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    • February 9, 2011 3:14 AM PST
    • DinarTrade Scam

      It is important to note that every state in the US has a public list of what are considered the biggest scams in operation, many of which include some of the companies occasionally discussed on this forum. Here is an interesting one coming out of Iraq, amazingly. This particular scam I'm about to introduce is a relatively new one and is rated the second largest scam in operation by the state of Utah. I also have a friend that has had the unfortunate experience of being tangled with this scam which I will get into later in the thread.

      Its called Dinar Trading. Here is description of the Dinar trade Scam in a nutshell:

      You take a country like Iraq, one that has been militarily, politically, and economically broken and observe the current state of its currency, In this case; the Iraqi "Dinar". When any country in its defined state has been toppled, the worth of its currency drops drastically into almost non-existence. When this occurs, outside entities have the opportunity to peer in and see what's going on economically and take advantage. I am a member of country A, and I am rich and powerful. You are a member of country B, and you can barely call it a country due to war and economic collapse.

      As I observe your country, I can clearly see that my United States dollar is worth 20-30 times that of your Iraqi Dinar, but I can also see that as your country recovers and grows into a world power again, the worth of your currency is going to expand, and if I can purchase enough of it now, I can then sell/trade/invest it back into your country later, when it is worth 20-30 times what I paid for it.

      Seems flawless right? Not exactly, there are a few things wrong with this picture.

      When I purchased all of those Iraqi Dinars, I most certainly paid a high premium, plus a mark up, and even more for shipping. Then I lost some because of inflation, now in the end I paid about say, $134 for 170,000 dinar. Since they inflated yet again, and are now worth even less due to more inflation and I will continue to lose money.

      To make matters worse, the political state of Iraq is so fragile that there isn't even a guarantee that in 5 years from now, the currency will even be Dinar's, there is also the fact that you are very unlikely to find anyone to sell it back to.

      So you feel confident about this because even your own government suggests investing in the Dinar and even makes it available in US banks right? Those Presidential order 13303 laws were established under the assumption that Post-war Iraq would be in working order politically and economically, under the assumptions that it would be able to utilize its oil reserves and climb out of its 3rd world slump.

      It hasn't, and it isn't even close.

      Using currency exchanges to make money with the Iraqi dinar would work under very very specific conditions, and few, if any of those conditions are present. The truth is, Iraq is still a war torn country being held together by a string of American soldiers and a corrupt government barely capable of functioning, and policing its own cities. It is very possible that when the last US troops are pulled out, the Taliban and other similar organizations will move in and reestablish a foundation. It remains unlikely that The United States can afford to maintain the many vital functions of keeping Iraq alive as a country, let alone help trigger a self sustaining oil boom that breathes new life into the dinar, but.....its not impossible.

      A friend of mine has lost nearly his entire savings due to his wife having become heavily involved in buying Iraqi Dinar, which has yet to yield a single return. Its a sad fact that like gambling, sometimes the desire to make money can become an addiction all its own, leading to the loss of it in an ironic twist. There are many companies offering this service, but the largest and most popular is listed below.

      Many no longer answer their phones, or purchase back Dinars in any form.


    • February 9, 2011 3:48 AM PST
    • DinarTrade Scam

      This could possible be the great mother of all scams for the coming decade. The Dinar Scam might actually bump the magic bracelet scams out of first place because it's just so insidious and persuasive.

      The Dinar Scam is one of the most popular being promoted right now, even having hype filled Dinar conference calls to get people pumped up about their future millions.

      Here’s the info I pulled today directly from and via phone to their office:

      They claim they will buy back Dinar’s at a rate of $900 per million. They sell them right now at the rate of $1220 per million ( that is’s exchange rate for today ). They claim they are only selling the Dinar's for numismatic purposes - but if that is the case, why is it linked to the exchange rate?

      Here’s how the Dinar Trade prices break down:

      You pay $1220 for 1,000,000 Dinars.  The actual exchange rate is $848 to 1,000,000 dinars.

      Dinar ScamBased on the chart, you can see that since February, the number of Dinar’s you can get with each dollar is going UP, which is the exact opposite of what you want. In order to make any money on this deal, the dinar has to drop from 1 dollar to 1175 dinars, to $1 to ½ a dinar just to double your money ( hypothetically, I’ll explain next why that also isn’t true and you get raped when you buy these dinars ).  So either the dollar has to get incredibly weak ( like literally finding out the 100.00 in your pocket is suddenly only worth a nickel on the world exchange ) or the Dinar has to somehow increase in value a thousand fold.

      So first back to the exchange breakdown:

      You pay $1220 for 1,000,000 dinars that are actually only worth $848 if you were to buy them through a legitimate Forex broker.  You have already taken a 30% loss the moment you buy the Dinars.

      But it’s worse than that. Because if you want to sell those dinar’s back today, that you just paid $1220 for, they’re going to pay you back about $780 per million, so you’re $1220 investment is worth $780 the first day you buy. And you only get that $780 back if the company even exists when you want to sell it back. Otherwise, what are you going to do? Fly to Iraq to exchange them?

      Here’s how most of these scams work – they usually have some ‘hook’, some fact that they spin to make it sound like it’s all legit and the best deal ever.

      They refer to the fact that prior to the Iraq war, 1 Dinar was worth 3 US dollars. So that makes it sound like your 1,000,000 dinars that you purchased for $1220 will potentially be worth $3,000,000 US dollars when the Iraqi currency bounces back.

      The FLAW: The Iraqi Dinar was never legitimately worth $3 based on the usual ebb and flow of currency exchange rates over time. Saddam Hussein got up one morning and said, “The Dinar is now worth $3 US dollars.” Anyone who was actually foolish enough to accept Dinars for dollars found themselves with nothing, because the currency really had no value and quickly collapsed to 3500 dinars to the dollar before it was demonetized. I.E. scrapped. Like became worthless paper.

      It’s the equivalent of me saying “Hey, every 1976 penny in my collection is now worth 1000 dollars”. If I can find some sucker to give me $1000 per penny because I suddenly declared that’s its value, excellent, but it’s still just a penny.

      Iraq could suddenly declare again that 1 dinar is worth 1 dollar. But who is going to be foolish enough to give a dollar for a dinar that’s still, based in true valuation and market forces, really worth about a 10th of a cent? There has to be a market, meaning willing buyers, to complete the transaction. You can’t just take your 1,000,000 dinars and walk into BofA and say “Hey, can I exchange this for a million dollars?”

      It is more likely that Iraq will demonetize their current currency ( making it worthless ) and issue a new currency that appears to have more of a 1 to 1 currency ratio in terms of the dollar and yen.

