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    • November 19, 2011 12:20 AM PST
    • EnviroTabs Scam

      I'd like to repost just the relevant portions to the patent stuff from another thread. The negative words you use probably intended to mean the post, not the fact the patent is "hidden."

      Cited Repost:

      It has been suggested the patent is international in NZ, therefore "does not apply" to the US. Actually I think the World resolves such disputes, vies a vie Nikken vs. Amway over magnets. Nikken had the Japan patent and Amway owned similar in US. Truth is, both apply - and don't necessarilty threaten each other if they were designed in parallel. At least to my understanding.

      It occured to me that we can't find the patent because GFG was purchased and renamed from a prior company (before the affiliate program), which means unless we want a trip to the county (in the state of) origin's clerk, we may not find it - No former name, no information for patent. Not paying a P.I. until this stuff stops working. ;)

      New Thought - Since my last post (5 mins), I thought up another idea: What if the patent is being licensed from scientists or another entity? Sounds like contract is a 'ghost' reason to avoid - but frankly easier to explain than corporate strategy. MLMs tend to simplify rather than provide real insight in management & legal decisions. Who hasn't worked for a company where HR's reason to fire someone on paper isn't the real scoop? Sometimes the real reason is necessary but looks like crap on paper. Legal defensibility is not reasonability!  Bottom line: Hard to duplicate jurisprudence, and negativity (along with rumor on ignorant interpretation/opinion) catches like wildfire.

      Thanks for the insight and perspective! Suspicion is the better part of caution. The question of the day "is the hidden reason valid?" The public reason is truly irrelevant for sure. MLM with a grain of salt, as you prescribe, Sir. :)

    • January 12, 2012 5:25 AM PST
    • EnviroTabs Scam

      Read all the previous posts.  All I hear is yap, yap, yap and still no "I tried it and it works/doesn't work".

    • February 22, 2015 5:28 AM PST
    • EnviroTabs Scam


      After all these years since original post and BS about gas additives, POOF, gone with the wind like all such magic gas pills before EnviroTabs.  They are all the same, they hype and BS about how great the product is, and many will fall for it, but in the end, they are all the same, scams.

      If people could or would have a way to accurately track their MPG, like installing a ScanGuage as example, then they would see the truth, these gas pills and additives do not work.  Some additives have proven to work initially only because of the cleaning of carbon and injectors from engine, but this is only an initial improvement, and using these additives in every tank of gas does nothing more once any carbon buildups are removed.

      Simply put, those with high mileage vehicles may see the most improvements depending on product, and I have evaluated them all, and none enhance miles per gallon more than first couple tanks depending on engine condition.  In almost every case the people stop buying additives once they see no real results, most simply think they are getting more MPG, but without accurate ScanGuage, it is wishful thinking at best given the income opportunity. Take away the income opportunity, and people will not see any increase in MPG. Human nature, and why placebo factor works on so many people, because they want to believe it.

      Having evaluated every product on the market, gas additives only work to clean carbon and injectors, and this will help some vehicles improve MPG, just as all the commercial retail products which have been around for years like STP, LUCAS, RESTORE, etc. The only products I have evaluated which increase MPG and performance, as well as extend engine life are oil additives, not fuel additives.  Reduce friction, increase MPG and performance, simple as it gets, and several such oil additives work great at improving MPG and performance.

      I use a ceramic based protective coating which amazingly cuts engine friction like no other I have evaluated and researched. Yes, they also make a gas system cleaner, as well as a whole line of protective waterproof nanotechnology based coatings, so check out the video demonstrations and see for yourself. Once you do your due diligence, you too will be amazed at the results which are instant, no waiting or guessing. Watch the videos, simple amazing results.


      Success to all,





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