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    • April 8, 2011 5:21 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      Just got pitched on a green fuel additive tablet from GreenFoot Global.

      Claims to improve mileage and cut emissions. This sounds like a company I was pitched on a few years ago Ethos or something like that. Are Envirotabs a scam?

      There is a long history of "fuel tablet" MLM's that have come and gone. Several have tried to rebrand themselves after being shredded over claims of mileage improvement. ( Example FFI - Fuel Freedom International is now Forever Freedom International ).

      GreenFoot Global's "EnviroTabs" seem to be virtually the exact same product. In fact, co-Founder Bill Hyman and his wife Mary Ann Hyman were both part of Fuel Freedom International promoting their version of the EnviroTabs, called "MPG Caps". One of their testimonials reads "Mary Ann and Bill Hyman, FL: We are so excited about being part of the FFi business. Between the two of us, we have over 42 years of combined Network Marketing..." etc.

      Changing companies is nothing new in MLM, or even leaving to launch a competitive company.

      CEO and Co-FOunder Ralph Flynn was formerly the CEO of LifesMiracle ( Ralph Flynn Bio ), a company that peddled  "electrically-charged ionic mineral compounds that activate all life processes including those essential to limitless physical well being". Sounds sort of like eating an EFX bracelet or a magic hologram...

      The EPA regulations are very strict for fuel additives. And at the end of the day, that's exactly what EnviroTabs seem to be. To be more specific, they are a fuel catalyst. You can buy fuel catalysts at any auto parts store. They are designed to clean carbon buildup from your engine.

      More to come...


    • April 9, 2011 4:04 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      Well, I think there's a good chance that the product itself is kind of a scam, but I am not qualified to say for sure, I know next to nothing about fuels, engines, or how they can be utilized to better the environment other than to burn more cleanly. There are a few things about GreenfootGlobal I can say for certain. I researched their reception thus far among people that have tried to get more information and get involved and they seem to have their communications infrastructure up and running pretty well. It is a good sign if your emails are answered promptly, and you can actually get someone to pick up, especially when the majority of mainstream business take 100 years to successfully get someone on the line. There are multiple people in various forums I've visited that are suggesting the Envirotabs work, though again, I'm going purely on what I've read and can't really even say whether or not the posters were just GreenFoot Global Reps.

      I got a huge kick out of the people saying they experienced a 30% increase in mileage worth of fuel, when I can't imagine how they think they could even measure that by eye unless they literally drive the same exact route every single day, then I suppose maybe. The other amusing thing was how many of them were all acting proud to be doing their part as if saving money on fuel had nothing to do with their joy, then again, maybe I'm being a bit cynical. After all, if that is exciting them then obviously there is some truth to the product actually working. Now on the other hand, I also found some relatively severe complaints; one involving a guy who claims that he experienced identity theft after giving his information to GreenFoot Global, though with little else information he provided, it was next to impossible to determine if there were no other causes.

      Now do these beat the price of Fuel Catalysts? who knows, maybe another poster can say from experience, but it does seem an awful lot like Envirotabs are basically the same thing, just packaged in a particularly presentable way. Anything that helps conserve gas and give your vehicle a kick is probably something you can say benefits the environment and resources in general, but I wouldn't say its exactly going to save the whales. Here's a quote from someone who claims to know a thing or two:

      "As my main business is in alternative fuel technologies, I can tell you point blank, don't waste your time or money."

      He claims that all fuel additives do only one thing, which is clean your injectors, and carbon deposits from a vehicle's cylinder heads. Since most vehicles are fuel injected, that sort of paves the way for a good dose of positive feedback. By doing this to your vehicle, you get improved performance, however the big kicker is that you are instructed (predictable with some MLM companies) to use it on every tank, which is obviously costly, and especially wasteful since you can only cleanse it so much in a specific amount of time. According to him, Restore, is a great one and costs a fraction of the price of anything you'll find from an MLM company. He pointed out that anyone investigating a company making these claims should ask for EPA testing results, but not an EPA certification report (apparently those are bullshit), and only indicate that its combustible and can be used in the engine safely and cleanly.