      Here’s another way of looking at the Dinar Scam:

      Let’s say a Big Mac costs $4.00 in the US. It should cost about 4,000 Dinars in Iraq based on the exchange rate.

      If the President of Iraq declares that 1 Dinar is now worth 1 Dollar, do you think you’ll then be able to go buy 1000 Big Macs with that 4,000 Dinars? Not a chance. Currency is just a paper representation of value, and you can’t instantly create wealth by arbitrarily whacking a few zeros off of the dinar. That would make everyone with  $848 dollars worth of Dinars in Iraq suddenly millionaires in American dollars. The Big Mac is worth exactly what the Big Mac is worth. About 4 dollars, no matter what the currency.

      A better example might be:

      Iraq’s primary asset is oil. Oil is at $100 dollars a barrel. That’s 118,000 Dinars. Does anyone really think that Iraq is suddenly going to start selling their oil for 100 dinar’s a barrel? Or less? That one day the President of Iraq says “Hey, the dinar is now worth 3 US dollars, so all of you with those 1,000,000 dinar notes, you can each now buy 30,000 barrels of oil?

      This is just scammers preying on people who don’t understand basic economics, and that currency is just a piece of paper with no value unless it is backed by something of value by common consent. If you think your dinar is work 3 dollars, and I laugh in your face, you don’t get to buy what I have with them. McDonald’s says “Bite Me” to the President of Iraq because they still have to buy their beef patties from the US with American dollars, not magic Iraqi dinars, and OPEC isn’t going to say “Oh, okay Iraq, the rest of us are all just going to start taking a fraction of a penny on the US dollar ( or fraction of a Yen) for each barrel of oil because you decided your currency is now worth a bazillion dollars”.

      I understand how people get sucked into this, and it’s almost impossible to deprogram them because they want so desperately to believe that they’ve found some magic secret to wealth. These scams come and go, but they always require the same thing: a large pool of people willing to be sold the kool-aid for 1000 times what it’s actually worth.



    • April 11, 2011 5:24 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam


      Sadly, you are way off on this post.  I have been invested in the Iraqi dinar since 2004, and it is hardly a scam, although it is speculative at best, but nothing even close to a scam.  As to Dinar Trade, they are the most reputable currency dealers in the country, and registered with U.S. Treasury, so your opinion on this one is not even close to being accurate.

      I know there are less than reputable dealers, but Dinar Trade is not one of them.  I know dozens of people who have purchased from them and got exactly what they ordered, and in a timely fashion, and having been on every forum for past seven years, we all know bad news travels fast, and if anyone would have not received what they had ordered, I would know about it.

      In my own personal situation, I paid an average of $630. per million, and it is worth double that now if I wanted to sell.  Although this is not a huge return, it was never a short term investment, it was long term, although few thought it would take as long as it has to see restoration of value to former level which has been publically announced many times by Iraqi gov. over the years.  We just don't know when this will happen, but indeed, it will, so given no one has lost a dime to date, even if they came to the party late, it is hardly a scam.  After all, would the U.S. waste hundreds of billions in Iraq if they were a scam country with worthless currency?  

      It was all about oil, not weapons of mass destruction as our phoney CIA experts reported, it was the oil stupid, don't let anyone fool you about the exuses we invaded Iraq and ousted Saddam, it was all about oil, ask Cheny and Bush in private and see what they deny. then you know the opposite is true. lol  As to oil, I knew back in 2003 that there was a major oil find that only those oil people working in the country would know about, and I happened to have a good friend tip me off who said the Kurdistan region did not want this to leak out since Saddam would have killed even more Kurds if he knew the oil secret.  It only came out recently, and in a few months, the world will know Iraq has more sweet oil reserves than any other country in middle east, end of story.

      With over 500 billion barrels already proven, and pumping picking up steadily, and terrorism dropping, inflation in control, the most stable currency of all in last three years, this is hardly a scam.  If you say a friend lost lost almost his entire savings, sorry, but this cannot be true unless he ended up purchasing Saddam notes, as in, prior to new dinar in 2003, those are worthless, but the new dinar can be sold all day long at $1,200. per million currently, and Dinar Trade will even purchase back dinar at fair rates, so no one can say they lost money on any Iraqi dinar, not possible.  If your friend expected a quick ROI, and was fed some of the hype and BS out there, then they only have themselves to blame, but no one is going to lose out who is holding the dinar.

      I have to agree, it is a gamble depending on what you expected your ROI would be, and how soon, but unlike your friend who may be disappointed, there is no one who could lose, in fact, I will purchase their dinar personally if they feel it is worthless.  Holding dinar is like owning the winning lottery ticket, you just don't know when the drawing date will be.  Pretty simple way to look at holding the dinar in my opinion, and with all the little pieces coming together in the last few months, the drawing date will be in June from my best knowledge, maybe even sooner, but there is no possible way the artificially reduced value of dinar when Saddam was ousted will remain so, it is impossible, so stay tuned, let us see who is right and who is wrong in a few months.

      Success to all,   

    • February 10, 2011 1:28 AM PST
    • DinarTrade Scam

      This is nothing short of unbelievable, and once again find myself ashamed to be an American. Its not enough that we bombed a country and placed our own puppet leaders in there to secure the oil but now our MLM trash is jumping in to commendere its currency as well. That's really noble. I sincerely hope anyone who participates in this selfish scheme loses as much as they hope to gain. If for once, they could just put down their interests in favor of someone else's well being, and stop dreaming about all the crap they want to buy and be a slave to, maybe then they would develop some sense of morality when it comes to where you draw the lines.

      I bet most of the suckers that got syphoned into this one didn't consider where their profits would come from at all, in fact I'd be willing to bet that the majority of them were probably in favor of blowing them off the map after 9/11, but have no problem going after the dinar now that its weak. Dinar trading is most obviously a scam, and for those that get suckered in, you deserve it.

    • April 11, 2011 10:55 PM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Who are you calling stupid? I don't think anyone said it was about anything less than oil, and out of curiosity, have you sold any Dinar yet? There are a couple people on this forum that are well versed in foreign policy and the war itself, believe me they likely have a better insight than most other people.

    • February 14, 2011 10:19 PM PST
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Thank you for bringing this to light Wallace, and to you mighty Watchdog for explaining this terrible Dinartrade scam. I am deeply saddened by this behavior, like vultures to molest the dead. I have been seeing this a great deal lately with so very many people asking about where to buy, or looking for people to sell to. I must laugh to myself as I see individuals actually posting on other message boards looking for people to sell Dinar to, which means they are starting to feel the effects of the "sinking ship" as it is called?

      I pray for all to be healed of the swindling ways of others, and those inside of the swindlers.

