SFI Update | SFI Review | SFI Affiliate Reviews - December 2014

Posted by Sue Collier
http://www.sfi1.biz/15187185 SFI Update | SFI Review | SFI Affiliate Reviews - December 2014 Totally impressed with SFI. I've been involved since 21st November (yep, got it wrong in the video) so less than two weeks. I have gone from SFI Affiliate to Executive Affiliate and now EA2. And I know that I will soon become a Bronze Team Leader, just because SFI make it very clear what you need to be doing and how to get to the next level with your business. I'm really impressed because it all just seems to flow. When I first got into the Affiliate Centre and thought there was alot of information in front of me and wondered how I would take it all in: Versa Points, MRP, T Credits, Eager Zebra, Tripleclicks, PriceBender, a2a....but you learn it all as you go along. You are encouraged to log in every day and just click those red buttons across the top, which in turn tell you everything you need to know to build a solid SFI business; and you know SFI works because of the sheer number of people advertising it. I really feel at home with SFI more than I have done with any other business, and yes, even though I've only been involved for less than two weeks. It just seems to be on my level; and completely right, above board and something I can show my family and friends (even though I don't have to in order to succeed). Can you tell how impressed I am :-) Check SFI out for yourself; I don't think you'll be disappointed. To Success Sue Collier
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