazing Randy debunking a 'crystal' that is tested the same way as the new magnetic bracelet. Same bogus tests, but when really put to a blind test, there's no substance.

      cPrime is just another scam.

      I will lay money on the line that no one pitching this product or any of the others that use the applied kinesiology scam as the method of proving the products invisible effectiveness can tell a magnetic bracelet from a rubber band in a blind test.

      The same with the hologram sticker companies. LifeWave, now CieAura. First it was a sticker with a formula, now its a sticker with a holgoram. Put nine Pokemon stickers in envelopes and one CieAura sticker in each of ten envelopes and there is no test on the planet that will let anyone know which is which. They'll "Detect" the right sticker exactly 10 percent of the time, the same as if I guessed randomly.

      The cPrime scam is just preying on peoples gullibility and the desire to believe.

    • May 10, 2010 12:15 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      News Flash for you, it is obvious that you have never had a cPrime bracelet on your wrist. You call yourself watchdog, but that is all you do, watch. Find a cPrime distributor and have them put the bracelet on your wrist and experience for yourself how it REALLY WORKS!  Please bring some friends with you so they can try it to. Once you have done that, I will accept your humble apology.

    • May 13, 2010 11:44 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam


      I concur with you on the scam aspect, the marketing of this bracelet is very deceptive and is subject to the DTPA Deceptive Trade Practices Act and will for sure end up in litigation and or prosecution. As to the bracelet - it's a magnetic bracelet, not a magical bracelet, I know I have one and feel like a real sucker for paying $100.00 for it, but it was a learning process, during this process i learned that all magnets can effect balance, and there are many published credible reports that have been conducted in blind and placebo test such as the one performed by The Baylor College of Medicine and can easily be found online at: .

      Go to your refrigerator and take any reasonably sized magnet off and try the exact same things you have seen on the videos, and I also recommend the same to anyone whom has a CPrime bracelet, compare it to a refrigerator magnet and you will get the same AMAZING results. It's one thing to sell and market magnetic bracelets legally, it's another thing to fraudualantly exploit or promote something with the intent of making a sell and to do so online, now  you officially make the jump from the DTPA to The Federal Trade Commision, and their authority which will most likely become involved and start an official investigation once three complaints are received. Watchdog you could be the first. Once they do, and I feel pretty confident it is inevitable then Karma will turn full circle and a lot of people will be in trouble who hopefully have more money than the government they will be fighting, and plenty of free time to do so. Anyone who is a distributor I strongly urge you to contact a competant attorney, advise them of what has been posted and ask their opinion. I have, hence the above provided information.

      Sincerely submitted,

      The truth 

    • May 25, 2010 3:24 PM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      I would encourage people to learn about the benefits of cPrime first hand as opposed to misconstruing this as a scam. 

      cPRIME develops fashion-forward performance wear products built around powerful proprietary technology that can change your life, at the speed of light.

      Observational data and user feedback have demonstrated that cPRIME may yield benefits in strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Try it for yourself and feel the power of cPRIME.

      Visit and learn more about this product and the tremendous business opportunity available.

    • April 5, 2011 2:16 PM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      Cprime sucks!

      They designed faulty clasps and all my potential clients bracelets fell off. Cprime will not replace them. Bad business. There are several other companies who make this type of product that work just? as well. I am trying out a necklace with Healthy Habits? not with even better results.

    • May 10, 2010 2:14 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam


      Thanks for your reply.  You are correct - I have never had the cPrime bracelet on my wrist. I have however had the EFX Power Balance bracelet 'tested' on me, and the testing method ( applied kinesiology ) as well as the pitch ( embedded chip technology ) are exactly the same. If you would like to send me one to test, I'd be happy to do so. The same with CieAura hologram chips, whatever the latest and greatest scam is being perpetrated on people like  who are complete susceptible to the the placebo effect and buy into the results you see when someone does the same kinesiology strength tests on you.

      I'm definitely a skeptic, but if I saw any result at all I would be the first person here touting the benefit and would retract everything I have posted previously.