    • April 12, 2011 3:20 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam


      I will respectively remain in disagreement with you on this one, and you may have very well received everything you ordered, but I doubt you will ever see that drawing you're waiting for, but I certainly hope you do. The war was most definitely about oil, but that was only the tip of the spearhead as it goes far deeper than just oil. Saudi Arabia has twice the oil reserves that Iraq does, and Iran is second, with Iraq in 3rd place, tackle the enemies of number one, and that leaves you with dibs. Its a one stone vs 10 birds scenario. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt though, I have believed Iraq to have more oil than previously believed, but not as much as you seem to think, and no offense but I don't use "a guy I know" as reference when making that kind of statement. There are many countries similar to Iraq's foreign exchange situation and the currency value is extremely weak.

      The middle east has been under the Western radar for a long, long time, and when it comes to money, power, or economic stability, you will notice that fires are started that look like little random squabbles between 3rd world regimes, when in actuality, very little takes place that the powers at be have not had a hand in, whether it be the CIA or whatever other agencies involved. Anyway, I don't want to get too deeply into this on Repspace, when DinarTrade itself is the topic. DinarTrade is a "service" I have not used, but in my research, my own experience with a personal friend, I know enough to stay away from it, and my overview reflects that information. The state of Utah didn't place these guys on a list for no reason. One question I have for you since you are directly involved; have you been able to locate any official bank or foreign exchange office that is willing to exchange the Dinar, outside of Iraq itself? I'm not challenging you with the question, I'm asking legitimately because that is the one catch I have been reading lately about people who want to sell them. In the last 60 days, the value of the Dinar has decreased by half a point, and then went back up half a point. I certainly hope you get that booming new economy you have been promised, but I wouldn't hold my breath. We will indeed see who is right and wrong once the puppets take over. Good luck to you sir.

    • April 12, 2011 4:45 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam


      You do not know the value of the knowledge of those directly involved in the oil industry, and as we have seen over and over, the facts do not come out for years in most cases involving proven oil reserves, more so in Iraq than anywhere else.  The Kurdistan region has up to 300B barrels, on top of proven southern Iraq reserves of $173B, which is also about to be increased.  In fact, the reason Saddam invaded Kuwait was over oil, they were using horizontal drilling across border and tapping into Iraq oil, so there are a lot of facts not made public, so stay tuned, by the summer we all hear about Kurdistan oil, and the reason why they were at odds with Baghdad for years to secure their fair share, so we shall see who is right and who is wrong.

      As to Saudi oil reserves, why do you think the ejected all foreign oil companies over a decade ago, they have been over stating their reserves for over ten years, and those in the know agree, peak oil is near in Saudi Arabia, why else would they build build build trying to plan for the point in time when the oil wells start drying up, trying to bolster their economy with tourism and industry.  Have you ever skied in Saudi Arabia?  They have spent billions trying to prepare for the day the oil wells dry up.  This too will come to light in less than a year, and my friend use to work in Saudi Arabia oil, and now has been in Kurdistan for over ten years, even while Saddam was in power. 

      As to banks who will exchange Iraqi dinar, there have been several I personally know about over the years, Citibank, Chase and  Bank of America for over six months, ScotiaBank in CAN did for several years, although most pulled plug on Dinar in U.S. in the last year.  Regions Bank in Texas and 5/3 in Ohio, plus several others I cannot personally verifty also exchanged dinar.  So to say none have is far from being correct.  I had personally verified with Chase in NY, but this is old news, there are hundreds of people who have verified these banks over the years. 


    • April 12, 2011 10:51 PM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      "You do not know the value of the knowledge of those directly involved in the oil industry, and as we have seen over and over, the facts do not come out for years in most cases involving proven oil reserves, more so in Iraq than anywhere else."

      I can certainly respect that knowledge, and I'm in agreement with you that there is much to be learned there. I have a couple friends in the Marines that enlightened me to just how different what actually happens there is to what is reported, and both came home with a strong distaste for their own country. I like the way you put it about facts not coming to light until years later, and that is a truth that goes well beyond the oil industry.

      Aside from DinarTrade, I don't think there are a ton of things we would disagree about these kinds of topics. I had read about Saudi Arabia cross drilling but could never find any tangible evidence to confirm it, but it wouldn't surprise me. I would be a liar if I said I knew one way or another if Iraq is a stronger source for oil than Saudi Arabia, but traditionally its always been thought of that the Saudis had the bigger supply. I have no choice but to apply the same logic as to whether or not they were overstating their reserves, but I'll tell you one thing, I would have to agree with you when it comes to anything that particular cabinet (Bush/Cheney), or the Rupert Murdoch mind control network had to say about it lol. Although that isn't saying much since I don't believe any cabinet really functions autonomously, its all part of a bigger picture that the rest of us aren't in on.

      I appreciate you including the information on the banks, the number one thing I read all over the Internet was that no one could find anyone willing to purchase or exchange. I could see a pay off if things in Iraq drastically improved, but from what I've heard from people coming home is that its going right back into the hands of various undesirables the second we are all out of there, and going by some of the more recent footage I have seen come out, it seems like an accurate prediction. Even with our oil puppet networks installed, unless we were to do a more blatant takeover than we already have, I personally think Iraq will remain as it is for a very long time.

    • April 12, 2011 11:22 PM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam


      We are actually in agreement, and the dinar trade smear was wrong and Utah was simply attacking anyone who was exchanging dinar, and did't bother doing their due diligence, just painted with a broad brush all dealers as the same.  You will not find one complaint about dinar trade, and no, I do not work for them, but have known Ali for years since he is one of largest and most well extablished dealers, and soon, a bank in U.S. and has agreed to exchange for anyone at a flat rate of $150. when Iraq finally announces restoration of dinar to former value, whatever that may end up being. 

      Iraq invasion was just one of the biggest scams on the American taxpayers, total BS to think they were ever a threat to U.S., but then again, the call is war games for a reason, most wars are nothing more than a game for those in control.  Currently, we are facing world war III, the economic war which will bring us to our knees, and sooner than most think.  We are about to see the U.S. file bankruptcy again, and going into Libya is perfect example of how leaders play the game, distract citizens when the issue is really on brink of economic collapse.

