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    • September 8, 2011 8:11 AM PDT
    • Fuel Direct Review

      Fuel Direct Review

      Fuel Direct is a division of NatureRich. If you are trying to find information on Fuel Direct, you won't be able to view their corporate website unless you click on "Join Now" on one of their reps' replicated websites.

      Fuel Direct sells Xp3, a fuel additive that the company claims increases fuel efficiency, reduces toxic emissions and increases engine life. The first problem I see with this company is the product. This is a very crowded category in the MLM arena, and there is no scientific proof that these fuel additives work. However, each company can provide plenty of "testimonials" as to the efficiency of their additives, and if you get on the Fuel Direct website you can read theirs and decide for yourself if this is a legitimate product.

      The other potential problem with Fuel Direct is that they require you to personally sponsor 2 new reps before you can participate in their compensation plan and collect commissions. Also, if I understood the convoluted explanation on their website, you need to keep recruiting new reps in order to continue to collect commissions. Also, you have to personally purchase product each month to remain eligible, so I would infer that your commissions also rely on the people below you in your matrix purchasing product each month as well. A company that requires reps to spend $239 to join and then requires them to recruit new reps in order to be paid is a red flag for me.

      Michael Schlegel is the founder of NatureRich, which was formerly The Master's Miracle. The Master's Miracle was shut down when the FDA got involved. You can read the details here: Just something to think about.

      Now that I've done as much of a Fuel Direct review as is possible from the small amount of information I was able to find on the web, is Fuel Direct a scam? I can't form an opinion one way or another based on the information I can find. However, I think anyone considering joining this company should do some serious research before shelling out hundreds of dollars to join. We all know what happens to MLMs that rely on recruiting new reps. The only people who make a lot of money are the company founders and the reps who get in at the very beginning. By the time other people get on the bandwagon, the momentum is already starting to die and the money is starting to dry up.

    • September 8, 2011 8:02 PM PDT
    • Fuel Direct Review

      Thanks, good job as always.

      One quick question, if you're considering joining one of these 'fuel additive' mlm's - why this one with the red flags? We've got reps here with Syntech and EnviroTabs providing great information about their companies.



      Jon R. Patrick

      Total Life Changes - Nutrition & weight loss products including the "Miracle Tea". Established & debt free with 700% Growth past 2 years and Binary comp plan on steroids! Weekly pay on fast start and residual with $40 order and NO Sign Up Fee! 

      Give Your Life Some TLC!

    • October 14, 2012 5:14 PM PDT
    • Fuel Direct Review

      You should get all your fact right before you post FALSE information about Fuel Direct online!!!  Sound like you work for the Gas companies!!!!!!!!

      An individual does not have to join to buy as a Retail Customer!  And if you would like to become an Independent Distributor, you may join for as little as $109 and start making money helping others to save on the High Gas Prices at the pump!!!!!!!  A distributor does not need to have "2 reps" to make money, as you stated.  However, a Distributor can give themselves a pay raise, if they have at least 2 reps.

    • September 9, 2011 5:40 AM PDT
    • Fuel Direct Review

      If I was inclined to join a Fuel Additive MLM - and more new ones are on the way - the last one I would join would be one run by someone with a history of government actions against their company.

      The reviews here on Syntech and EnviroTabs have been very informative, and responsive to many of my sometimes abrasive questions, but I remain a skeptic as to what separates these products from similar products I can purchase for less, with the same promised results, at Pep Boys or AutoZone.

    • November 4, 2011 6:22 AM PDT
    • Fuel Direct Review

      What is difference?

      The real difference is where the company first started and their why.  The product that Fuel Direct is using has been around for 23 yrs first used in Brazil. The product was used to control water in diesel and Ethanol by means of dispersing. Diesel engines and turbines required a more stable diesel product which would be used for many hours. Diesel gums up and builds soot very easy with change in temperatures so Xp3 was manufactured with the following goals. 

      Extend the life of the engine by dispersing water, improving combustion by stabilizing the fuel. Clean injectors by breaking down soot and other contaminates, control ethanol bacteria, holdup fuel oxidation and lower emissions.

      Xp3 was sold to increase engine life and reduce emissions - Fuel Savings is an added benefit after it does everything else it was meant to do.

      Because of it success the company made other products such as  industrial grade glues, anticorrosive coatings, degreasers, oil anti frictions treatment please industrial grade grease lubricants. 

      Some of the technology in Xp3 was designed from other works the company was working on.

      In 2010 Fuel Direct was created to bring Xp3 to the Consumer Market for the first time in 22 yrs. 

      The product itself speaks for itself and the company has shown over and over in video trial how other known products on the market that you can pick up in the store. Do not even come close to what it can do. Many MLM look for exclusive products to sell...nothing like anything else on the market. Fuel Direct is one of those companies and the more people use Xp3 the more see that their scepticism changes to believe. 

      If you would like to try the product, let me know or contact your local Fuel Direct rep.

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