      I have three serious questions:

      1. Does the cPrime bracelet have to be in contact with the skin?

      2. Does the cPRime Neo work through clothing? 

      3. Can I hold the cPRime in my hand while someone does the test, or does it have to be on my wrist?


    • May 14, 2010 5:19 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      Do you have a cPrime bracelet, or another product?  I tried the magnet test and it did not work.  cPrime does not have a magnet in it.  Are you saying you tried the cPrime demos with the bracelet on and there were no effects?  I've demoed this bracelet around 100 times and it worked 100 times. 

    • May 26, 2010 3:13 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      I would encourage people to learn about the benefits of cPrime first hand as opposed to misconstruing this as a scam. 

      cPRIME develops fashion-forward performance wear products built around powerful proprietary technology that can change your life, at the speed of light.

      Observational data and user feedback have demonstrated that cPRIME may yield benefits in strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Try it for yourself and feel the power of cPRIME.

      1. What proprietary technology? There is no patent information available. Please prove somehow that there is a 'technology' of any kind in these bracelets.

      2. Observational data have demonstrated that the cPRime scam ***MAY*** yied benefits...that's the lamest pitch I've ever heard.

      You know, when I was in college, observational data and user feedback demonstrated that excessive beer drinking made me smarter, funnier, taller, gave me superpowers, improved my wittiness and charm to the opposite sex, and most definitely made them better looking too. The fact was I was just drunk, young and stupid and as much as I'd love to be able to tell people beer has some magical effect, we all know, it's just a delicious beverage.

      And the fact is, the cPRIME bracelets do nothing, and it's just the Placebo Effect that ***MAY*** make gullible people think they are experiencing real benefits, vs placebo benefits.  If they really did something measurable, don't you think the company line would be "PROVEN TO YEILD THESE BENEFITS!!!!" instead of the lame ***may yeld benefits*** disclaimer designed to keep the FDA off their backs?

      None of these companies will agree to a double blind test. Why don't you ask your upline to put a cPrime bracelt in a cloth pouch, and a regular bracelet of the same size and weight in a pouch, and demonstrate any difference when they do the applied kinesiology tests on a 'subject'.  It's all about the suggestion and the manipulation of the tester. That's why so many of these new scam products use the same bogus tests. cPrime, CieAura, EFX power bracelet, and so on.

      Or, maybe it's just a coincidence and they all have the exact same magical powers.






    • October 16, 2010 1:29 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      To all the doubters of cPRIME, if you live around the Washington DC area and want me to prove to you that cPRIME is real contact me. As a personal trainer, I've done numerous placebo tests on cPRIME on my clients and members of the gym. The results are strong enough that it proves cPRIME works. So I challenge anyone around the area to come see me and I will put you through all sorts of test and you will see. Contact me through my website and see for yourself.

    • November 28, 2010 1:21 AM PST
    • cPrime Scam

      Watchdog, your original post has got to be one of the funniest and truthful things I have ever read here. I concur with those who say its a hoax. Snake oil has been with us since the beginning of time, and it comes to us in many forms ranging from stage acts, psychic hotlines, dead whisperers and channelers. There is no better tool to coerce another human being than their own mind. There are bits of fine print in all of these kinds of posts that expose the kind of reasoning behind the product. I am most concerned over statements like this, in a society that claims to value empirical science and common sense.

      "So your question is what is the technology? Truth is there is no clear explanation on what's in the chip"

      Wow, how comforting lol

      "there's really no need in understanding the technology."

      I beg to differ sir. You are asking me and others to put this device on our bodies that you claim will affect us at a molecular level, and then say there is no need to understand how it works? That is to say nothing of how it makes you and others like you appear to have so much invested, so much faith behind a product you know virtually nothing about.......seriously.

      "if the demonstrations are done right"

      Yes indeed, if the faith healer finds the right people.

      To those of you who are advocating this, I would suggest using your talents at demonstration and marketing for selling something the world could actually benefit from.