      Personally, I will hold my Iraqi dinar and be much more secure than those with U.S. dollars in the bank.  With $15T deficit, no hard assets, as in gold or silver to back dollar, it is about to become worthless, so we will all see who wins in the end who hold dinar verses dollars at the end of year, but my bet is on dinar, 100 to 1. lol  Few understand the middle east, and to even thing we could force feed democracy down their throats is a joke.  Most already know our two party system is a disgrace, so to imply this broken system would work where there are three or more sectarian groups, which for all intents and purposes are parties, forget about it, it will never work.  They have hated each other since the beginning ot time, and this will never change, so what we see in Iraq is managed hate, and it could explode at any moment, and with the whole middle east in deep shit with revolution spreading like widlfire, Iraq with its massive wealth will be one of few not to see total revolution, but only if they spread the wealth like they have promised their people for years.  Talk is cheap, action is priceless, and I feel their hand is being called to revalue now, before a revolution emerges, so stay tuned, this is all about to come to an end, for we all know wealthy people do not blow themselves up, only poor repressed people revolt with violence, so we shall see. lol



    • April 13, 2011 12:23 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Oh man, you have opened up a chatter beast in me lol..

      First, I'd like to say excellent points, well stated and true. I'm not entirely certain as to how close we are to a collapse, but I will say we are most definitely on a very fragile spider web, and we are dependant on wayyy too many threads which we somehow manage to completely push without them snapping. As stated, war=control/profit for the powers that be, and I like the equation because it is a universal truth, whether you believe in the traditional oligarchy, democracy, New World Order, or Reptilian aliens lol, I think everyone agrees on that. There are still quite a few patriots that refuse to believe we are governed that way, but look at the world. We remain in a standoff with Korea, we are standing on the welcome mat with Libya, refusing to "officially" go to war, but much like Iraq, and countless other war zones throughout history, we have no problem supplying arms and training. Then we turn around and renounce war while pushing for peace, or at least our government controlled media does lol.

      If I were to make myself believe things are as they want us to think, and as most Americans do, I'd have to look at my government and think they were completely insane. Only a nut job would get involved in what could potentially be several simultaneous wars with countries who do have allies, and those allies also need resources. What kind of government can barely pay its own bills and still be willing to risk a complete collapse? The answer; one that knows, and has had planned for god knows how many years, exactly what its doing.

      As far as the DinarTrade, it is quite possible that DinarTrade themselves may do exactly what they say, and if that's the case, I can't exactly fault them. When I originally wrote the review, most of my research had to do with the concept itself, and that was without an onslaught of "scam". I wouldn't be honest if I didn't agree that its not exactly easy to find a complaint about the company itself. So maybe I'll consider my mind changed on that point. As to my friend, it was his wife's spending in regard to buying Dinar's that cause them to even lose their home, so again, I can't exactly blame DinarTrade, but at the time, I was seeing the entire movement as a whole, which wasn't exactly fair.

      Another excellent statement you made about force feeding democracy, and I couldn't agree more, although I think that was more what they wanted people to believe as opposed to what they were actually trying to do. 9/11 was a superb catalyst for the entire string of events in regard to public opinion, people wanted blood and they wanted it then and there, few people wondered what in the world Iraq had to do with any of it. Had those same people understood what the last 100 years of our foreign policy, mixed with western imperialism, mixed with multiple forms of repression do to groups of people, they would have had a much better understanding of the hatred they have had for us. That isn't to say I approve of violence or terrorism, but when you are dying because a machine is pressing down on you, what else do you have?

    • March 21, 2012 5:42 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      We are actually in agreement, and the dinar trade smear was wrong and Utah was simply attacking anyone who was exchanging dinar, and did't bother doing their due diligence, just painted with a broad brush all dealers as the same.  You will not find one complaint about dinar trade, and no, I do not work for them, but have known Ali for years since he is one of largest and most well extablished dealers, and soon, a bank in U.S. and has agreed to exchange for anyone at a flat rate of $150. when Iraq finally announces restoration of dinar to former value, whatever that may end up being. 

      Right now, the phone line to Dinar Trade goes to voicemail and asks people to email questions, and says they will not be answering phones until the Dinar is trading at over $10,000 per million.  The mailbox is full.

      The link to sell Dinar doesn't work, and the online agreement says they are not obligated to buy back any Dinar.

      Posts on other boards say that Dinar Trade is in hiatus. Is this true? 

      "After many years of service, Dinar Trade, Inc. has decided to take a temporary leave from the market. If there is a significant change in the value of the Iraqi Dinar (and/or the Vietnamese Dong), Dinar Trade, Inc. will reopen our offices for the active buying and selling of currencies."

    • April 13, 2011 1:45 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      I don't believe a word of this paranoid crap, what next, 911 was an inside job? You people are like parasites, and you have no idea just how crazy you sound and how damaging you are to the youth of this country, who are going to believe whatever you tell them because they are too busy playing video games and texting. The war was a mistake, there was no doubt about that, but the rest of the world has proven again and again to be an ungrateful mouth to feed for the United States, and its Allies. There were Weapons of mass destruction reported to former president Bush, and that was the piece of information that was unfortunately bad. This country spends billions of dollars every year just to confirm there is carbon on the moon, believe me there will be no economic collapse, not now, not soon, not ever. The United States dollar goes up and down but you can rest assured it will end up on top, it always does.

      You think you can live better anywhere else in the world you go right ahead and try. The thing that ruffles my feathers more than anything are all you tree huggers that lie and misrepresent half-assed facts in order to spread disinformation while simultaneously enjoying the freedom to say what you please and live without some 3rd world dictator violating you in multiple ways. What a terrible time it is to have to share a country with a bunch of ungrateful, un American commie want-to-bes. What else do you guys believe, that the government knows how to produce free energy but kills anyone who attempts to go public with it? Did you guys cheer when Wikileaks basically opened a wound in your own country in hopes of an infection? What in the world has happened to you that you have become so susceptible to home brewed propaganda?

      The oil companies keep your houses warm, your cars running and your stores open, so go buy something and be grateful. It's not called oppression, its called conquest, and much like natural selection, if a society can't evolve passed a certain point and does nothing but produce violence, bloodshed and filth, then let it die so a more useful one can make better use of it. That's how the world becomes a better place, whether you want to accept it or not. Oil.. please, do you think it was really that simple? That was only a benefit to establishing a more Western Iraq, they did the best they could with the information they had. Bush may very well go down as one of the most hated presidents we have ever had, and yet he sacrificed his legacy so that we wouldn't have to change our way of life.

    • March 21, 2012 10:53 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      If you were not aware, this morning a news report was released in Iraq that the new dinar would be printed, and the value was one dinar to one U.S. dollar, so obviously, Ali temporarily shut down operations as he was inundated with calls and emails over the this release.  Time will tell as it always does, but I do believe we are very close to seeing this revalue be put in place.





