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    • February 9, 2011 1:08 AM PST
    • GlobalVIPLaunch Spam

      I am getting spammed by a jerk named Gene Ursua from GlobalVIPLaunch. I never asked for information on this questionable company and now I cant get him to stop sending me crap from his yahoo address. I looked at the stupid site and theres no product stuff or executive stuff just a sign up form. LAME.

      Subject: Business for Our Organization




      A Multi Billion Dollar Company will soon open their Network in 30 countries at once this coming March 2011. We are the first ONE who will start this business in the whole world.


      1. You don't have to leave the Network or Organization you are in. I know lots of friends who have more than one Networking Business.

      2. Let's construct an ALLIANCE making us one and aiming for one purpose.

      We will create a Group of Companies.

      3. Philippines will be included in the list in the future. Start getting friends



      now by FB, Twitter and emailing your contacts.

      4. They originated from a GIANT FEDERATION/Companies who will make a

      NEW Networking Generation.

      5. If you get 20 in the 1st month, and that 20 will sponsor 20 in the 2nd month

      in the 3rd month you will have an amazing 8,000 affiliates enough to make

      you a millionaire in 3 years time.


      Please HELP me pass and forward this opportunity to your friend and contact.




      Gene Ursua Add me in Facebook and Twitter.


      Please Click and Navigate in the Link below.


    • February 9, 2011 3:53 AM PST
    • GlobalVIPLaunch Spam

      Same here. Gene Ursua started sending me the same email using the CC line so everyone in his spam can then spam everyone else. Now I'm getting junk mail from dozens of sources.

      This one loser mde my email account unusable. Is that a facebook photo? This spamming toolbag is a member of the US armed forces? Send him to Iraq.

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