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    • September 1, 2010 7:34 AM PDT
    • FHTM Complaints

      FHTM Complaints have led to the company being subject to massive fines and shut downs in various states.

      Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing will be paying $1 million to settle allegations that it was operating a pyramid scheme in Montana.

      FHTM ( Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing ) encountered new legal troubles this week as the state of Montana ordered the company to cease doing business in the state, and accused FHTM of being a pyramid scheme.

      FHTM's first issue was with the North Dakota Attorney General. According to company press releases, the issue was minor and was cleared up quickly.

      Unfortunately, when complaints like these start to mount, it usually leads to a deluge of complaints from consumers in other states, as well as people seeking FHTM refunds, and can typically cripple or close a company.

      I personally know one FHTM distributor who tried to recruit a close friend of mine, shortly after the North Dakota FHTM complaint was filed. I told the friend to sit tight, and see how it all shook out before putting any money in the deal. The person giving him the pitch told him he was working with a top earner in North Carolina ( funny how they're all top earners ) and it was important to get into FHTM immediately before the massive company growth they were projecting.

      My friend held off, and when he checked back with the recruiter, the recruiter had not earned a dime and was looking at other businesses. 


    • September 4, 2010 11:52 PM PDT
    • FHTM Complaints

      Thanks for posting that, it actually gave me a bit of a push to hold out on a possible prospect of my own, just to give it a little time and see what happens. Its interesting to hear stories like this, because it makes you wonder whether an opportunity is going to make a killing or leave you killed. I think in this case, any company paying off allegations is by that very situation; something to stay away from. Apparently they are in a much better place than the Oriflame reps in Iran however. They will likely be there for a very long time, and I highly doubt the conditions of an Iranian prison are anything like ours here in the states.

      Companies like FHTM likely have a better understanding of how their activities will catch snags like Montana, and avoid places where the laws can not be bent or "Lawyered" out of, such as Iran. I have a friend who got involved with FHTM and he did manage to get back his initial investment but he defined it as a pyramid scheme and left the program briefly after joining. Most of the reviews I read suggest the same thing, and I would not find myself in a position to advocate the company in any way, but I also have no experience with the company and would be basing it on my research. In any event, thanks for sharing.

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