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GDI is a true "No Brainer"

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  • by James Mullins
  • November 21, 2015
I was just happy to see an actual program that is setup to really do what it says it could do, and do what it says it would do, but the question and discussion that many folks are having is: "should they be doing it?"

That's because many critics feel that people shouldn't pay for web hosting services just for the sake of earning high commissions, and making blogs and websites to lead other people to pay for the same web hosting services just for the sake of them earning high commissions as well.

In total and complete defense of GDI and the rapid growth of their patented ".ws" naming protocol, my sentiments are that the complaints from those critics are not just. The business model that GDI uses is well known throughout internet marketing. It's an affiliate program that pays five levels deep. What people decide to do with their media, blogs or otherwise is solely up to their discretion.

That being clearly stated, there is no one skeptic, or critic that can claim or accuse Global Domains international of operating a "Pyramid", a scam, or a scheme of any kind!

With "pyramid schemes" people are often enticed to invest their money by others that don't have any clear products, merchandise, or services in place to insure that they will stay in business long enough for everybody to see a ROI.

The product being offered by GDI is web hosting "service". GDI have paid to develop and build licenses/fees, facilities, servers, network infrastructure, software, and marketing strategies. And this is the tangible product that is being offered in exchange for a minor monthly subscription fee.

It's a web hosting service that leaves many critics saying that other hosting companies do it cheaper. That's true: however, other companies are not offering lucrative, residual commissions to their customers; therefore, people will invest a little extra money because GDI has developed and offers a particular service with great benefits.

GDI has the marketing, tracking, and accounting tools in place; all of which they had to pay for in serious research and development.

They sell their ".ws" standard. Sure, I can spend $4 per month to host with, "", or some other ".com" hosting provider, but do they have capabilities, and the "affiliate" tools in place to pay me thousands of dollars per month to do so?

The answer is NO because they have to compete with all of the other ".com" hosting services. Besides, I can find ".com" web hosting "free of charge"; does that make "" nefarious? NO, so the point is clearly invalid.

I'm new to GDI and I have not built my downline yet, but the systems "backend" and marketing materials are really nice. They provide digital and printed media, a intuitive affiliate tracking program, and a WYSIWYG website and blog builder, and automated lead generating tools all for FREE (a 7 day trial offer, then $10 per month after that)!

GDI is great for MLM. To form your own opinions, please watch 7 minute video below:
The least expensive MLM, or "work from home" business to invest in with the absolute highest affiliate commissions in the web hosting business.

Can accept marketers from around the globe. You can use Facebook and to build international leads.

It's Fun, Safe, and Easy to join and operate!
As a professional web designer and graphic designer as well. And I wish that I could send a message to the people at GDI because I think it's a great product and system;

however, it looses a lot of steam by looking like "all of the other 'get rich', 'work from home', 'ClickBank', advertisements of the late 1990's". Today, everything should be "Web 2.0" like Google apps.

The use of drop shadows, glows, bevels. glassy, highlights, and 3D graphics and large fonts is very outdated, and it sends a message that the corporation is unprofessional, and unsuccessful. If everybody marketing GDI went "Web 2.0" the conversion rates would "skyrocket". Also, they should always strive to make the best first impression. They show old, outdated, low quality web "templates" in their high quality HD video presentations. Those web templates should rival the very best "WordPress" themes and templates complete with CSS 2, Javascript, and Responsive smartphone ready programming.

True, anyone can build a WordPress site, or any other high end website, but GDI should take the initiative and higher top quality graphic designers to design all of their creatives.

Also, the lead auto-generating software takes a little while to setup. GDI should outsource, the project to a company that already has a ton of "double opt" in MLM leads, and a beautiful, simple, intuitive, and affordable software platform that can deliver good results.

Just my two cents, James Mullins

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