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    • December 14, 2009 4:25 AM PST
    • DubLi Scam

      Here is the info I gathered on DubLi and the DubLi reverse auction:

      DubLi operates in the US, but their domain is registered to an address in Denmark. They operate in the US under CEO and Founder Michael Hansen.

      The DubLi Reverse Auction lotteries - there is no way to tell if this is legit, or rigged by the operators. Their dislaimer gives them the right to ban you at any time, even if you have auction credits. The reverse auction title is a bit misleading. On DubLi, buyers compete to get the lowest price. In theory, the price of the item is offset by the purchase of the credits used to make the bids on the item. It's really a gamble.

      You are required to buy Dubli points that are part of the advertising packages you use to recruit more promoters ( who in turn buy Dubli points to recruit more DubLi associates and so on ).

      According to one site:

      DubLi claims to be the competition to eBay, but:

      DubLi uses a pyramid model and sells gambling tokens called “DubLi credits”.
      DubLi doesn’t even register when you compare traffic analysis.
      DubLi gets .026% the number of visits that eBay gets; to put it another way, if you add up all the traffic they each get, eBay gets 99.97% of all that traffic.
      What competition? The two organizations have completely different markets.

      My questions on determining if this is all a DubLi Scam:

      Does the company have a US office? On their website, in their terms of service, this is the contact info:

      (1) If you are a consumer, you can cancel your contract statement, without specific reasons, within two weeks after receiving items or purchasing Credits. To ensure the revocation period, a notice of cancellation, or the goods, must be sent in due time. Cancellations can be sent to:

      DUBLICOM Ltd.
      17 Gr. Xenopoulou Street
      3106 Limassol

      (Cypress? This is a HUGE RED FLAG )

      Do they deposit funds in a US Bank? ( If they don't it makes it impossible to recover anything should the FTC or another agency determine they are a Pyramid, and shut them down )


    • December 14, 2009 5:26 AM PST
    • DubLi Scam

      August regarding your questioning if this is a Dubli scam, the only other information I have been able to come up with at this time is that they appear to have global offices and warehouse-distribution centers. The headquarters of is in Cyprus. products are warehoused and distributed for the North American market by DubLi Logistics from Phoenix, Arizona. The EU products are warehoused and delivered from Berlin, Germany by Lenox GmbH (Ltd.). DubLi's US parent company LLC (Holding) resides in Wilmington, Delaware.

      DubLi Logistics LLC (Logistics North America)
      Trolley Square, Suite 20 c
      Wilmington, DE 19806
      USA LLC (Holding)
      702 West Street
      Wilmington, DE 19801

      I have been unable to find anything thus far regarding a US bank, I will do more research and if I come up with anything I will share it here.




    • December 15, 2009 6:42 AM PST
    • DubLi Scam

      Your information about and DubLi Network is totally wrong. DubLi is a USA publicly traded company and is not a Network Marketing or MLM company. Independent Business Owners purchase their own DubLi Shopping portal that includes the world's largest Rewards Shopping Mall with the world's best known Retailers and Online Store totaling over 1,500 Merchants and growing every day. In addition to the Mall, DubLi has reverse auctions where consumers have the opportunity to bid the price down on the most popular products and gift cards sold online. All the products are new and purchased by DubLi and with a starting price guaranteed to be the lowest price online. If the consumer finds a lower price, the buyer gets an additional 10% discount.

      There is no membership fee to join DubLi and consumers save up to 98% on their purchase and earn reward rebates up to 30% on every purchase they make in the Mall. My company DubLi Shopping Consultants offers free personal shopping training and free customer support. We teach our customers how by shopping in the Auctions and Mall they pay almost nothing (Zero $$$) and in some cases earn money on their purchases. I invite you to register for FREE as my customer and I will send credits to try out the Auctions and take you on a personal Shopping Tour and Training.

      Please click on these Press Releases to Learn the Truth about DubLi

      DubLi Pulls Off Non-Plus-Ultra - The Reverse Auction Company Does A Reverse Merger!

      The DubLi Factor | DubLi Online Auctions

      DubLi Sets Shopping Portal Open Date for Australia & New Zealand

      Cynthia Mittelsteadt

    • December 15, 2009 8:25 AM PST
    • DubLi Scam

      Hi Cynthia,

      DubLi is MOST DEFINITELY a network marketing company. Commission are paid for referring new members. The commission structure is multi level.

      Hence: Network Marketing / Multilevel Marketing.

      As far as being a publicly traded company - DubLi appears to have done a reverse merger with MediaNet. They didn't start off as a company that grew and went through all the processes to become public. They bought or merged with another company, and doesn't necessarily lend legitimacy to DubLi ot the DubLi network just because now there is "Dubli Stock".

      That's a hoax that's been used in MLM going all the way back to TravelMax.

      Not to say DubLi is a hoax, but, I get really wary when people start spinning events like this into 'facts' that are somehow suppsed to substantiate the legitimacy of a company. 

      And again, the DubLi MLM is definitely an MLM.



