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    • April 29, 2011 1:00 AM PDT
    • Advocare Training

      So I recently got uninvolved with ACN telecommunications and have sense been checking out different companies, I think Advocare has a ton of potential, having read many reviews on their products that are also priced decently. I've gone over the comp plan, I've even spoken to two reps over the course of several emails who both seem very down to earth, honest and also quite successful. What's really hooking me in though, is Advocare's training program.

      Has anyone actually taken a look at it? It's simply amazing. One of the more interesting aspects of it is that many people consider Beachbody to be sort of the arch enemy and biggest competitor to Advocare, and if you have checked out Beachbody, you can't help but respect what they have to offer program wise, but where they lack is in supplements and nutritional information. Having seen a meal plan from a friend of mine who uses the P90X workout in addition to Beachbody's food advice, it is definitely a bit out of date. I was a personal trainer for over a decade and tend to keep up with the latest nutritional finds which have changed substantially over the last few years.

      I haven't seen a rep training program as impressive as I have with Advocare training, its simply the best. We're talking about a company that takes the time to travel from state to state and offer training programs for new members and for people interested in joining the company. Advocare's 24 day challenge is also an excellent way to demonstrate what you can do, even though I side with the people that think it doesn't have to be quite as expensive as it is. Regardless of the person, you can't possibly fail on that introductory program unless you blatantly try.

      Advocare training doesn't involve secretive crap that you have to pay for, yet is readily available all over the Internet, they provide PDF documents that anyone who gets on their site can download. Their web site for Advocare training says in big, bold letters: "We build Champions" and from a fitness standpoint, their products alone back that claim. These aren't vitamin gimmicks, and bowel irritants, these are class A fitness supplements. Seeing how effective a company's products are can often be an indicator of the company's quality as a whole.

      Advocare training goes as far as to show you the best way to take your information and training materials with you for appointments and meetings. They show you a way to take an according file and create laminated pockets for cd ROM, disk drive and zip file stored information so you have access to everything you could possibly need. They have their Advocare reps carry a franchise Comparison Chart, information on, entry Levels for New Distributors, becoming an Advisor, what overrides are, Income Disclosure & Leadership Comparison , "The Plan", "The Plan 2", rookie Bonus Sheet, starting Your Business, your Advocare Lifeline, things Every Distributor Should Know, business Plan of Action, retail Plan of Action and a goal Sheet.

      Basically, Advocare training has been the final bit of research that has really managed to sway my opinion and I think I'm going to go for it. I am not with Advocare, at least not yet, and I'm not writing this to attempt to convince anyone to join or trying to recruit, I just wanted to share my information with anyone, especially for opinions from other people that have observed the same materials.

      Good luck to all of you, and may you all achieve the success you're going after!

    • May 2, 2011 3:35 AM PDT
    • Advocare Training

      Heya Lethanix, I don't have any particular experience with Advocare, and while I do appreciate a good protein shake now and again, I've always considered this "industry" of shakes, expensive vitamains and health formulas to be overpriced fruit powders at best, but I do hear alot of good things about many of Advocare's products. Now as for the training, I'm not disagreeing with you that they probably do offer a pretty cool training package, but do you really think it stands out from others such as Beachbody? Lots of mlms include decent training, I just think Advocare's website has a really good presentation, and that can turn the tides pretty effectively for people that really appreciate appearence. Compare the packages side by side without looking at the presntation and you'll see what I mean.

      Good luck.

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