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  • Topic: 1BitCoin Network Failure to Launch?

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    • October 29, 2014 11:15 AM PDT
    • 1BitCoin Network Failure to Launch?

      After all the hype and the big orange timer ... "The greatest International Network 
      Marketing Opportunity launching In! "  Now reads 00:00:00:00.  Timer has expired.

      What happened to the launch?


      Press Release:

      1Bitcoin Sets Date For Launching its


      HENDERSON, NV, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 10/09/2014 - - Get Real USA, Inc. trading symbol (OTC Pink: GTRL) (PINKSHEETS: GTRL), announces today the launch of its international Bitcoin classified ad platform.


      Jim Clayton, President/ CEO, stated today "These are exciting times here as we move forwarddeveloping the first and only Global Bitcoin Marketplace Directory. Our platform is similar to Angie’s List or Craigslist but with a big edge. Our directory is global, providingmerchants worldwide with a directory to advertise and promote goods and services,in turn accommodating both domestic and international consumers with a one of a kind e-commerce experience. This extraordinary environment eliminates the challenges of world bankcard acceptance, the high cost of credit cardmerchants and consumer fees, chargebacks and eliminates cross border currency exchange costs. Upto now these factors have greatly hindered the global ecommerce experience. Millions throughout the world have embraced the Bitcoin economy. Until now the challenge for merchants has been; how do I acquire customers that spend Bitcoin? And for consumers, how do I find merchants that accept and trade in Bitcoin? We are that solution at


      We will offer our international team of independent sales representatives a robust and viral money making opportunity that facilitates and stimulates the building of extensive sales organizations throughout the world. An enterprising representative is able to build a global sales organization and earn a substantial override from that organization’s sales and merchant portfolio. Our representatives' platform provides real time sales and organization data as well as the distribution of commissions throughout a sales organization. The business opportunity for the representative is $300 per year and the cost to the business merchant for his listing is $350 per year. The response to this enterprise has been exhilarating. Based on our unique platform and marketing plan we anticipate to enroll approximately 50,000 representatives in the first full year worldwide; who we refer to as Business Builders and Affiliates, in addition to well over 150,000 merchants participating in the directory.


      We are about the advancement in the opportunities Bitcoin creates for investors and the purchasing power it provides for citizens of countries large and small. We recognize Bitcoin as the future of worldwide commerce and are dedicated to deliver the best that the community has to offer.


      Pre-register at and please feel free to contact me at"



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    • October 29, 2014 1:11 PM PDT
    • 1BitCoin Network Failure to Launch?

      CEO doing the press releases is Jim Clayton. Absolutely no verifiable success stories as an executive with any MLM. A string of closed MLM companies in his wake.

      Figurehead at best. Someone to put on the paperwork that won't raise any eyebrows with the SEC on the filings?

      Stock today for GTRL down 18%.

      Stock volume today 1,455 shares. That's about six dollars in volume. Six. Dollars. Less than the cost of a large latte at Starbucks traded today. Think about that. SIX DOLLARS.

      Bid is .0042 for 39,900 shares - that's $167 dollars and 58 cents if someone was to offer it at that price. The asking price is .005 with 10,000 shares at that price. That's $50 if you want 10,000 shares of something in your portfolio.

      At it's highest in three years, this stock was valued at 8 cents per share.

      Failing to miss a much hyped launch date and time is rookie MLM move 101. Doesn't matter if you miss it by an hour or a day or a month. A miss is a miss.

      Bravo to you Jim Clayton and your team at 1BitCoin Network.


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    • October 29, 2014 1:18 PM PDT
    • 1BitCoin Network Failure to Launch?

      Followup: THIS IS A TRUE STORY!

      I called the office number for 1BitCoin listed on their website. A woman answered, "1 BitCoin. May I help you?". I said, "Hello, I'm trying to get some information on the company launch. It was supposed to happen this morning, but doesn't seem as though it went as planned."

      1BitCoin Receptionist: "Uh, one moment." Transferred me to a voicemail that said "Sorry, no one is able to help you at this time."


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