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    • February 10, 2011 3:53 AM PST
    • My Personal Experience with Vemma

      When my last company decided to close its MLM operation, I was looking hard for a home, both for myself and my team. I literately studied more than 50 companies based on some criteria I set. I have also joined one or two companies just to study and see it from inside. None of these fits the bill.

      So What Am I Looking For?
      The most important thing I want in a MLM company is its ability or possibility of being still around and thriving in 20-30 years time. This is very important because you want your residual income to last as long as possible. This criteria excluded all prelaunches and MLM less than 4 years old.

      The second most important thing is that the product has to be simple and understood by the mass market, which is also the reason why health, nutrition, cosmetic and household products companies do better than others. You want to be able to show the product to a 80 years old lady and she can understand it. So it is not going to be numismatic coins, fancy travel clubs, internet based info products, personal development products or any other fancy stuffs. Back to the basis is the key.

      The third thing is a marketing system that everyone can use. A system with complicated set up process works for some, but not the majority. I was trying to build a simple marketing system for my last company and it proves to be very challenging. So it is a huge bonus and positive point if a company has a simple, effective and proven marketing system.

      How I Came Across Vemma?
      It draws my attention for 2 reasons. On searching for a product everyone can understand, I looked at nutrition. I am not keen on cosmetic and household products. I just can’t imagine myself selling facial cream or toilet cleaner. The best way to look at a nutritional product is whether you will want your love ones like you wife, children and parents to use it. At that time, coincidentally I was looking for a complete nutrition product for my wife who is planning to get pregnant. You can imagine I was extra careful in choosing the product because there is no room for error here. From a medical background I know what is good and what is bad and I don’t want any bad things to go into my wife’s body and our future generation. I studied the facts and studies about Vemma Nutritional Program and very soon I know that is what I need.

      A Ordinary Person Can Make Money?
      I have been using a generic internet marketing system for about 14 months and I have been doing really well. However, I realize only a small percentage of “gurus” actually make any money. Why? Not because it is not working, it is because it is too complicated for most people. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it is a fantastic system, but it is just slightly too complicated for the ordinary people. When I was in Taiwan for holiday, I contacted one of my contacts who used the same system before. He quit the system initially for the same reason. He is not an internet marketing gurus or expert. After he quit, he uses very simple marketing strategies to market his Vemma business and he is now making more money than some of the so called “gurus”. So there is no doubt the system works, even for ordinary people.

      A Truly International Business
      To me, an international presence is important, because what I do best is internet marketing. You will be leaving a lot of money on the table if you do internet marketing and your company is only in 4-5 countries. Fortunately for me, Vemma is in 52 countries and is expanding. They have local offices in a lot of these countries too. This is quite rare for a 6 years old company with physical products to have opened in so many countries.

      Is It Going To Last?
      There are many good things about MLM, but at the same time there are some risks you have to take. One of the risks is the lack of control over the direction of the company. It doesn’t matter if it is privately owned or public, you still have little influence on the company direction and policy, unless you are the no.1 top earner who might have some say. In fact, contradictory to what most people believe, I believe a privately owned company is better than a public company. In privately owned companies, sometime you have good owners who are really interested in helping people, I call it the GOOD ONES. Whereas a public company always put their shareholders’ interest first, and the distributors second.

      There are good and bad owners in MLM. Some are there only to make money and do not care about the distributors. BK Boreyko, owner and CEO of Vemma happens to be one of the good ones. This is not only my personal view. This view is also shared by some of the recognised and respected industry trainers.

      BK has previously built a billion dollar company called New Vision which is still around today. I believe Vemma will thrive for a long time under his management.

      Smart Marketing System
      In marketing system, it is not easy to find a balance between sophistication, effectiveness and simplicity. Sophisticated and effective system tends to be complex and vice verse. Vemmabuilder, an independent marketing system used by most people to build their Vemma businesses has achieved something extraordinary. It makes the impossible possible. Even for an experienced marketer like me, who has looked at, studied and used many different systems, this Vemmabuilder system is impressive. I wouldn’t go into details all the features and details, but trust me, it is really simple enough that everyone can use and it is also very effective. Smart is a good word to describe it.

      What About Other Juices?
      Health and Nutrition is a booming industry. Of course there will be many companies coming out with new products all the time. If you keep chasing the newest and latest one, you will be moving to a new company every 2 months. The fact is that Vemma is great, it has everything I need and it is complete. This fact will never change, no matter how many new companies or new products are there. If you are going to argue that a new Juice X has 10% more antioxidant or 20% more vitamin B12 and if that is important to you, then go ahead. As I said, if you adopt this mentality, you will be lost and be in a new company every 2 months. If a product has everything you need and is backed by solid clinical evidence, why would you look at another one?

      Although I don’t like to talk about other products, I have to say that there are a lot of products out there which have more hype than substance. So don’t just look at all the fancy claims, look at the nutritional facts and the studies.

      Good Training
      I believe in keeping things simple. I can do complicated and sophisticated internet marketing, but I want to try my best to make things simple for everyone to learn. “Keeping It Simple, Repeat Until Rich” is a philosophy I strongly believe in. That is preciously why I built a training and support social network for our team members.

      We want to build a solid and strong team which focuses on everyone’s success. If you are interested in looking at Vemma and try out the marketing system, CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

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