    • April 13, 2011 10:45 PM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      In the interest of avoiding a complete departure of multi level marketing as the main topic, I'm going to suggest a bit of a organization at least on my part, after all this is actually a discussion about DinarTrade and not personal political beliefs, so this will be my last post delving into this topic in order to clarify a few things in the process for you Travis lol. No one said anything about 9/11 being an inside job, I don't know what Mike's beliefs are on the subject but my general feeling is that it was worth some healthy questioning as anything is, but ultimately the evidence points to it being a legit event. There are a ton of people that are religiously insistent that it was all a set up, I'm not one of them.

      As far as your view of third world countries and they being "mouths to feed", you certainly seem to have a very high and mighty sense of self conservation when the worst of your problems is probably which AC will give you the best BTU's. In the end, when someone is suffering the ills of murder, starvation, or watching their daughter or wife be violated by a dictator's cronies in the street, isn't it worth focusing a bit harder on how to get the rest of the world to strive for the same quality of life, as opposed to trying to conquer and manipulate it? I have news for you sir, the world is changing rapidly, political and financial structures all over the world are declining. Jobs are being outsourced on a massive scale, what jobs are left will pay too little for most of you "BTU" types to bother with, and when you finally get desperate enough, they will already be taken by someone that didn't need an AC...and that someone will add up to 10 for every one of you since the population is literally exploding. Over time, there will no longer be nice neighborhoods vs ghettos, there will be stable areas and war zones.

      The United States is a shooting star, burning real bright but with a short life span. In a mere 235 years we have just about run ourselves dry, and have a divided, artificial, two party police state to show for it. So many people are all too busy complaining about a system they know hardly anything about, trapped in the belief that there is a difference between Libs and Cons, Reps and Dems, bickering about things that don't matter. How many Nuclear plants do we have here in the states, I know the number, do you? With our current financial state, how do you think we'd do with a submerged California, which is NOT Hollywood by the way, that is a matter of time. Meanwhile you go ahead and continue to worry about how patriotic our kids should be, or accuse others of telling lies when it is actually the truth.

      No war we have ever been involved in had much to do with anything but money, though I would love to give World War 2 the benefit of the doubt since our leaders didn't want to become part of Germany. It has been chaos and bloodshed that made America its riches, and that pattern hasn't changed, its just that our glorious leaders are getting involved in any situation that can yield profits. Meanwhile people like you sit on the sidelines with tears in your eyes about how the "spirit of America" is dying, and how Jimmy Joe Bob is dying in Iraq, for MY freedom., as if the two had anything to do with each other. If this makes me a hippy, so be it.

    • September 23, 2011 7:22 PM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Personally I don't think any of this is paranoid crap.  I am new on this message board and the reason I even found it was through someone else who said go here and read about the dinar.  My comment has nothing to do about the dinar though.  I think both of you are right.  But Travis I have to say that if you think this is all paranoia then you should do a little more research.  As for the 9/11 event ... I really think you should dig deeper on this issue.  The builders of those twin towers are in groups trying to make it known that there is no way in the world those towers could have fallen when taking in the consideration of where the planes went and the weight .. the materials used to keep the building from collapsing if half the building were damaged in an earthquake.  I have only believed in the U.S. all my life.  I have to say that over the past ten years I have noticed more and more distressing things to the point where "I am not afraid" I am just ready for anything.  There was a tape played by a person a very honest and pain stricken person which said very clearly ... let's bring it down.  Since this was at the area where the towers were on the day of the event and the conversation was between very important people, I have to give it some credibility.  I will not name any names nor will I suggest anything other than to stop reading from the American Newspapers and go to the little ones out of the country that don't have people hanging over their heads.  If you think our government is not corrupt on the highest level ... for your own sake start doing your homework.  No President has ever lived that has taken stance against the riches 2% of the people ... there is no government any longer .. I don't know what it is.  Even at the President's speech about the New Job item he's trying to get pushed through the house ... the people were swayed away from this topic by a threat that was supposed to have occurred right at that time.  Every single time something needs to be squashed, a threat of terror is put out there for all of us to swallow with a glass of water.  I have no reason to lie, be paranoid or even write this post other than the fact that there are facts out there you have to find them.  If you ever choose to look up and you have to look deep ... about the builder's who have rallied to try and prove the twin towers and the third building could not have crashed like they did you may get sick at your stomach.  Those buildings imploded, ALL of them, and as if they were on a demolition list of buildings to go down. Watch the tapes ... the ones we all sat and watch while our guts rolling around our stomachs.

      People have been arguing about the grassy knoll for how long?  We all thought we would get to hear the real truth after 50 years ... but it can't be told, it will never be told because the corruption of what our government really is would then be opened wide.  If we can go to a country and kill thousands of innocent people over a lie about weapons, do you not think things could be done here in our own country?  This would be like saying the killers have only the instinct to kill people far away when even our own presidents have to be protected from those who don't have a care of who dies.  If you believe in the bible and heaven then death is supposed to take you to a place of peace and happiness.  The religious people I know are terrified of death ... I myself believe that we definitely go to a better place but the bible may not be as accurate as everyone wants to believe.  If it were then there would be only one church.  I have studied them all so if you take a piece here and a piece there you can kind of put together a story that you like and make it a religion I guess.  I think if we do good, we help others and we think of ways to make someone's life better then we are doing the best we can in this life.  What I also believe is that I don't believe anything that I hear and not even half of what I see ... this just happened it's not like I asked to feel this way but I do and I know my thoughts are my own as well as yours thoughts.  If enough people really find out what is going on then maybe things can change.  What they teach our children now is a crime to me because it's the way that we are raised to believe these stories that makes it sad.

      I also know that at the end of September many rich and governmental people are going away for a vacation, a vacation that they are taking right after the summer vacation, you can see this very clearly online with a quick search.  I also know there is an anomaly on the 27th day of September which may cause maybe earthquakes, darkness for a few days I really don't know what will happen it's all speculation but something definitely will be newsworthy.  From what I understand many of the people are going to Colorado that are taking these vacations ... if I am correct the bunkers are in Colorado for the higher ups to go to if necessary.  If you don't want to believe things that are said then proof them wrong so that we don't have to be concerned.  I am concerned not so much for myself but for my kids and their kids ... how can I die knowing what I know?  Our basic instinct is to protect our family and I just don't see a way to do that at this time.  There are many people who just want to live, not a rich person's life but a life with a car and a home and the ability to pay their bills.  But there are rich people out there that only want more money and more power and they have to limit to what they will do to get it.

