Mailbox Power Launched January 1st 2021! Best Marketing Tool on

  • Mailbox Power launched today January 1ST 2021 ( previously Banner Season ) Mailbox Power provides a system that allows ANYONE who is serious about marketing and advertising their business! Whether it's to build relationships, increase sales or generate referrals, you can do it all with Mailbox Power. 

    A personalized gift is worth a thousand emails

    Personalized gifts close and retain customers. Our service helps you build better relationships with those who matter to you.

    Start off the New Year with MailBox Power and hit those sales goals by reaching new customers and keep your current clients and customers wanting to buy from you. Whether you are a Real Estate agent, car salesman, run a non profit or any business that wants to keep customers coming back and appreciating you this is the perfect system to have and use every day! With the pro account you can send 50 free cards a month and unlimited post cards. 

    There is an affiliate program attached. You earn a residual 40% commission on membership sales and a 5% commission on shipped products from customers you refer.

    Mailbox Power makes it easy and affordable to send personalized greeting cards and gifts to anyone. I use it to thank my customers, recognize special occasions and or just send a card saying I'm thinking of you along with some brownies or a customized mug. You can even automate your follow-up from your computer or cell phone.  The ability to send quality  personalized, specialty gifts, right from my phone is time saving and easy to do. 

    You can send personalized cards and gifts, drinkware, gourmet foods, pet gifts and so much more.

    May be an image of screen and text that says 'Make the perfect gift for anyone. In just minutes, our system allows you to WOW your customers and prospects with useful and memorable products, each individually personalized with their own name or a custom message. Mailbox POWER Formerly Banner Season LAUGHTER METICINE http:/ Get more referrals, retain more customers, recognize and appreciate those important to you, without getting sent the junk folder. You can try it right now your business with confidence Try Mailbox Power ree for 14 days! Brownies arethe Best @d2áž‘'

    Mailbox Power formerly Banner Season is a fortune 5000 business that is attracting large and small business owners as well as social media influencers from USA, Canada and Australia. Mailbox Power is an extension of Rocket Notes. 

    Try for free with a 14 day trial. 

    With the Pro account you receive 50 5x7 greeting cards free every month and free unlimited post cards. 

    Is by far the best marketing tool I have ever used. For those wanting to learn about the affiliate program click HERE

    Lisa Young