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    • February 24, 2011 1:16 AM PST
    • Gene Ursua Spam

      Same here. Gene Ursua started sending me the same email using the CC line so everyone in his spam can then spam everyone else. Now I'm getting junk mail from dozens of sources.

      This one loser mde my email account unusable. Is that a facebook photo? This spamming toolbag is a member of the US armed forces? Send him to Iraq.

      I'm getting spam from this Toolbag too.

      He's promoting "GlobalVIPLaunch" which has no info, no address, no names, just a bunch of lemmings signing up because of a fear of loss about being involved in the next big thing.

      I'm filing a CAN SPAM complaint. I'd complain directly to Global VIP Launch but they don't have any contact info on their smoke and mirrors website.


    • April 2, 2013 6:05 AM PDT
    • Gene Ursua Spam

      Looks like lame spammers never die, they just hide under a rock for a while then come back with more spam.


      Gene Ursua is at it again. Gene Ursua the Spammer. 


      Looks like GlobalVIPLaunch didn't work out so well. Now, Gene is email spamming and also spamming my blog form with his links to Pure Leverage prelaunch. The blog form spam is really weak, it's like submitting a support request but instead you dump your lame prelaunch link into the form and your reply email.


      (yeah Gene Ursua, I removed your ID so you won't get any benefit from this link ).



      Reply to:


      Once again, P*SS OFF GENE URSUA.

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