      I watched the documentary about the banks and all the powerful companies that destroyed things for us and how they all knew it and how they all got billions of dollars and how they ALL got OFF without any type of punishment of any kind and then I see that MOST of those people are now in office under Obama.  How does this happen?  Do they also know too much, do they also need to be around to do the next big thing?  I really don't have a clue and if I did search more than I have now I think I would ask to go to the moon it would be a much better environment than what we are living in now.  I can just convince myself that what happens happens and put my head in the ground like a lot of others but I don't know how to do that nor do I believe that to be good Karma.  To end this ... knowing this is a dinar post, I did buy dinar, my son bought some, not a lot of it and not really to make a quick buck, we have no idea if this will every pan out but with what the economy is here at this time and with all the money we make with nothing to back it up WHAT bigger risk am I taking to buy a dinar from a country that at least has something to back up their money with ... and that's if the U.S. doesn't somehow take over that too. We as a country have never left a country we have invaded or gone to war with or even state we are fighting the war to help the other people ... this is all a joke to think we will ever be entirely out of Iraq.  What country have we left that we went to war with?  At least the cost of buying Dinar's was a lot less than the cost of buying into all those investment companies that went under one after the other ... who made money from those businesses ??? The people who put them under ... not any of the hard working people who invested their whole life in them.  What difference is killing people overseas or in our own country with planes ... or throwing them out in the streets and taking the homes, cars, bank accounts leaving them with nothing absolutely nothing.  What about the people who dies in New Orleans,  all those needless deaths because of what?  Because they weren't rich people, they didn't matter and now with the way the market is each one of us could be homeless in the streets in a second.  How would you feel if you were one of those people and NO ONE cared.  Watching your family suffer and watching the banks get richer and get our tax money and our food off our tables.

      So you think this country is honest and trustworthy ... no, I think there is a lot of proof to show what the people who run this country really are and they aren't always the people you think they are ... they extend way past what we see in our government.

      I am still reading history one hard found piece at a time until I find the truth shouldn't you at least try to do this too?

    • March 22, 2012 12:02 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Other posts report the company ceasing operation in May of 2011.

      What happens to all the previously printed Dinars? Do they become worthless?

      Where is this news report you claim was released today? Are you claiming that Ali just shut down the operation *today* over this release?



    • April 14, 2011 1:43 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Well stated, too bad the masses of asses who vote are clueless about the truth behind government, it is always about greed, money and power, but hey, it is not worth the time to debate with those who have their heads up their asses in total denial that we are all in deep trouble.


    • September 24, 2011 12:58 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Sir, you picked a HECK of a discussion to jump into for your first post!  I've never read anything like this on these forums, and one of the best things about repspace is you can talk MLM, you can even disagree and everyone's typically respectful, and you can talk off-topic because of respect and it always comes back to the subject at hand!

      I, personally, will stay out of this thread.  When the conspiracy theories come out, I just need to be quiet.



      Jon R. Patrick

      Total Life Changes - Nutrition & weight loss products including the "Miracle Tea". Established & debt free with 700% Growth past 2 years and Binary comp plan on steroids! Weekly pay on fast start and residual with $40 order and NO Sign Up Fee! 

      Give Your Life Some TLC!

    • March 22, 2012 1:13 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      They did interupt doing business back in May due to threats, which were not made public, so few know where they were coming from at the time, but the bottom line is they came back online and if there was an issue at the time, it was apparantly resolved.

      There is just too much to lay out here, but in short, nothing happens to current dinar and value, the announcement indicated the two would be used into 2013 and that the larger notes, 25K and 10K as example would be phased out, similar to how the $100K U.S. notes were removed from circulation.  It was clear that there would be no withdrawal of the current notes from circulation, it would simply be a phase out given the fact no one would be carrying a 25K dinar when it would be worth expected $25K.  Shabibi, head of CBI has several times made this statement clear to citizens.

      Article is below, but be aware, translation software is sometimes difficult since they speak backwards to most of us, right to left, so often words are reversed from our usual speech pattern.



      Baghdad: Ahmed Naseer , a source in the Iraqi Central Bank about four companies currently competing to win the draft printing the new Iraqi dinar, which will generate graceful after deleting three zeros from it, as Samay central bank to raise the value of the dinar against the dollar gradually down to the day to start replacement where the value will be in the absence of a fluctuation of Iraqi dinars and one equivalent of U.S. $ one. The source continued that the Bank and after the Notice blockbuster to buy hard currency of the auction, which is supervised by the central, deliberately to sell the dollar worth less than the former by 3.4 points, with the imposition of conditions of purchase to prevent the exploitation of the market meet the demands of neighboring countries that suffer from economic sanctions and the devaluation of their national currencies, all of this to re-balance the domestic market, which saw and by what mentioned fluctuating rapidly in the price of the dinar, adding that everyone knows that the central bank managed to actually raise the value of the dinar in thoughtful and intelligent since 2003 until now that the price of the dollar equivalent to 240 dinars, but now the price tag rose to 1120 per dollar, and this is one of the most important tasks of the Central Bank, which is responsible for monetary policy in the country, and one of the most important endeavors is to raise the value of national currency to achieve purchasing power top for the Iraqi people. The Central Bank of Iraq announced, yesterday, about his buying and selling of the dollar price of 1166 dinars during the auction, which is evaluated every day with the participation of 23 banks, after it was sell it and buy it at the price of 1170 dinars to the dollar. Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, in statements to the media », that« the Bank worked to raise the prices of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar during its sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign exchange rate of four dinars and by 3.4% to up to 1166 dinars to the dollar », indicating that« the dinar nominal is not commensurate with the purchasing power him or the real price of the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar ». Saleh added that «the current account of payments of Iraq where a large surplus relative to GDP at a rate of 5-8%», stressing that «the surplus is the signal strength and not vice versa as well as the existence of large reserves of the Bank». Saleh pointed out that «the dollar exchange rates in the Iraqi market which recently experienced a slight increase will be affected by the decision of the Iraqi Central Bank », adding that« the Iraqi dinar will be attractive in the Iraqi market ». The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed earlier this year for efforts to obtain the approval of the executive and legislative branches to put in three categories significant after deleting three zeros from the Iraqi dinar, pointing out that the process of replacing the currency will take two years. As announced in favor of (January 6, 2012) for high reserves, Central Bank of Iraq from foreign currency to $ 60 billion for the first time in the history of Iraq, while confirmed its ability to curb inflation if it came to two places decimal places, it was considered that the current levels do not raise concern. It is noteworthy that the CBI is being daily sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currency except for public holidays on which depends in which of those auctions. the appearance of Mohammed Saleh confirmed by (citizen) that the volume of money supply to be printed soon consist of 28 30 billion dinars, with calculated that the currency currently in circulation to more than 32 trillion dinars, and you measure the size of Altrchiq which dominated the national currency, and the size of the benefits that will catch up with this project in terms of withdrawal of monetary inflation and reduce the amount of cash and other. source revealed in an interview (citizen) that the form of currency The new will be like a mirror reflecting the history of Iraq and specifications will be even better than printing the dollar, and are impossible to falsified, and will be charged properties artistic and aesthetic features of an Iraqi national tell a story of civilization and its achievements since the dawn of history, as well as it will carry both Arabic and Kurdish as the text of the Constitution provides that in addition to English language being a global system is applied in all countries of the world. He said the groups would be equal between the metal and paper, where will be issued a class (25, 50, 75 and 100) dinars categories metal and there are 5, 10, 25 and 50 and 100 dinars, and paper.