      Anyway, that's all I could find out, I am thinking its BS, and that this guy knows what he's talking about, but who knows, maybe there is more to it, guess we shall see...

    • August 3, 2011 8:20 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      I spoke to Bill Hyman myself; and the reason he and his wife left FFI is because the company refused to make some major key changes in the business.  They no longer saw growth in the company, therefore, they left.

      And...EnviroTabs is a Combustion Catalyst, not a fuel additive.  It works on the metal not the fuel; the fuel is simply the carrier.  People ask "what type of fuel can I use the EnviroTabs in," and the answer is it doesn't matter because it doesn't work nor alter the fuel.  Since it doesn't alter the fuel, it isn't a fuel additive.

      Then why is it EPA registered under "Fuel Additive" you might ask.  Well let me tell you; even though they have proven to the EPA that EnviroTabs is indeed not a fuel additive, the EPA doesn't know what category to put them under.

      Just a last minute fact; the technology behind EnviroTabs has won a Nobel Piece Prize in Chemistry.  I have the documents to prove it.

    • August 6, 2011 5:05 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      In my humble opinion, still just an overhyped fuel catalyst. The same as can be purchased at AutoZone or Pep Boys.

      I'm wondering if the same nobel peace prize applies to the ingredient in those brand name catalysts.

    • August 3, 2011 9:06 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      @Wallace   Cynical? I don't think you are, I KNOW you are.  You are speaking on a product that you haven't even used and/or accurately tested.  Again, it is not a fuel additive.  Fuel additives are just conditioners; conditioners in which do not work in all fuels.  EnviroTabs works in all fuel because it doesn't work on the fuel itself.  I also have proof that it does reduce emissions dramatically.  I can provide them to you if you'd like.


      Let me give you a quick EnviroTabs benefit example on saving:

      Product Info: 1/2 tablet treats up to 10 gallons, 1 tablet treats 20 gallons


      Say you have a Lexus that has an 18 gallon tank.  Your Lexus only uses higher octane fuel (Premium).  At today's price ($3.95/gallon for Premium), to fill up your whole tank that would cost you a total of $71.10.  Now if you use EnviroTabs, you can switch to using Regular Unleaded instead with no decrease in perfomance; actually your car will even run better.  That saves you 20 cents per gallon; now costing you only $67.50 to fill up your whole tank.  That is a savings of $3.60 per fill up (almost enough for another gallon of Regular Unleaded).  You get that saving for every tablet in the pouch, 10 tablet/pouch, equaling to $36 in savings.  The lowest price you can spend on the product of EnviroTabs is $20.  So, in the end you save more money than the cost of the product just off this One benefit EnviroTabs has to offer.


      With all the other money saving benefits; such as increasing the longevity of your engine, increasing oil change intervals (oil last longer), and reducing emissions.


      And a quick history fact for you:  this technology was first used by the government in the aerospace industry as a burn rate modifier.  40 plus million testing miles.


      End note:  It isn't a scam; It's an opportunity to help consumers, entrepreneurs, and the world's environment.

    • August 3, 2011 9:12 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      Can you share those documents with us? I'd like to read that. JP


      Jon R. Patrick

      Total Life Changes - Nutrition & weight loss products including the "Miracle Tea". Established & debt free with 700% Growth past 2 years and Binary comp plan on steroids! Weekly pay on fast start and residual with $40 order and NO Sign Up Fee! 

      Give Your Life Some TLC!

    • August 4, 2011 8:47 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      What relationship does a nobel peace prize awarded almost 40 years ago to Ernst Otto Fischer of Germany and Geoffrey Wilkinson of Great Britain have to do with the top of GreenFoot Global Scam? How are they related to the Envirotabs?

      Why does GreenFoot Global have a link to this PDF on their site?

      I've seen just about everything when reviewing product claims, but this is a new one. Can someone please explain the implied relationship or how this supposedly supports GreenFoot Global and/or EnviroTabs NOT being a scam?

