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    • April 26, 2010 1:01 PM PDT
    • 360 Degrees Scam LockYourSpot

      I just started seeing ads for this the other day. Ads touting "Mike Potillo Billionair Marketer" and I've never heard of this guy. Been around the industry a while. Never heard a peep about this billionaire.

      Some research turned up several questionable deals the last few years that he's been pitching - Guru Cruise, Vitamark, Crave Energy Drink -- wondering where he made the 'billions'.

      I signed up under the link for the free 'prelaunch' :  - at but can not find a single thing about what the company is launching.  I also could not find a way to log back in, since it never asked me for a password, so I can not log back in. And it never sent a confirmation email -

      The login fills in the password for you, but you can't see it. Once in, all you see are blacked out vague bios with no names - except for Mike Potillo - who as far as I can tell is just some shill for whatever deal is going on at the moment.

      Could this be an elaborate scam to harvest valid email addresses? Who knows, just seems really really lame to me.

    • May 7, 2010 11:47 PM PDT
    • 360 Degrees Scam LockYourSpot

      The company that has been transformed into 360 is Cyberwize.

      They have sold out to Potillo and a group of Mexican NM players of dubious origin

      If past records are anything to go by the Potillo is set to slash, burn and pillage this company

      affording a rich harvest for the top guys and leaving the original company Independent executives as lambs to the slaughter that is

      dressed as Lock your Spot. These sign up downline figures are worthless unless all the guys then stomp

      up buy-ins to the company. We all know how likely free turns into spend spend spend...

      The upline rewards for this will be cents or percentages of cents.

      You are right to feel it is a harvesting list building operation. It is. The razamatazz on the 15th May will herald

      a lot of Ra Ra but soon people will find out its true depth.

      From being a new venture launch it has turned into a soft launch for real one in Jan/Feb 2011.

      Conveniently approx a year ahead.


      People should really do their due diligence though Potillo is good at covering his tracks

    • November 27, 2010 3:31 AM PST
    • 360 Degrees Scam LockYourSpot

      Vitamark is an excellent company with a great reputation. Their products are top of the line. Crave Energy Drink is awesome and one of my favorite products.

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