    • April 5, 2011 11:51 PM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      Michael, I'm curious, are you a rep for any companies? Also, have you had actual results using any of those type of products? I'm not grilling you, nor going to criticize you, but you mentioned results, so I am assuming you believe in these types of technology. That being the case, which products did you notice the most results with, and what kind of results did you experience?

    • May 12, 2010 2:02 PM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      *****This reply is based solely on my own experience with cPrime*****


      1.  No, the cPrime bracelet does not have to be in contact with the skin.  You can actually wrap the bracelet around a bottle of water, and the embedded bio antenna will charge the water and you can safely drink it and instantly have the same effects (I've tried this on my 8 year old son).  From my understanding, one of the upcoming products is a water bottle with the bio antenna embedded in the water bottle and will charge the water once you fill it up.  You can also wrap the bracelet around any watch and it will charge the watch (from my own personal experience)

      2.  Yes.  I have heard one of the upcoming products will be the bio antenna embedded into clothing.  (Similar to the Under Armor symbol would be the chip)

      3.  Yes you can hold it in your hand.  I tried this on my neighbor last night who had extremely large wrists and I could not fit the bracelet around him. 

      The company has not officially launched and the bio antenna is patent pending.  From my understanding they have been testing the product at a world renowned Bio Metric facility and the results will be published soon.  I know the you tube videos may seem cheesy, but once you actually try the bracelet on for yourself applying the same techniques in the video, you will truly bite your tongue.   cPrime has NEVER said this actually will increase your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance...cPrime has been very honest in saying it "could" do the aforementioned.  There are no medical claims this band will actually do anything, but once you see it first hand, you will be a believer.  

      And one more thing...Your facts are incorrect.  Rob Deboer is not the founder of this company.  He is simply a distributor and that's it.  I've also demoed this product against the Power Balance and the Power Balance did nothing for me.   If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact me.  I wear this bracelet daily and have seen first hand and heard some amazing results.  Come on watch dog...don't knock something and write a blog dogging on a product you have never tried.  Do your homework first!

    • May 14, 2010 7:08 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam


      Of course I have a CPrime bracelet, that's what opened the whole can of worms. For your information if you look inside the clasp you will see one magnetic bar on each side of the inside of the clasp that is approximately 2 milimeters wide by 5/8" of an inch long, if you need me to take a picture and post it on this website for all to see "THE TRUTH", I will gladly do so, also I have do have magnetic bracelets from other manufacturers that look better and work better and cost a fraction of the price and don't involve joining a MLM and are willing to offer wholesale prices to literally anyone. If you take a safety pin or paper clip it will attract it as all magnets do to the exact area I have mentioned.

      If you've demonstrated this product 100 times and haven't figured it out, that's probably the same reason your still doing the demonstrations. I also found an almost identical clasp made in China available for 39 cents each, that most likely has a higher Gauss rating, speaking of which literally all magnetic bracelet manufacturers publish their gauss rating on their bracelets, not that it a patent pending technology. If you want to learn more about this AMAZING technology that has been around for over a decade just look around online under magnetic bracelets in the process you will find that there are lots of other companies that have been in business for a long time that are actually endorsed by Professional Athletes and Celebrities, not just having their picture taken with a bracelet they do not officially endorse.

      Chad if you believe the Cprime bracelet doesn't have a magnet in it after reading this message and looking exactly where I said to then I have a really good deal on some Oceanfront property in Arizona you may be interested in, LOL. Obviously you've been victimized and I feel sorry for you, but for every negative there is an equal positive; hopefully when it's all said and done you will wake up and smell the roses.