      All these claims about angstroms coatings make it sound like a catalyst, the other claims about the use in the Dept of Defense just sound like the elaborate unverifiable hype that goes with all these deals.

      Can someone show me how the people mentioned in the nobel prize are the 'inventors' of this product?

    • August 4, 2011 9:03 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      They are the creators of the "Science" behind the product.  Not the product itself but the science.



      there's the link with one of the scientists talking about the product

    • August 5, 2011 1:59 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      Hard to add to this conversation because I am probably a little too skeptical myself, but I would recommend that anything be given a chance. The alternative is to go on not knowing for sure. People spend money on all kinds of silly things, I don't think for most of us that it would run us into the ground to buy a week's supply and do a little old fashioned testing. You can take the testimonials, research and pdfs provided by any company and debate them until the cows come home, and not get any closer to the truth. I don't want to see any heated tempers make the thread unwelcoming to new people. I'd be willing to buy a few of these and post my results. First thing is to figure out how much I need for an accurate test?

    • August 5, 2011 11:17 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      Travis, you differ from the other skeptical people in this forum.  You actually agree with testing the product personally, to see whether the product is legit or not; and for that I thank you.

      Me personally, I don't really market the whole increase mpg claim, because so many factors come in to play in that field.  Anything from the type of driver, vehicle age, weather conditions, vehicle conditions (tire pressure, windows down vs windows up, etc.), to seasons of the year.  Any of those can negatively alter the tests.

      Now for you wallace, i don't like you much; not just because you are niave and ingorant, but because you are jaded and are here just to undermine, make fun of everything we say and provide you with.  We are here to educate you; and you obviously don't want to be educated on our product since you won't even bother testing it yourself.

    • August 5, 2011 11:38 PM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      Lol, Angel we usually don't go the "lashing out" route here on these boards. That isn't to say that no one (least of all myself) gets frustrated or yes; has a sense of humor, but most of us here are a bit more mature than that. As far as you not liking me, I assure you there is no tragedy there, and I will sleep quite soundly tonight lol. I however take a different, more grown up tactic in how I approach people whose idea of "educating" others is a bit different. Instead of not liking you because you appear manipulative, presumptuous and intellectually balking, I have rather enjoyed our conversations thus far. I have done nothing more than question the integrity of your company's claims, and more specifically, the materials that constitute "proof", which would not withstand the blows of real scientific scrutiny, and deep down inside, I don't believe you're too ignorant to know it.

      In fact I think you know very well what you're doing, and aside from some friendly debate I haven't done anything to deter you from your goals aside from a few questions and my expressing that a link to an audio file with no form of scientific reference is AMUSING, and worthy of a bit of laughter. It was not meant to be mean or spiteful, it was just something I thought was funny. This is Repspace, and we discuss things, we break them down until we completely understand them, and 9 times out of 10 we are all able to put our heads together and determine if a product is worthy or not. Not one poster is, or pretends to be perfect, and we all have different opinions regarding the validity of a company. There is a great deal of freedom here on these boards. You have the freedom to promote your business, and I have the freedom to QUESTION that business, and I believe I have been lighthearted and polite, and I can't same the same about you.

      If you are offended because the "education" you have provided became the source of laughter, perhaps it would be wise to really observe the materials you're using as evidence to back up your claims, and ask yourself how close they are to being empirically sound.

      Just a thought.

    • August 6, 2011 12:36 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      Now now, no fighting gentlemen, I'd expect that from me, but not from you guys, I'm usually the one flaming people or generally being immature. And who could possibly have been offended by Beth, she rocks lol. You never know what sex someone is, sometimes people just fill out a registration form and leave it as default. I'm not sure that I'd care if someone thought I was a man or woman, I'm generally pretty secure with myself. I know all you guys are mad passionate but lets keep it peaceful, we already had the infamous Evolv wars, we don't need to have a repeat lol. I can't afford to try envirotabs but if anyone is willing to send me enough samples to get an accurate reading I'll be more than happy to post some honest results .

