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    • September 6, 2010 8:17 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      I recently received a copy of an email about the closure of USAloe in Carlsbad, CA ( or rather, their acquisition by another company ) and the more I looked into it, the more it all seems rather contrived.

      The email, from USAloe Founder Pete Mountanos, stated that USAloe had been acquired by a group of industry professionals "who are excited to help take your business and your income to the next level".

      Standard hype for a company that seemed to be failing and appears to just be relaunching under a new name:

      Mazu Global

      Information promoting the prelaunch of Mazu Global says that Mazu Global is a new division of "Nuvonyx, Inc".

      The domain registrant for is:

         2045 Corte Del Nogal
         Carlsbad, California 92011
         United States

      Administrative Contact:
            Verner, Douglas
            2045 Corte Del Nogal
            Carlsbad, California 92011
            United States

      ( Doug Verner is former VP of Operations for USAloe )

      This is the same address for USAloe. I suppose the new investors could have purchased the whole company lock stock and barrel, but it seems odd that they wouldn't have a prior address or that there would not be prior information about Nuvonyx as company producing some type of consumable product, based on how the Bye-Bye letter reads from Pete Mountanos.

      Interesting too is the fact that the parent company of USAloe, Americanaloe, Inc, also shares that address.

      As do two other companies - Seasilver USA and Future Fulfillment, Inc.

      Aloeamerica Inc President Jason E. Berkes was warned in 2002 by the US Department of Health and Human Services about claims made on the Seasilver product labeling that refered to curing, mitigating or preventing disease.

      In 2008 the appeals court affirmed an order requiring Seasilver Defendants to pay almost $120 million ( yes, one hundred and twenty million ) for failing to complay with the earlier order to pay $3 million to consumer redress.


      Mazu Global's New Product "Mazu Gold"

      Is Mazu Gold just a repackaging of the original USAloe products?

      The product claims for Mazu Gold say that the product contains "Absorbanol", "an exclusive, proprietary process and custom blend of organic minerals and nutrients from the depth of the ocean to the core of the earth. Infused with Absorbanol the potent effects of the main active ingredients are maximized to their fullest potential".

      That seems a bit confusing - is it an ingredient, or a process? What does it do to 'maximize the active ingredients'. ( Maybe they just wrap a cPrime or EFX bracelet around the bottle to infuse it with magic ).

      In my humble opinion this just looks like a relaunch of a failed company ( USAloe ), trying to build new hype with a repackaged product.

      As always, I could be totally wrong, and time will tell if this product is the same and if they can rebrand and successfully capture a segment of the consumable nutritional MLM beverage market.

      I think the relationship between the Seasilver founders and Americanaloe Inc to USAloe and now Mazu Gold ( all at the same address ) bears further investigation.



    • September 6, 2010 8:22 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      When I was given the original sales pitch on USAloe I got driven down to the USAloe plant by my upline Nick Nikaj.

      The marketing guy game me a tour and told me that USAloe was a division of Americaaloe, an aloe company that had been in business for over 30 years.

      No one ever mentioned the Seasilver fines or any relationship.

      I find the review a bit disturbing and would like to now know who the new executives are at Mazu and if its just the same guys and same offices different packaging.


    • September 25, 2010 2:13 PM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      Hi WatchDog,

      Thanks for the interest, hopefully I can help straighten up some of the confusion.  I am the VP of Associate Relations for Mazu Global so obvioulsy I have an interest in clearing up any confusion as we approach our Pre-Launch.  In the interest of full disclosure, I held a similar position for USAloe, which I was able to parlay into a role with Mazu Global.

      You are correct that the production facility that USAloe used, and that Nuvonyx will now own and operate was built by Sea Silver, and while I do not know the complete history of the building, I am sure that Americanaloe and Future Fulfillment Inc probably resided there at some point as well - it is an impressive 36,000 sq ft manufacturing facility that I imagine does not stay empty for long when it is vacated.

      Seasilver and Americanaloe never had any relation to USAloe, outside of the location of the production facility.  No one from either of those companies was ever in management or consulted for management for USAloe, and that continues to be true for Mazu Global.

