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    • September 8, 2010 9:55 AM PDT
    • Network Marketing today and tomorrow

      Anyone that follows the Network Marketing industry knows that the growth we have seen in out industry is proving the Network Marketing provides one of the best options to financial security and freedom in this economy.

      Fact is, for many people, they are out of time. They can no longer wait for a recovery nor can they afford to listen to the economic experts.

      While it is true that some sectors of business have seen a recovery and even profits, the lesson that they have learned is that they were able to realize new profits WITHOUT hiring back the people they had let go.

      This lean economy has shown rewards to those companies that operate lean.

      What does this mean? Simply put, dont hold your breath for the those hundreds of thousands of jobs to return even when the economy makes its recovery.

      Network Marketing and Direct Sales on the other hand is a people driven industry. The industry becomes stronger as a business as more people become involved and right now, as team leaders and builders, we need more people to keep up with the growth.

      At my company, Team Beachbody, we just celebrated passing the 30,000 mark of what we call Coaches. Coaches are the independent distributors of our popular fitness programs like P90X and of our cutting edge nutritional product called Shakeology. For anyone that comes from a consumer product marketing background, Shakeology is whats called a catagory captain much like a product like febreeze is a catagory captain when you think of a fabric freshener.

      The reason Team Beachbody is in such need of new coaches is because obesity and an overweight population is at epidemic levels and the response to the Beachbody infomercials is overwhelming. We honesty need more coaches to keep up with the demand.

      I will touch on many of these items and issues in future posts.

      In the meantime, please contact me if you would like to explore Team Beachbody as a business.

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