       Success to all,





    • October 3, 2011 3:51 PM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Yep, I picked a heck of a time to say something.  I don't know what is going on anymore and without a long story, I found out my sister is dying of Glioblastoma Mulltiforme (terminal brain cancer), Because of this I did a whole lot of searching and I found that 1 out of 3 people are diagnosed with cancer every year.  Numbers shot from 1 out of 10 in the 1950's to what we have now.  The reason for coming here was in search of the Dinar Trade scam ... I don't know if it's a scam, I can see logic on both sides of the scale. I can't seem to wrap my head around anything as being true and honest and at best can only pick the best of what?  Something is happening to people when cancer has become a major medical problem, yet the problem is making everyone money in the medical industry and I would like to know does ANYONE know why we are all getting cancer?  It has to be either the food we eat or the way we cook it, or what we use to cook it in, or how the product was grown or what the product/thing was fed, if it's from all the cloning ... everything gets messed with to make it bigger I don't get it.

      The other very troubling thing I found is that there is no deviation to the cancer treatments ... you get surgery "if possible" you get chemo and you get radiation.  This is the guidelines set by the FDA and any doctor who deviates from this plan is going to end up not having a license to practice medicine.  I had stumbled on a few things in my search to help my sister and without mentioning names of those items "I'm not advertising for anyone in other words" when we brought these up in front of doctors we were attacked with a barrage of  comments such as "you are crazy" or  "this is not part of the steps for cancer treatment"  "everyone wants to be a doctor without paying for the schooling" my favorite one was "yeah, we could all live in that dreamland" One doctor who seemed to care the most actually told us that he could not advise us to use this but thought all nutritional foods are good and to continue our program.  This was not a yes or no answer from a doctor but at least it was the best he could do under the guidelines he had to follow.  The food I am talking about is actually given as a cancer treatment in European countries.  Here in America I guess we get one size fits all and if someone is terminal why in the world would they want to let them spend their last few months on this earth in pain and agony from chemo and radiation?  This has been a hair pulling experience but a knowledgeable one at the same time.

      If this website it to discuss marketing of products this would be something way down the food chain if it were a food, since somewhere along the line it had to be processed, grown or treated by someone else so how would anyone know if its true or not true or that after 10 years it won't have a major impact on life as we know it?  Dinar Trade scam or not doesn't really matter it seems, since we can choose to believe almost anything and in the end it may not come out to be what it was promoted to be.

      I have bought lots of things that I thought were practical and useful and find out that they are not practical or useful and I am $100 dollars less rich for trying it.  As I read previously, try it, I see the commercials for "you get it free" just pay shipping and handling ... well that isn't really free is it?  Not only that the shipping and handling seems to be well above what shipping and handling should cost for a specific item and then since these are supposed to be big companies they do get S&H discounts from almost every postal service out there "SO ME THINKS" this is not a typo, that some items are not what they are marketed to be in fact they seem to be the opposite of the advertisement and hey don't forget, you can only buy refill from the maker... if that type of item is sold I mean ... even the plug-ins, have you noticed that not one of them will work with each other, so when you go to buy the product and then try to remember which one you bought you end up with a lot of plug in refills that don't work ... probably stupid to buy something without checking to see what it was you bought but have you ever tried to find the name on one of those plug ins?  It's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.  Just my thoughts ... products, foods, vitamins ... how does anyone really know what is and isn't real? Unless you made the item/product from scratch and you now exactly what it is made of without using some other marketed item to make it, this is the only way I could ever say someone knows what they are marketing.

      The way this works for most companies is that they get enough people to TRY IT making the first billion so if the product didn't do what it was supposed to then they have made well over their investment and there is no need to make it work  OR  they come up with a NEW and IMPROVED item.  Sometimes I want something to work so bad I even try the NEW AND IMPROVED ... nothing new or improved on my end ... but again on the companies end it was new money and improved I guess you could say it is NEW and IMPROVED for someone. What my point here is that nothing is what it really seems to be and anything can be said to make it sound good if it's blown way out of context but then again, I read that this is they way things are in advertising MY QUESTION IS WHY is that the way it is?  Why can't items be sold with truth, is this just all greed.  Does it matter that someone may get hurt buying something or that they may buy something with money they don't have because it might help them?  I don't get it.  Seems you could sell a whole lot more of good things that tell the truth about the product and keep a good business going than it is to lie to a million people just to get a one time sale.  Just my opinion.

    • October 3, 2011 11:34 PM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Sorry to hear about your sister, I have has a similar situation, so I know how you feel, and how powerless people feel when confronted with cancer and the traditional treatments in the U.S.  When a doctor says you are terminal, it may not be too late as many have found who researched and chose alternatives.

      In all these years and billions put into cancer prevention, treatments have not changed one bit other than improvements in the radiation technology, but chemo is the same, and although it may save some from cancer, it subjects them to total immune system breakdown, so depending on age, you are in for a rough life even if you beat the first round of cancer.

      Having researched this for years, you have to start by learning why our immune systems are breaking down over the years allowing more and more to be subjected to cancer. It all comes down to our immune systems, and the reasons we are losing the battle to cancer, not winning it. Why, just look around, it is simple, over processed foods for one, everyone must learn to read the labels, stay away from all the ingredients which have undermined our immune systems for decades with the blessing of the FDA.  It is no wonder why people don't trust anyone any more, too many lies in the industry, especially when it comes to health.

      MLM companies have been overblowing the results of their products for years, so this makes it worse for those who research alternative health products since traditional medicine wants to protect their billion dollar goose that laid the golden eggs.  Why else would these drug companies pay off the FDA all these years to protect their industry, it is all about greed, the American way.  With all the alternative treatments out there, as well as nutritional date that supports our health, not destroys it, we see the FDA raiding raw dairy farmers more and more, attacking companies with safe alternative treatments, it is war on these people, and you have to ask, why?  Simple, greed over and over again.