      Nuvonyx Inc will be run by Pete Mountanos and Doug Verner, the previous executives of USAloe, but their focus is now on utilizing the production and manufacturing facilities for Nuvonyx to expand their Retail and contact packaging production as they look to go public in early 2011.  Nuvonyx will not be active in the day to day operations of the network marketing division, Mazu Global.

      Mazu Global is run by Kim Simsby, who has had no previous connection with USAloe or Sea Silver before that.  There is no secret behind the new leadership, we are simply still in Pre  Pre-Launch, as soon as our website and marketing materials are released, all of this will certainly be public.

      Mazu Gold will include one ingredient, Ecklonia Cava Sea Kelp extract, that was also used in USAloe's most popular product, but the quantity of that ingredient and the other ingredients that are used in Mazu Gold are a brand new formulation.  Outside of the location of the facility that will make Mazu Gold and the use of Ecklonia Cava, the only other connection with USAloe is that all USAloe distributors are welcome with open arms to join Mazu Global with their teams intact, if they choose to do so.

      Thank you again for your continued efforts to keep the story straight, I appreciate you taking a deeper look at the relationships and allowing us the opportunity to respond.  I apologize ahead of time if I do not respond to replies in this thread directly if this discussion continues on the topic, as I will not be monitoring it actively, if there are further specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at .

      Thank you,

      Walker Sullivan

      VP of Associate Relations

      Mazu Global

    • September 20, 2010 4:40 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

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    • September 22, 2010 3:17 PM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      No reason to investigate. Here's the truth. Doug Verner was Quality Control for Seasilver, and is friends with the old owner.  This whole buyout is BS. All the companies were made up. Why would Doug have registered for the Mazu Global website if they were already in existence. U.S. Aloe is dying and this is a last ditch effort to get something out of it. Pete will sell off all of his share's, and go back to Nevada, laughing the whole way.

    • September 23, 2010 6:50 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

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    • October 16, 2010 6:55 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

       Mazu Global:

        In our first month in Mazu Global we have seen many of our Mazu team members making some really decent checks.. Congratulations to those of you who qualified at the "Partner" level or above!

       We have found this company to have absolutely top quality product (Mazu Gold) , customer support, websites and a strong payplan.

       This will be a great "long term" company to build and have a lot of fun with for sure!

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    • October 28, 2010 1:45 PM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      There has been discussion between Seasilver and Mazu Gold products in this discussion.  As a consumer who has experienced both -- I can say without a doubt tht I have noitced a positive change in energy and a "healthier" feeling with Mazu Gold.  I experienced no difference with Seasilver.

      Mazu Gold has done something positive for me.

      It is up to each individual to try a nutritional product (recommended time by licensed nutritionists is 6 to 9 months) brfore pronouncing any nutritional change as beneficial or not for each individual.  After just three weeks I am accomplishing more than I have been able to in the past seven years.  Any nutritional change does not work the same in everyone.  We are each different, thus the term "individual".

      Yes, it has only been three weeks, however note that I did consume the Seasilver as recommended for 9 months prior to cancelation.  I did not like the business side set up therefore did not market the product.

      This reply only applies to the products offered, not the people behind the corporations. As a consumer, I wish Mazu Gold to stay on the market for a very, very long time.

