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    • May 10, 2011 6:04 AM PDT
    • Kangen Water Scam

      I'm still being pitched on Kangen water and a Kangen Water ionizer from Enagic. I still have not seen any good responses as to whether this is a scam or if there is some genuine benefit to ionized "Kangen Water".


       Enagic is an MLM, right? Is this just a hyped up water filter?

      Does Ionized kangen water do anything to help my body or my health in any way, other than just drinking more water might be good for me? The machines being pitched cost up to $4000 dollars. I'd have to drink a helluvalot of water to make that worthwile.


    • May 16, 2011 1:05 AM PDT
    • Kangen Water Scam

      Hi Tommy, I'll try to give you a bit of info on Kangen, at least my opinion anyway. As a history buff, I know the word "Kangen" actually refers to a period in Japanese history, similar to say: the "Sengoku" period. Kangen is the period that lasted from 1244 to 1247. The word itself translates to "back to beginning" or "return to origin", so you can see how it is relevant to drinking water and the theme that the Kangen company is going for. The company distributing Kangen purifiers is Enagic, who is representing the products here in North America and Europe. Originally, it started in Japan, and now its said that 1 in 5 homes is actually drinking Kangen water. I'm not big on water ionizers in general, but the concept itself is not a myth or a gimmick, at least not as far as Kangen is involved. If there is a place I trust to master the concept of fine tuning, refining, and perfecting, it is a culture like Japan's.

      Here in the West we have somewhat different philosophies when it comes to things like water. We aren't generally concerned about acidity, or alkaline levels; we just figure if it is free of germs, toxins and cat hair, we'll drink it lol, and that's ok, but there are some significant physiological functions that directly relate to the water we drink. Don't worry, I'm not here to pitch Kangen to you, or an mlm company, just to give you a run down of the company and its product. Put simply, the Kangen water purifier is designed to purify, and de-acidify, and de-electrolyze water the same way other water purifiers do but typical of the Japanese; they use the highest quality components in their units. This means you are going to pay with a capital P, but at the same time, the product you get is far superior.

      Most water purification units manage to create perfectly balanced alkaline levels in their water, and at an average for a quality machine of about $2000-3000. The top of the line Enagic Kangen machine costs about $4000. Now despite the Japanese technology, you're not just paying for the unit, but also the mlm opportunity (for what its worth anyway). I am not a Kangen rep, I would never spend $4000 for anything except a gaming PC lol, but I would be the first to tell you the machine is perfect from a technological perspective. One of the price boosters is the fact that it contains a platinum-coated titanium plate which is a main component in the ionization process. I'm not a fan of these kinds of things because the more you use the more it costs, and the more your body grows accustomed to needing super-purified substances, and that won't serve you incase of an emergency situation in which you have to drink normal contaminated water.

      The competition keeps their prices lower by using smaller plates, with less material usage, but the purification effect is short lived because the smaller size means it doesn't last as long. Another issue is that they clog up more often, especially in places where the water is "hard" or full of ferrous. That's basically the scoop on the Kangen water machine, though I don't know much about their compensation plan, I would guess they're a solid company with a solid product, and if I had any interest in starting a home business, I would at least consider them. Hope this helps.

    • May 24, 2011 4:29 AM PDT
    • Kangen Water Scam

      Kangen water IS a scam, and your figures on how many Japanese homes use those devices is completely unrealistic and has no real basis. I'm like totally thinking you are a Kangen rep by the way. How many ways do you seriously think you can purify water anyway? There ARE by far, better forms of water you could be drinking, with Evolv at the top. The Enagic Corporation trademarked the term "Kangen Water", and its only a marketing phrase. All their machines do is hit water with electrolysis just before filtering it with the same technology as a Brita. There is no magic, and they are totally taking advantage of you for the money they want for it. This is the kind of company that makes companies like Evolv look bad, since they keep a low profile in order to avoid their claims being pitted up against the FTC hah! They just arm their sales force with good 1 liners and fake science with equally bad literature.

      Why anyone would do this is beyond me when you can simply get involved with Evolv. Myself and many others in my life have been drinking and selling Evolv for quite awhile and you won't find healthier, more energized people.

      Evolv guarantees your money back if you aren't happy after 90 days. Don't you think that indicates how serious these peoples are? Evolv has a fabulous track record and we're super popular. You can check us out on the Internet and see for yourself. No one with any common sense would pay $4000 for a machine that electrocutes water before filtering it, that's crazy! Evolv will send you a case of already bottled life changing water that is already processed and ready to drink, with archaea active formula. It will help you use oxygen much more effectively, which is much more than Kangen craziness can offer.

      I'm only here because I really care about people getting duped, ripped off and tricked. There is no need for anyone to lose their hard earned money on scams and pyramid schemes. Invest in something already established, and worthwhile.

    • May 25, 2011 4:07 AM PDT
    • Kangen Water Scam

      Katiekatie22, I have to respectfully disagree with you. While I have no intentions of starting any kind of debate, Kangen water itself is actually some really good stuff, and the filtration they are using is definitely not like that of a Brita. You may be right that Enagic is out to make some money, and their prices are high, but there is nothing in Evolv that can touch the water these purifiers put out, and you can forget about all the electro stuff, doesn't matter if its real or not, the filters alone are by far the best. Japan jumped ahead of the west on that because water has always played a super important role in Japanese culture and they have emphasized on appreciating its purity for longer and to a stronger extent than we have, therefore their equipment it a bit more, "hardcore". Anything Evolv has managed to come up with (if it there is anything to the "Archaea Active" thing in regard to truth) Japan has already researched it thoroughly, I assure you.  Mind you, I'm not here promoting Kangen water or Enagic, but if you're going to tell me Evolv can hold a candle to anything even similar to Kangen water, I'll tell you you're wrong.

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