      The truth


    • July 10, 2010 7:06 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam


      I am a cprime distributor and felt the need to address several points that you made above. This is a brand new company, 2 months old to be exact, there are many people out there including distributors that are still educating themselves on the product.  The proprietary technology is held within the chip inside the bracelet. So your question is what is the technology? Truth is there is no clear explanation on what's in the chip and frankly once you have done the demostrations CORRECTLY ( i emphasize this because so many people out there have no idea what there doing) there's really no need in understanding the technology. The fact is the bracelet works, obviously you have not met with a knowledgeable individual who could show you the product. If you went and researched what the technology is and days or months later came back with an answer would it work any differently? No. It will work the same. And if someone wants to quiz you that hard on the technology are they going to buy one? Probably not. Ive sold ton and cant keep them on me, so theres definitely a market out there for this product. More research will be coming out soon to validate many of the claims. Again, the company is brand new. Your second statement was the cPRime may yield benefits and that was the lamest pitch you have ever heard. Those of us who know the product, should understand that you are dealing with a constant and a non-constant with this product. The constant is the bracelet, never changes. The non-constant is the individual, what it does for you, may not yield the same results for me and vice-versa. No one is making a claim here that this is the wonder bracelet of the century and if they are they need to realign their thoughts. Fact is if the demonstrations are done right, i can guarantee i can reproduce the same results 100% of the time, and no theres not a trick to doing the demonstrations. For many, (notice i did not see everyone) people will notice they can do a lot more in reference to flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance than they could without the bracelet on and this is what makes this product special. So the MAY yield benefits is certainly the appropriate term here to use. I love your third statement about double blind test and love it when skeptics come to our meetings because we have a field day with them. I have done a single-blind test using a placebo band, cprime without the chip, only the person doing the demonstration knows which bracelet the person is putting on. The mind component for the person being tested is thrown out the window along with supposedly advanced kinesiology. So if placebo, explain to me why we put the placebo band on the individual do the test, they lose their balance etc. and then put the cprime band on (with chip) and its different. Oh let me guess its because were pulling differently and were making the test turn out how we want it to isnt it?  WRONG. Again, i encourage you to meet with someone knowledgeable. Secondly, in reference to double blind test. Explain this, there are 5 cups of water place the band under one by a guest that has never seen cprime. He places it under cup 4. Neither myself (tester) or the one being tested no which cup the band is under. We do the test and the 4th and 5th demonstration or somehow different. Must have been the tester right ? No, he didn't know which one it was under. Must have been the person being tested he was placed there secretly to amaze all the people there wasn't he. People like you crack me up. Please come to a meeting so I can embarrass you. Hey il let you do the test on me so you know how hard your pulling etc. See so many of these post from people like you that have never seen the bracelet and are knocking it, think im done now, i wasted about 10 minutes of my time but maybe this will shed some light on your blindness. 

    • October 16, 2010 5:54 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      Can you describe the cPrime Placebo Tests you conducted?

      Did you perform the tests yourself, and were you aware of whether the client or member was in contact with a real cPrime bracelet or a placebo product?


    • April 6, 2011 12:26 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      I did notice good results with the cprime bracelet but the faulty clast that rusted caused all of them to fall off and get lost within a month. Cprime will not replace them so I am letting the world know.

       I am trying a necklace by Healthy Habits that seems as good.
       I do believe in the technology and the effects of EMF on the body.
      I felt better balanced , more stamina, and my arthritic hands did not feel so soar. 
      I am mostly making a fuss over bad customer service.
       If they send me a new band with the new design they have replaced the old clasp. I would wear it.
      Michael Gomez 

    • May 13, 2010 1:03 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      Could you explain what effects you observed in your son after drinking the charged water?

      How long does it take the cPrime bracelet to charge the water?

      If you ask a third party to take three bottles of water and charge one but not the others, but not let you know which is which, that you could absolutely tell which one was charged by drinking it yourself or having someone else drink it?

      What area are you in? I would be interested in travelling and testing this, with video.

      Regarding the cPrime bracelet patent - every company claims they are 'patent pending'. Patent Pending means a patent application has been filed. Patent applications that have been filed are a public record and can be searched in the USPTO database. Do you have direct contact with any of the executives? Ask them about the patent. Ask for any single bit of verifiable information that can be used to look up the cPrime patent. I will send you a cashier's check for $100 if you can post the link to the published patent here.

