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    • January 11, 2010 10:59 PM PST
    • Jusuru - New Business

      Hi All,


      This is a must read and why you need to look at this.    It pulled me out of retirment!


      Here is a recent press release:

      Network marketing giant and former industry executive is taking a fresh new approach to charity and network marketing. Victor Luebker, the founder of hope4heroes and a three combat tour veteran found a very innovative way to raise money for his foundation and empower people with a business of their own. Vic was the president of a network marketing company and after building it to a million dollar enterprise he retired to start the foundation for wounded and disabled veterans and their families. Victor has found a very innovative way to help two industries at once.

      Victor was named a founding distributor with an emerging new company where he is combining his 20 year MLM background with a great foundation. Vic says “it is very hard to raise money for charity in this tough economy, we needed to think outside the box and find new opportunities for funding” He goes on to say “networking just made sense given my background and success in that industry”.

      We feel many millionaires will be made from this alliance and even more six figure incomes.

      Hope4heroes started this as a way to empower veterans looking for work. They felt self employment was the best long term option for the millions out of work. They went out and looked for the best company and compensation plan and product with high growth potential. Vic says “We feel the growth in nutraceutical industry was the obvious choice” Further “The multi-patents that Jusuru has on Bio-collegen or HA puts them out front of the entire industry.”

      Vic is combining his very distinguished marketing and business background to teach the next generation of networking entrepreneurs. He feels that there is a strong niche market to be carved out in “social entrepreneurship” and teaching people how to make money and help a larger cause. Not everyone just wakes up knowing how to make $10,000 a month.

      Victor says “we selected Jusuru after eight months of research and conversations with numerous companies” He goes on to say, “I needed to know the company had the best compensation plan possible, made their own products to ensure price control and quality and cared about others as much as I do, I found that at Jusuru and feel certain they are positioned to be the next industry giant”.

      The goal of the Hope4heroes and Jusuru alliance is to position our charity as the top team and use our extensive marketing budget and experience to help everyone that joins. Further to support Jusuru as they grow and bring Vic’s vast expertise to the table. The combined efforts of both companies should prove very powerful for the distributors that come on board

    • January 7, 2010 3:26 AM PST
    • Jusuru - New Business

      What is the benefit of this product vs any other health beverages on the market?


      Taste and the documented benefits of the ingredients. This is more than just an 'antioxidant blend'. Jusuru contains Ayurveda and Biocell Collagen.

      Here's an Expert Reference:

      Market Overview: Personal Care Ingredients
      By Karen Raterman July 28, 2009
      Science-backed ingredients are the key, experts say

      "Ancient medicines — such as Ayurveda, Chinese and Native American traditions — also
      have stood the test of time. They are now being recognized in personal care for their use of
      nature's resources from botanicals, says Suhail Ishaq, vice president of Biocell Technology,
      maker of Biocell Collagen II CG, a cosmetics-grade collagen formulated for use in topical
      applications and dually soluble in lipid- and water-based formulations. "These same
      ingredients are fundamental in regard to anti-ageing cosmeceuticals products. With
      increasing demand for such products, we can expect their continued use."

    • January 11, 2010 7:37 AM PST
    • Jusuru - New Business

      As I understand it, most nutraceuticals aren't subject  to the same testing that foods and medicines are, and I was wondering what kind of testing if any; has Jusuru undergone to ensure its safe for human consumption? I recall reading that the product contains Bio-Cell collagen and was hoping to get a better understanding of how the two substances work homogeneously?

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