    • August 6, 2011 5:15 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      What's is it with you guys saying " I can't afford to try it"'s doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  Our company has an eight tank money back guarantee, not a 30 day or even a 60.  As long as it takes you to fill up eight tanks with the product; so if you fill up once a week, you have two and a half months to test the product for yourself.  It's up to you guys now, try it or don't.

      Yes I know this is "Repspace."  This business scam forum, is to find out if the company is a scam or not.  Define a scam first; because some of you have seem to not understand its meaning, a fraudulent business scheme.  We aren't frauding anyone; this isn't a pyramid scheme, or any of the sort.

      And Wallace, the company gave out enough free samples beforehand.  That's why they decided to start the business.  Bill Hyman, Co-Founder, Author, Speaker, even was skeptical about the product.  He then gave out free samples to everyone who crossed his path, asking them to try it.  That is why we are in business today; if the product didn't work for those people, there would be no Greenfoot  Global nor EnviroTabs.  If this were a scam, we'd promise income no matter what.  Greenfoot Global wouldn't have spent $250,000 for the tier 1 test required for EPA registration.  Not to mention the $1,000,000 insurance policy per occurance.  No company in my field has an insurance policy, let alone a $1,000,000 insure policy.

      Have a great day guys, hopefully the economy treats you well.

    • August 6, 2011 10:31 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      I've been trying to verify some of the Envirotab / Greenfoot Global claims and am coming up with blanks.

      The only Envirotabs I can find registered with the EPA are under this company:

      ConSeal International, Inc.
      90 Kerry Place, Suite 2
      Norwood, MA 02062
      President Stephen C. Perry

      I can not find any info about the $1,000,000 insurance, or even verification that the product is a tier 1 registered additive ( for a fee of $250,000 as is claimed in this thread.

      Angel, or anyone else, please provide direct links to the proof please.

    • August 7, 2011 1:37 PM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam


      $1,000,000 Insurance Certificate

      Angel -

      Are you joking? This is an example of what a true and correct Acord insurance document is supposed to look like:

      The issues with GreenFoot Global Insurance form you posted are almost endless but lets start with the obvious:

      1) No information listed in the Producer box. The only thing there is "Henderson Nevada 89074". Why would the name of the producer be missing?

      2) The insured box says "Green Foot Global LLC" - but the address information has been blocked out or erased from the box too. Why would this info be missing? only a small smudge of the address still appears. You claim this is the legit $1,000,000 certificate yet not only does the address of the company not appear, but they have an Acord certificate for "GREEN FOOT GLOBAL" with a space in the business name, when their registered business name on their site is "Greenfoot Global" - no space? I don't know about you, but if I paid for a $1,000,000 insurance policy it would damn well have my business name spelled correctly.

      3) Perhaps the most glaring - "Certificate Holder" box says "To Whom It May Concern". WTF? Seriously, WHAT THE F is that supposed to mean? Take a good hard look at a documented example of what a real certificate is supposed to look like, and you'll note that the "Certificate Holder" box should have the name of the actual holder of the certificate. Again, WTF? Are you joking? Do you really think this is legit when it says "To Whom It May Concern"?

      4) Description of operations doesn't include a description of operations.

      5) It's not even a current form - its a 2009 form.

      I could photoshop a copy of this on my own in about five minutes. I could claim a $1,000,000,000 policy that covers in the event my cat craps on my bedspread.

      I would be smart enough to fill in the fields correctly and actually fill in the name fields correctly to give it at least a kindergarten level air of authenticity.

      I can't even find a Mindy Williams at a Nautilus Insurance Agency anywhere in the country either.

      F. As in Fail. As in Epic Fail.


    • August 7, 2011 5:02 PM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      Ok Mr. Ignorant; time to answer your questions.