    • January 1, 2013 12:12 AM PST
    • DubLi Scam

      Dubli is NOT the "worlds largest"  rewards shopping Mall. Dubli is simply an affiliate shopping site that uses a 3rd party affiliate company that many other companies use. They may or may not have price comparrison technology. The retailers have no idea they are in business with Dubli, There is no direct relationship there.

       There is only ONE company in the Direct sales industry that has direct relationships with the retailers. They have over 3500 stores with price comparrison, true cashback from 2% to 55%, mobile barcode scanning and a myriad of other technologies, gift registries, e-gifts, one-cart shopping etc..  17million to 70 million unique visitors per month use the site. There is no other company to date, including Amazon, that has the technology to capture and price compare this many products and services and they OWN the technology. They also lease the technology out to Amazon, and most of you major retailers so in part they are the owners of Amazons technology.  They have an auction site that operates as an auction just like ebay does without pay to play. They also have over 700 full time employees and a few hundred IT people that operate out of a 300,000 square foot facility on 60 acres for expansion that they OWN. The company is 20 years old and has never had a down quarter of growth. They have retained 70% of every rep that has ever gone to work with them. Their IDS shows approx. 50% of ALL reps earn an income above operating expenses and the average pay of a rep who has filled out their paperwork showing they have recruited 2 people and made some sales (at least one time) over a 3 month span is over $76,000/yr.. Same corporate team since day one. No bad Press, Never had a legal issue and never will. 

      As far as I know  this company (not Dubli) is the only one that also pays the distributors a commission on the "affiliate" products that have cashback attached to them. I have not found a company yet that pays cashback or rewards to the consumer AND pays a commission to the distributor at the same time.

      You see, in short the only thing that Dubli and the 100 others just like them can live on is Gimmick, hype and the bogus "first one in" mentality.  Its the innovators and the company leading the parade in these trends and technologies that win the prize, rather than some cookie cutter, computer templated, cyber imitation of the real thing. Its a computer generated money game, nothing more. To try to pass Dubli (or any of the 100s of others just like them) off as something more than just some replicated, computer generated money game is utterly rediculous. It takes a full time staff of at least 500 people to compete with the big dogs in e-commerce.

      Im sorry if this sounds a little harsh. I applaude anyone for trying to make a difference for themselves and their families. It just get a little annoying when people just freely believe what they are being told rather than doing any fact checking before they repeat it. If it was a real company they would be fined for false advertising. The way out of getting penalized for false claims is to use independent reps as scapegoats. 

    • January 25, 2011 2:08 AM PST
    • DubLi Scam

      Dubli seems to be growing. Whether there is a "Dubli scam" is anyone's guess at this point. They bought BSP Rewards so they could market to their database.

      The question is if the Dubli reps consider there is a Dubli Scam, and if they are getting paid out based on their efforts to help grow the company.

      Dubli is probably an acquisition model and if they are bought by another publisher all the reps will be left in the dust and will definitely think it's a scam.

    • February 2, 2011 10:19 PM PST
    • DubLi Scam

      JangoMan - are you in any way involved with Dubli? I got involved through a business associate back in 2008 when they were still in Europe.

      I 'invested' based on the prospectus, which, in retrospect, was a foolish thing to do. My shares have yet to be issued as the new corporation stock after the merger with MediaNet in Oct 2009. The SEC required a process that takes 18 months, so I can't sell until Feb 2012. Since then, I've had to watch the stock drop in value 80%.

      The traffic relative to other similar "bid type" websites, is almost non existent. If you check  sites like Quibids and have traffic in the 2-3 million per month range, while Dubli barely registers in the US. I know of no business associates who have made money from the actual business model of customers buying products. So, you decide. They may be growing all over the world, but the model so far is one of signing up associates, who make money from signing up associates. I think there is a definition of this.

      How they became a public company is by back door maneuvering.  They now own, through MediaNet, the BSP rewards websites, of which there are several.I don't see them succeeding unless they do in fact buyout other auction sites, or merge with them, as they are 'public' and may be appealing to the other companies in that respect. They are not focused on customer acquisition, so I don't see what else their model could really be about. The business associates, at least to date, are all being used.

    • February 3, 2011 1:00 AM PST
    • DubLi Scam

      No, I'm not involved with Dubli. I got the pitch two years ago when they were trying to sign up new reps for huge dollars for Dubli credits or whatever they were called. I thought the whole thing was a scam and just a giant frontload effort to take money from new reps and give nothing but digital tokens in return.

      The site was top notch and looked great but it was all frosting no cake. The back door reverse merger game is nothing new. It just benefits the owners. And like the Dubli auction, the only one driving the stock are Dubli members. Reps like you never get to actually trade their shares until the owners have sold off millions of shares and the value is in the crapper. Can't have all those pesky reps dumping their stock and bringing down the price.

      There's no market for the Dubli auctions and no real world market for the Dubli stock. Today's trading range is .14 to .15 cents with a total volume of 12,790 shares and an average daily volume of 65,695 shares. That's barely $9,000 a day in trades. Not much of a market at all.

      Sorry to hear you got burned by the DubLi scam.

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