      Sincerely, Marcia Zinko

      Orange, CA


    • May 20, 2011 8:27 PM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      I dont quite comprehend the "real issue" here.
      Its obviously not about the Company Mazu or else one wouldnt be "digging in Graves".
      As she is well ALIVE and KICKING worldwide. Very much loved by customers around the entire Globe.
      The only ones interested in reading Grave talk are Dramaqueens. Sadly I stumpled onto this looking for pictures.
      Fact of the Matter is >> The before ongoing Co. you are mentioning are buried.
      Now.. if we were to start digging in William „Bill“ Henry Gates III History I am sure you will find real juicey things of interest Watchdog.
      BUT in the same turn....fact is, if it werent for this man named William „Bill“ Henry Gates III you wouldnt be able to write such as you are, so lets be thankful for some trashy Backgrounds. Matter of fact I am sure if  dig in yours or mine, we`d find some quite interesting Facts too.
      So what was your intital purpose behind all of this Scripting?
      What this whole blog sounds like to me is a personal Vendetta, tell you the truth.
      Theres a few in this blog whom stand behind the new company - GREAT - let em do it.
      Whats it really to you?
      Don`t you think there should be a higher conscieness going on within your Interests since you call yourself
      Watchdog could be reporting issues about children getting bombed by flyby airplanes
      or womens faces being etched away by acid in Terrorist infested countries.
      Get with Wikileaks and do something productive with your talent.
      When I read the words : "bares furthure investigation" I almost gagged.
      You want a real life changing story man? Get to the real bottom of the 9/11 Event.
      That will keep you busy for this and next life time. But then again it just might put you in a spot
      where you have to fear for your own life, right. So its okay to jerk around about people like
      Pete, Kim or Doug because they arent looking into Graveyard talk. They have moved on. 
      So I hope to have given you some insight as to how "real people" out in here in the "real world"
      really think about your humble opinion.
       >> People whom talk about others behind their backs are in a good position to kiss their butt.
      That was an invitation. I will just simply say that in the name of USAloe, Seasilver and Aloe America since they have been buried
      and thus can not defend themselves.
    • September 25, 2010 2:10 PM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      Does anybody respond to what is posted here or just  put up recruiting BS.  Explain the lawsuits. Explain the connection with Doug Verner and Seasilver.  If you need proof that Doug is friends with the old owner of Seasilver, let me know. I have it.

    • September 25, 2010 3:50 PM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      So Doug Verner didn't work for Seasilver in Quality Control?  And why did Pete sue the company he founded?

    • September 26, 2010 6:18 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      Good job skirting around the truth, Mr. Sullivan.  Doug Verner absolutely worked for Seasilver, and this fact will come out shortly. 

    • September 20, 2010 2:40 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

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    • September 23, 2010 12:39 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      Thetruth will set you free LOL

      Mazu Global was set up separately because it's an unique product and launch... US Aloe products which are great will still be available and commissionable... One founder invented the Windows Media Player and was a Sr Officer in Microsoft... another was the Original Franchisee Founder of Century 21 30 years ago... the company founders have rocked the network marketing world ever since... Also Nuvonyx, Inc. (Mazu Global Parent Company)will be going public in 2011 and if you build enough volume in Mazu Global with Mazu Gold then you receive stock options!  Which shouldn't be too difficult considering that Mazu Gold has 16 International Patents and $40 Million in research!



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    • October 29, 2010 4:23 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review


      There is no way that Humic Acid can have any affect on humans in the levels they are using. I can sight studies that clearly show that.  In fact, the used up to 300 mg per kg of body weight, in humans, and saw no results.  That would mean the average 200 lb. human could take roughly 27,000 mg a day and will see no affects from Humic Acid.  Science doesn't lie.  You are throwing your money away.  Do some research, before you start posting.

    • September 26, 2010 10:48 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      I was able to see the info on the lawsuit by the 'founder' against the company. I would love to have a better undertanding of why he filed suit against a company he is touted as founding.

      Are US Aloe and Mazu Global just dummy companies to perpetuate the company for the owners that were involved in the Sea Silver scandal? Same location and facility, same Wizards behind the curtain in Oz?

    • September 26, 2010 2:15 PM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      The lawsuit with Frank had to do with the purchase of Real Aloe and has been settled – Both Frank and Pete are fine with the agreement.
      As for the other law suit: Pete had originally provided a loan to the original founders of US Aloe. When they did not honor the agreement, he took over the company.
      Everything has been settled!



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    • September 23, 2010 4:18 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      One founder invented the Windows Media Player and was a Sr Officer in Microsoft... another was the Original Franchisee Founder of Century 21 30 years ago...

      Who are these amazing founders? Let's name names. 

      This is the reverse of the vague executive bios that are prevalent on so many MLM sites. "Joe Schmoe founded three multimillion dollar MLMs before starting this one!" Translation: "Joe Schmoe failed at three other companies, burned thousands of distributors, and now wants your dollars too."