      Answer to producer question:  probably due to a privacy requirement

      Answer about the holder:  the patent holder for EnviroTabs, aka in the document "to whom it may concern," has a contract agreement with GFG to represent and distribute his product; but he had no interest in the mlm business.  he then asked that a privacy clause to be added; he doesn't want people knowing who he is.  not because he is fake; but because he doesn't want to be bombarded by people, asking him questions and whatnot.  he didn't allow GFG to represent him for fame; for he just doesn't want to be bothered.  But, "Why" you may ask.  I can't tell you exactly why, for I am not him; but If I were to take a guess, it'd be that he doesn't want to be, in a sense, "paparazzied."  He doesn't want any attention from the general public; he wants to live his life the way he has been living it.  Displaying his physical address would be a violation of GFG's contract with him; we would lose our rights and go out of business.

      Answer to the way GFG's name is spelled:  Now that was the most retarded questions I seen thus far.  It's a fake because the name had a space where it doesn't on the site.  Get real, stupid.  Greenfoot Global, GreenFoot Global, Green foot Global, Green Foot Global, green foot global; It's all the SAME NAME!!!   That was one of the most pathetic attempts to conduct an argument regarding legitimacy.

      Answer to number four:  From your example document: DESCRIPTION OF OPERATIONS:  Regents are often named additional insured here; place & event sometimes described here.  Keywords: "often" and "sometimes,"  which means that it doesn't have to have it.  It's their choice.  If only those keywords read "required," then you'd be right; but in this case you are not.

      Answer to number five:  current or not current does not effect the legitimacy of the form.  there could be many reason for that; an acord error, that's the form they had when they signed it, etc.  The only difference is 2009 to 2011; that's not going to invalidate anything.

      Quite frankly, I don't give a mthr fk what you can do on photoshop.

      You can't find Mindy?  And I can't find Waldo in the "Where's Waldo" book lol; there could also be other reasons for her not being there.

      Why don't you just go to the site, and contact the support with your questions?  I'm just a distributor.





      P.S.  You are a Failure!!!

    • August 8, 2011 1:08 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      Angel -

      I did got to the company site and request clarification from support.

      P.S. Thoroughly enjoyed your rebuttal. It is rare that someone actually addressed each issue raised here, and you certainly did in a tone that perfectly matched and one-upped my post.

      "I can't find Waldo". Classic.


    • August 8, 2011 5:35 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      I wanted to get Acord's take on the document, because it definitely appears shady. I have no idea if it is legitimate or not, but here is a copy of an email along with a response I got from them a couple hours later.  On one hand, I realize that Acord can't really say whether or not the document is valid from a legal stand point since they only make the forms, but they did reply with this:

      From: ACORD Member Services <>
      Subject: RE: Acord Form Validity
      To: "Wallace (Its a secret)
      Date: Monday, August 8, 2011, 9:56 AM


       This is an old version of the Certificate that is now considered obsolete but the wording on it appears to be correct.  It was a (2) page form and I have attached a copy of the actual obsolete form with edition date 2009/01.  The most current and valid version of this form is 2010/05.  Older versions of forms are non-compliant.

       Hope this helps.



      Member Services


      From: Wallace (censored)Sent: Monday, August 08, 2011 8:09 AM
      To: ACORD Member Services
      Subject: Acord Form Validity


      Hi there, my name is Wallace (top secret), and I have recently been presented with an Acord Insurance Liability form. What I've been trying to figure out is if the attached form is valid or invalid based on the mis-spelling of the insured company name Green Foot Global (It should be Greenfoot Global) as well as the date of the actual Acord form which is dated at 2009. Essentially, we are trying to determine whether or not the company in question is a scam or not, and would like to know if the form which they have presented is in any way invalid. I sincerely appreciate any assistance you can provide and kindly thank you in advance.

      Best Regards, Wallace (nothing to see here)

      Not the most helpful reply in the world, but I do appreciate them substantiating some degree of it. There are a few other things that need to be considered as well, especially when considering the legalities of things like names and logos. Whether or not the title (Greenfoot Global vs Green foot global) is done properly or not is a MAJOR deal, these are legal contracts, and word positioning can have major consequences with everything from copyright issues to patents. I personally don't believe that any insurance company, nor Greenfoot Global would make errors like the one on that form. I also don't believe that there would be any reason to even thing there would be any "Paparrazi" fears at all, unless of course you are nervous of the consequences of your actions, like being paranoid of the law. No matter what the reason for the anonymity, it can't be good.

