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    • October 28, 2014 6:38 AM PDT
    • 1BitCoin Network Stock

      Some chatter has been going around about the 1BitCoin Network stock, that this reverse merger is potentially just a stock play with some senior execs related to other MLM reverse mergers that went bust.

      The only positive connection I've seen so far is Jim Clayton's bio which he used in the past to tout his position with  Zippi was also publicly traded, but after multiple reverse stock splits the stock was eventually worthless for any investor.

      If the 1BitCoin Network launch is a "stock play" it's not going very well yet - the stock is trading at .004 per share, down from .005 per share.

      To put that in context, 100,000 shares of stock would cost you $400.00. Unless the stock spikes unexpectedly, watch for a reverse split on this one as well. Something to bring the stock into the true "penny stock" category instead of a fraction of a cent.

      There have been a couple of MLM reverse mergers in the past that netted smart investors ( and insiders unfortunately ) a hefty return on their investments. Whether 1BitCoin Network launches with a true product and a true marketing plan that defies the sort of throwback marketing plan I've been seeing in their press releases, those will be the defining factors when serious investors consider this company and their executive teams' ability to generate revenue.


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