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    • June 3, 2008 1:09 AM PDT
    • LifesMiracle Email

      I received this email today about LifesMiracle. It's from WorldWideScam, and they are not a fan of LifesMiracle ( to say the least ).

      Since I think its important for people to know whats out there, both positive and negative, I'm posting it for comments and feedback:

      "LifesMiracle" and their goofy "Electro-Magnetized Potentiated Nutrition" has been a joke right from the start. Most of the people involved with the company are former Lifewaver affiliates who fell hard for the phony Dr. David Schmidt and his nanotechnology resonant energy transfer Lifewave patches. So when the looney tunes Dr. Wayne Garland (who bought his degree from a well-known online diploma mill) came along with his magic pills, these same people were eager to take the bait.

      The crazed and self-absorbed Stephen A. Brown, PhD, added to his portfolio of ongoing MLM promotions and abused everyone he knew with his bellicose and long-winded sermons on his role as the New Age prophet of network marketing.

      Company Founder Steven Smith donned a pair of rose-colored glasses and never looked back, willing to ignore the lack of any science, research, or studies pertaining to the genius of Wayne Garland. The fact that Mr. Garland presented himself as a "doctor" when he obviously was not, didn't bother Mr. Smith at all. Meanwhile, Garland continued to peddle his pills and potions through an existing company called the "".

      Now, Wayne Garland is cross-recruiting people in by contacting them directly via an online social-networking web site called "". Think of it as a "" for adults who never finished high school (which sums up Mr. Garland's educational background quite accurately).

      Have You Been "TAGGED" by Dr. Wayne Garland?

      The BIG news in MLM is the return of Phil "The One Man Internet Crime Wave" Piccolo with another series of MLM schemes and scams that feature the same old tricks, lies, and deceptions he has used for more than a decade to steal millions of dollars from thousands upon thousands of people. Rod Cook - the "MLM Watchdog" - has said:

      "Bob, you are right. Piccolo needs to go... he is Evil with his Christian B*llshit."

      But that didn't stop from bringing Phil on board and introducing him as the YTB "BIRTHDAY BASH POWER TEAM WINNER". Phil came out of his much-ballyhooed "retirement" to commit the next five years of his life to That was less than six months ago; now Phil is nowhere to be seen at YTB and they have deleted any reference to him on any and all YTB online web sites.

      Piccolo quickly commandeered four other MLM schemes and packaged them into what he calls his "PAP Portfolio" (Phillip A. Piccolo). And his main focus is on the "" scheme that features his best buddy Jim "The Laundry CD" Fobair and GMT! scam leaders Bruce Bise and David Freed. With those four guys at the helm, you can be certain that whatever it is they are promoting and selling, it is an absolute, total, and complete scam.

      Phil Piccolo's Four Scam "PAP Portfolio"

      Any body who would seriously consider participating in any program promoted by Phil Piccolo at any time under any circumstances, must have some sort of masochistic death wish. Joining up with Bise and Fobair only makes matters worse, although we were told that a recent Sunday morning church service featured a few special moments with Jim Fobair at the pulpit. Perhaps Bise and Freed repeated the "Prayer of Jabez" that they once used at the GMT! headquarters every morning...

      If you have any remaining doubts about Phil Piccolo, we have posted links to more than twenty reports on his various scams over the past ten years. There is no doubt that Piccolo is the MLM AIDS virus of the Internet - if you allow him to infect you or your company with his "Joint Venture Partner" scams, his "Guaranteed Leads" rip-offs, his "Regional Distributor" schemes, or any of his front-loading money-grabbing rob-you-blind flim flam Magniflow magnets "Lites-Out" cell phone charger worthless product "God-fearing Christian" con games, you will LOSE your money, he will BREAK your spirit, he will CRUSH your dreams, he will DESTROY your company, RUIN your reputation, ALIENATE you from your friends and associates, and DAMAGE your relationships with the people you love most.

      And there will be nothing you can do about it. The legal authorities don't care, television and newspapers aren't interested, the MLM industry experts, consultants, lawyers, and radio talk show hosts are not willing to do anything to stop him (except for Rod Cook), and the MLM lunatics are running the asylum.

      Companies such as Lifewave, Eniva,,, LifesMiracle, and a dozen more operate on the Internet with impunity and promise anything, making outrageous and illegal claims of cancer cures and incredible incomes, while hard-working and honest but gullible people continue to hand over their money and their hope to these charismatic con men.

      It is as true as it ever was - "Evil succeeds when good men do nothing."

      The future for network marketing and Internet commerce has never looked grimmer.

      The WorldWide Scam Network


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