    • August 8, 2011 8:24 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      @ JangoMan  Thank you kind sir.  I strive to answer everyone's questions as best as I can.  I thought the Waldo comment would make you chuckle lol.  Just to ease some of the tension.


      @Wallace  So they only make the forms huh.  Well then they can't really clarify much.  I have emailed the insurance company to verify, and answer your skeptical concerns.  As soon as I get a response I will let you know.




    • August 9, 2011 2:20 AM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      I appreciate your sticking around Angel, while me may disagree on some fundamental concepts, I definitely value your tenacity and willingness to stick it out and work with us all as we continue discussing this topic. Its one thing when I disagree with a rep that I feel is knowingly trying to sell a scam, because my opinion of people like that is pretty low. In your case however, you seem to really believe in your product, and that changes the dynamic for me, so thanks for remaining. As skeptical as I admittedly am, I am open enough to take a good, honest look at anything we all find together, and if you were to read my past posts, any time I'm proven wrong, I gladly chew on my boot.

    • August 9, 2011 4:42 PM PDT
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      Thanks Wallace; I do believe in my product.  I, personally, would never try to sell something to someone that is a complete scam.  Doing so would ruin my credibility, not only as a network marketer, but as a person as well.  I will stick this out as long as it takes for us to reach an agreement.  It is perfectly fine to be skeptical, I'd be more surprised if you weren't; considering the track record of past failing companies.

      Now as for the matter of the Insurance Certificate; this is what my support team emailed me:


      We are enclosing the link to the Company that we use for our Insurance Policy.

      This is a protection for everyone to ensure typical protocols.

      Warm Regards,



      Now the only thing I can make of this is that somethings are too confidential to fully address.  I as a distributor don't really know why.  Although, Bill Hyman, one of the Co-Founders, always talked about all these privacy clauses.  It may be a red flag, but as long as the product works then I'm done asking them corporate questions.  There are some questions, a mere distributor, just can't get detailed answers for.

      I pretty sure, even though the certificate looks "shady," that it is legitimate.  Because I'm quite sure, legally, if they say they have that insurance policy and have the document I provided, by law, they have to abide by it.  Otherwise, they would be committing insurance fraud.  I'm sure they wouldn't take that risk.

      Let me know you thoughts on this.




    • November 18, 2011 1:22 PM PST
    • GreenFoot Global Scam

      Lady & Gentlemen, I believe I am quite uniquely qualified for helping with this dispute: Not intending to ego here...
      I am a current licensed P&C agent (the license required to cover Commercial General Claims - in this case Completed Operations & Product Liability), and have been so well before GreenFoot's certificate was issued. License number and state available by PM or email, since Q3 2004. I happen to have some direct experience with this due to my construction management postings.

      I am a network marketing skeptic, as a former veteran of several good and bad companies, albeit my income part-time rather than full-time as a leader. This is mainly because I am not their trained dog, and I don't buy hype as a business pragmatist. I have seen every scam, sham, hype and conster out there. Short of being Rod Cook, I'm about as neutral as you find. (Company names and leadership level savailable by PM or email.)

      I am a former VP Operations for two construction companies, and current Managerment at a financial service center. Upper management doesn't buy into BS without numbers. (Because I am a moving target with access to large sums of cash, prefer not to provide my name thanks, but prior firms available by PM or email.)

      I also have a degree and background in I.T. Management (Degree/school and firm names available by PM or email.) This will factor into my explanation. I have an upper level edcuation before my major changed in science and chem, so I have some idea of how to read & filter their research.

      I have also come out of 'marketing retirement' for a social and Internet marketing experiment, in which I have joined GreenFoot. (No flames on this with skepticism: I did give full disclosure.)

      It is quite common for manufacturers to move CGL companies annually, or every few years, as the market moves on pricing - more so underwriting guidelines. For example, American Family is not writing CGL for construction companies, to my knowledge, due to excessive losses (fraud? how would I know personally - only a guess). Manufacturing operations are not shutting down because their insurer quits.