      I respect your belief in the product. I also respect the tone of your reply. I am definitely a major skeptic, and have yet to try any of these products that has actually worked.

      Do you have the names of the executives?


    • May 14, 2010 7:18 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam


      Also, if you want to see who really invented the demonstration that Cprime has replicated go to and you will see the same demos being performed by them recorded on record years befoer Cprime was even thought of. Gosh the internet is a heck of a tool if you know how to research. Oh yeah, you might get sticker shock when you see what all the competition is marketing their products for, so you may want to be sitting down once you realize you have a bracelet worth $25.00 maximum and that's just because the pretty packaging which of course cost far more than the bracelet.

      The truth


    • August 4, 2010 3:35 AM PDT
    • cPrime Scam


      I recently on August 01/2010 dissected a CPRIME bracelet and found that the amazing chip in the inside is foil, that's right no wires, microchip, or anything but two pieces of foil glued together with the inscription "Zero Point Inside" in black print. This dissection is available for all to view on You Tube, just search under, inside a cprime bracelet, or go over to and you can also see the dissection.

      After dissecting this bracelet test were performed with the foil found inside on many different people, none yielding any associated benefits. It's like the demo that Cprime does, they ask you to flexibility test and other things. All which if performed without the bracelet typically yield the same results. If I bend over and try and put my palms on the ground on the first try I will not be able to bend as much as the second attempt as the more I stretch the more flexible I become with or without a bracelet. 

      I do believe in magnetic therapy and have found many well documented studies conducted conclusively proving the benefits. Cprime is a magnetic bracelet, not a magical bracelet. As for the "Chip" that's inside it is revealed in real time, you be the judge. If you are a distributor and would like to carry some far higher quality bracelets with over 2000 to chose from from one of the leading manufacturers in the world then go to You can buy superior bracelets for a fraction of the price, you can even have them customized, engraving cost about 30 cents extra per bracelet and some of their best bracelets with far more Gauss - a rating of magnetic strength can be bought for less than $10.00 each. In the spirit of free enterprise I strongly recommend (a) doing your research, and (b) offering a better product at a better price that also allows you to make a much larger margin while controlling everything yourself and not getting caught up in a MLM - unless you form your own, or a dictatorship like distributor agreement.

      In close I quote Eldridge Cleaver, "In life many people blame their situation on circumstances, I believe if you can't find the circumstances you are looking for then create them". I concur! Go create, followers never lead, and leaders never follow.

      The Truth


    • October 16, 2010 1:51 PM PDT
    • cPrime Scam

      Here's one of the test i've done.  I grabbed a random gym member and asked if they were willing to participate in a test.  I lined up 5 bands, cPRIME, Power Balance, Trion-Z, Phiten, and i-renew and told the member I was going to test out which band had the best results.  This member has not heard of any of these products so they didn't know what to expect.  One by one I performed my test, balance, and strength test, I omitted the flexibility test because we were doing the test so many times their muscles could be stretched out by the time I got to the last band.  The cPRIME was the only band that performed extremely well.  I've done this test to numerous members of the gym and always same results.


      Here's another test that would not allow me or the test subject to see who had the cPRIME band.  3 plastic cups behind a barrier, one cup has the cPRIME wrapped around it with water in the cup.  I pulled 3 members, had a 4th give each member a cup of water (after removing the band) and I tested one by one.  The results were amazing, the person who drank the water with the cPRIME band performed extremely well with the test, the other two failed.  This test showed two things, 1) cPRIME actually charges the water thus producing same results as if you are wearing it.  Only thing is the effect wears out after 2-3 mins.  2) Because nobody knew who drank the water with the band around it (besides the person who served the water) their was no predetermined bias.


      We also did that same test were none of the cups had a cPRIME band on it, that way if the first 2 people failed the test, the third might think he had it.  That test proved that no band equals no results.


      Please feel free to check out my site from time to time, I will be having videos of my experiments and all the tests i've done.

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