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    • January 18, 2010 11:50 AM PST
    • Jusuru Presidential Ambassador Program

      Time is running out on the Presidential Ambassador program. This is the same as a prelaunch program that offers extra incentive for getting in early to a new company that was among the top ranked on MLM Rankings as fastest growing company for last month.

      Click here for more info.

      Benefits of getting involved NOW!

      •$35,000 Cash Bonus for earning Master Presidential Ambassador status

      •Double Fast Start Bonus let’s you earn up to 40% override commissions

      •Double Enroller Bonus pays up to 10% on Group Volume sales

      •$300 Cash & Product bonus every month during the Ambassador program when you meet monthly qualifications

      •Shares in the Equity Pool - a stock option for qualified Presidential Ambassadors

      •Huge Cash Bonuses for every rank you advance beyond Venture 3

      •All the benefits of the Jusuru Compensation Plan including bonuses on personal sales and those of your team

      •50% Reimbursement on Preapproved advertisements/events

      •Reward Ceremony – Earn an all inclusive Presidential Ambassador’s Reward ceremony in 2010 with Jusuru Executive Team

      •Field Development Specialists will help you with your Jusuru business

      •Monthly Training conference calls to connect with other Ambassadors

      •Presidential Ambassador Distinction – Earn a permanent place of honor in Jusuru

      •Ambassador’s Pin - Commemorative Presidential Ambassador’s Pin

      •Ambassador’s Club membership for future participation in executive decisions

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