      The 2009 form matches exactly what this is; additionally, my insurere was using this form for AmFam in 2010. Here's where the I.T. comes in: ACORD is like Microsoft, you want the new forms you have to PAY. In this ecomony, what independent insurance brokerage is going to shell $2k on that? Just my two cents.

      My suspiciion is this is the certificate from when Hyman's crew obtained GreenFoot or at least redesigned them. Would you want 5,000 people calling you to verify insurance (sure let's hire 20 full-time administrative assistances and 5 phone lines). They may have moved companies after, and for many labor and "why the heck would we show our Poker Hand for lawsutis" never updated it online. I wouldn't. I think it also shows credibility, assuming they had insurance since 2009.

      I find it more disturbing "no patent handled out for privacy reasons." Everything else looks in order. As former upper management, I do think there are smart reasons for this but it seems convenient. My understanding of the new EPA rules is that it is quite an investment to get registered (Cycle 1 & 2 tests now merged?) so this adds some credibility - and legal ability to say saves miles and safe for your car. VERY expensive.

      Not to pick on DreamLife or Power Plus MGP, but all the accusations about products manufacturerd by hand (gum?), financial issues, and lack of EPA registrations with claims of damages (avoiding LA Atty General claims since state laws vary) - comparing this with the last great "pill" or gas MLM, GreenFoot is started by people who were in the "gas saver" MLM before DreamLife (chose not to partake?) and have little history of bouncing companies. They also "retooled" what I have researched (5 EPA reg's) as an existing private company that didn't appear in financial trouble. GFG calls do seem like Methodist bulletin reviews (thank God I was raised Weslyan) and have MLM hype, my LORD they aren't the Hallelujah! sermons DreamLife appears to have (based on me listening to a few online) - and many other that seem more fly by night. Seems a way better "gamble."

      I'm relatively new to the GFG business, although you can see plainly this is NOT my first rodeo, so now is the time to visit my site and "Contact Distributor: while I am CANDID *not* 100% sold with any questions:  I also encourage former? DreamLIfers finding this page out of frustration to try a product that doesn't have 4,000 complaints online. If anything, when you contact me as another professional or "seeker" you won't get a sales pitch but real information. That's how I roll. I will warn you even as a pragmatist I've had constructive results. And if I find GFG is dishonest, I won't pitch my tight network on it - It's just not worth the damage to my reputation. I haven't marketed something since 2008, and there is a reason I waited six months during investigation to jump in cautiously.

      In fact, anyone with serious questions that demand an answer: If you contact me on my web site, I will deliver them to Bill Hyman personally, as long as your questions are not negative or flame-bait. My sponsor is one level below the corporate office, and we are in regular contact with the Hymans. I've been to my father's house (who is drop-dead sold on his Durango getting 23 mpg instead of 16? BTW) and heard Hyman's wife on his answering machine leaving a message for Pop while he was out. My father is successful in sales, but not the high roller will travel you usually get with professional network marketers. I had the displeasure of a down laptop that weekend, and was using his office. Yes, I am just a baby at 36 aren't I? No I don't live there - down the street, thanks for asking. But don't get the idea that I am cozy with the owners, or that I am their Monkey Boy per se - I just have access to them.

      Now, I'm sure I will get the marketing flame and the newbie flame because I am not posting to share. However, as a GFG person - and legal savvy company man in my own right - I do have to avoid saying things I can't substantiate or prove about a company with which I legally signed. So, my inclinations aren't public so I am not sued or issued notice, etc. - The main reason I won't explain online. The fact you have contact me personaly is a bonus, and the lack of public humility by equally unsubstantiated flames is priceless to me. :)

      I do promise I am only trying to help. But, what can I say? I rarely post anywhere, and I can't help it there is one "scam" accusation website I can find for GFG (plus this pragmatic, authentic and useful discussion - KUDOS) and 10,000 dislike sites for the other guys. Not my problem there.

      JSH - Managing Member SaveGas MakeCash GoGreen LLC

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