      You need to research and search out Germany cancer treatments where a new treatment of heating your body to simulate how your natural immune system works when you get sick and get a fever to fight off illness and infections.  Fevers are good, if monitored closely, and this treatment kills the most aggressive cancers and tumors while not destroying your healthy cells like radiation and chemo do, never mind not make you feel like dying which is another reason why so many give up when confronted with tradiional treatment, they feel like dying because they begin to look like they are dying.  The will to live is important, and radiation and chemo kills the spirit in most which offsets what traditional medicine is suppose to help.  It is no wonder more are dying of cancer given this treatment makes so many feel like dying.

      In my sisters case, I educated her so she could make the best decision for her.  You cannot force people to seek alternatives, and because the FDA has not approved this induced fever treatment, and I don't expect they ever will given the narrow minded and power of the status quo in medicine, as well as greed as cancer treatment industry is multi billion dollar a year industry, so they would never want to see a treatment costing only a thousand or so depending on where you go to upset their cash cow.  Simply put, fever is good, it is natural, and raising your bodies temperature when monitored is totally safe, not like radiation and chemo which is never safe or good for our bodies. Cancer cells die under high heat, as well as when subjected to higher levels of oxygen, proper pH treatments and so many other natural alternatives, so research these breakthroughs before it is too late. 

      I will bet your sister drank a ton of diet soda or regular soda daily, overloaded on high fructose corn sugar, processed sugar products, enriched breads, lack of fresh vegetables, too much meat, not enough fish, not enough sun, or vitamin D year around, and this is just to name a few choices most people are clueless about.  There are so many healthy alternatives to boost your immunne systems everyone should be utilizing, organic produce, greenfed beef, raw dairy products, and stay away from corn fed beef, commercial corn, seek out pesticide and chemical free foods, they are out there, so this is preventative health alternative industry which is what I promote, not miracle cure pills, but back to basics, and fortunately a few MLM's are springing up to educate people about proper nutrition through what we eat and what we should not eat.  Visit and register for free with Beyond Organic Insider to futher your education on proper nutrional issues.

      Wealth WIthout Health is Worthless,  






    • October 4, 2011 12:00 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Hello everyone.

      Please allow me to take a quick second and route this thread down yet another side street by giving a big shout out to Wallace and Rick. ( What's up guys? Good to see you again)

      Now, that is settled.............. Back to business.

      As far as this goes, if Dinar trade is trying to form some kind of a business out of the exchange of currency????? I'm yelling scam. It's just a bad idea.  (My opinion)

      I have mixed feelings on the purchase of Dinar.  i am currently in the middle east deployed as a civilian contractor. (explains my absence from the threads) and YES, i have trucked it on down to Gulf Exchange and picked myself up some that sweet "funny money". NOW THEN, do I advise it as a viable long term investment strategy????? NO.

      But I do know this, As i type this, I am sitting next to a co-worker who in Iraq 2 years ago was paying 500 a million. Now, the price is close to 1000 a million. Sounds like progress to me.

      Yes, Iraq is war torn. Yes, it is a large crap hole. BUT............... It does still have the opportunity to rise back up (Like Kuwait did) and redeem itself and currency in the world market. The infastructure is being rebuild as we speak and all of the worlds oil companies are there, dumping billions into the infastructure. Once again.............. Sounds like opportunity.

      At the end of the day. Who on this thread hasn't wasted 400 to 500 bucks on something that is more than likely collecting dust in your garage????? I know I have.

      So, maybe I'll turn 500 into 500,000. Maybe not. But at least I have some cool looking currency......

      Thanks Guys......

    • October 4, 2011 12:43 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Good points,

      No doubt, no one knows how the Iraqi dinar will pan out in the end, but like you said, who hasn't thrown away $500. before on worse investments than the dinar.   As to Dinar Trade, I don't know why it was even under an MLM thread to start, for it was never sold as an MLM.  There were a couple attempts to use MLM model to sell dinar, but they both failed as far as I know.  One such deal was back in 2003 called Free-Dinar as I remember, and it lasted barely a year and then vanished, but no one lost money that I had heard about having followed it, so I don't know what happened, but I suspect the supply of dinar was an issue as things tightened up in 2004. 

      Either way, most have not lost any money if they were in it from 2004 timeframe for as in the case of me, most were purchased in low $600. range for uncirculated, and under $600. for cirulated, so time will tell, but as most know, the current free market is north of $1200. and has been for a couple years. Will it ever be restored to former value, well, not to believe the pumpers out their, but when Shabibi, head of CBI states the Iraqi dinar will be returned to former value, and remain the strongest currency in the region, you have to listen.  Now he didn't say it would happen instantly, so we don't know if it will be done in stages or back to $3.32 to dollar overnight, but it will happen.  I personally feel we will see initial revalue before end of year, but only at the rate of one to one at best, meaning each dinar will be worth what one dollar is currently worth.  I don't think it will go to the full restored value of $3.32 range for the next two years.

      Simply put, no one can deny the dinar was devalued when U.S. invasion took out Saddam, so what was devalued should revalue as I see it once currency is stablized, and no other currency I know of has been more stable than the Iraqi dinar over the past several years, not even the U.S. dollar which has lost over 20% of value over past decade.  The only reason it is moving back up currently is due to EU about to collapse, and with Germany about to bring back the Mark, this will send the death signal for EU currency, so stay tuned, there are some real interesting things happening which should bode well for those holding dinar.  Personally, I would rather be holding dinar than any other currency in these difficult economic times.  I went into this dinar trade for long term retirement strategy, not for a fast buck like many others were promoting.  Dinar Trade never hyped up potential, they simply made the dinar available to those who did their own due diligence, never made any false promises, and always delivered on every order made, so how anyone can claim it is a scam is beyond me.  It is a risk, like all investments, but in this case, as I saw it, a very minimum risk, and it was proven I was right having doubled my money since purchasing my dinar.  Not great, but looking at the stock market turmoil, commodities like gold up and then dropping a $100. like a rock, is any investment more safe than the Iraqi dinar, not as I see it, but to each their own.  As I said months back, we will all know who was right and who was wrong eventually, and with a few more months left in the year, stay tuned. lol

      Success to all, 





    • June 21, 2013 8:30 AM PDT
    • DinarTrade Scam

      Almost reminds me of a "Pump and Dump"  Ever get that email that tells you to invest in a penny stock with a predicition that this stock will be worth several dollars in the next couple days?  Then you go look at the stock and you see that it is going up.  You buy the stock yourself and it continues to go up but then all of a sudden "BOOM" it crashes and now your stock is worthless.


      The stock market roller coaster can be very dangerous.  Especially if the dollars invested are ear marked for retirement.  Down load our Free E-Book "The Retirement Miracle" written by best selling Author Patrick Kelly at:

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