      It also reminds me of when the former CEO of an online auction MLM claimed all over their website that they were 'partners' with eBay, Microsoft, HP, etc. In MLM executive doublethink if you are a member of eBay's referral affiliate program, that makes you an eBay partner. If you use Windows on your computers, you are a Microsoft partner. If you have an HP printer, you are a Microsoft partner.

      I guess my iPod makes me an Apple partner.

      RQM, please lend some legitimacy to your post and to Mazu Global by naming the founders you refer to in your message, so others can verify the facts.



    • May 19, 2011 3:49 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      Seriously, You mention science in your discussion, however as a scientist and researcher the effects of humic acid on the human body have been widely studied. Furthermore, indications exist (based on science) that humic acid at even lower doses can have anti-viral properties in humans. You can do math, that is obvious, however before you start spouting off that you know something.....make sure to do your homework. If you were a scientist, researcher, toxicologist you might have caught this. By the way, I am not in any way affiliated with Mazu, nor the parent company, just an individual with a background in "science" that loves telling angry "knowitalls" like you "thetruth"  the REAL truth. Otherwise ignorance runs rampant, and the blind continue to lead the blind down a path that serves their own agenda. If you don't like the product simply don't use it.  Peace!

    • October 26, 2011 6:48 AM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      Good morning

      I´m from portugal and i´m 33 years old. I´m in the mazu global bussines but has been hard for me to start for real because here in portugal i´m alone and there is nobody to help with my issues and questions. I´ve been trying to get some answer from the compnay but no answer. I think they don´t receive my messages. Do you think you can help or advise me about what should i do. please if you can help me contact by e-mai l"". Please

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    • September 26, 2010 2:13 PM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      There is a lot of speculation about the relationship between Mazu Global, USAloe, Nuvonyx and Sea Silver, which stems from the production facility used to manufacture the products for each company.

      The building which Sea Silver did reside in during their impressive run up and equally impressive decline is the same building that USAloe used to produce their products and is now the building that Nuvonyx Inc owns and operates as a manufacturing and production services company. Nuvonyx is also the parent company of Mazu Global and will be exclusive production partner for Mazu Global.

      There has never been a time where any former management from Sea Silver were involved with USAloe, Nuvonyx or Mazu Global and that continues to be the case. The only relationship is the physical location of the manufacturing facility.

      There is also no secret that the owner of USAloe, Pete Mountanos, will also be the CEO of Nuvonyx Inc. As well as Doug Verner, COO of USAloe will take up the same position with Nuvonyx. Nuvonyx will focus on manufacturing and production services and will not be involved in the daily operations of Mazu Global.

      Mazu Global is headed up by new President, Kim Simsby. A veteran of network marketing who has had no prior relationship with USAloe or Sea Silver, he was brought in by the new investors in Nuvonyx to create the network marketing division, Mazu Global.

      Mazu Gold, the product from Mazu Global, does contain one ingredient, Ecklonia Cava Sea Kelp extract, that was also used in USAloe's most popular product. However, the quantity of Ecklonia Cava and the rest of the ingredients in Mazu Gold are a brand new formulation.

      The only other relationships between Mazu Global and USAloe is that Mazu Global has welcomed all USAloe distributors into Mazu Global, with their teams full intact, if they choose to do so. Mazu Global has also retained some of the supporting staff from USAloe corporate, but the day to day leadership of Mazu Global is an entirely new team, one that was not affiliated with USAloe or Sea Silver at all.


      Walker Sullivan
      VP of Associate Relations
      Mazu Global


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    • September 26, 2010 3:36 PM PDT
    • Mazu Global Review

      So Pete is lying about being the founder of US Aloe? What else is he lying about?


      I do know for a fact that Doug Verner did work for Seasilver, and I do know that the guys that are currently working on the machinery were employees of Seasilver as well. I did find information that the original owner of US Aloe was a company called US Farms, in San Diego. I am not sure, yet, what the connection is between Seasilver and all of these other companies, but I do know the above statements are true.

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